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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Sonia said...

Well your blog!

Anonymous said...

http://twitter.com/ModelBubbles http://modelbubbles.blogspot.com


Benchplease said...

Purpose?Huh!!!!Lmao...Nice dough, don't be conceited though I no what you look like. I'm interested on the inside, whats on ya mind boo!!!!FATOS!!!!!CREATE, CREATE,CREATE !!!!!!!!!

Love the Happy birthday segment on Aaliyah. (Touching)

Stay Blessed
From Don't Let The Fame Get To You

Richard Basford said...

I want to hear the verse that goes along with his attitude in the video. Braggadocious, funny, then just plane mean. Comeback season style.

Lowgan said...

poor shithead man

lovebug77 said...


Unknown said...

He just has that look in his eyes, proper connecting with the audience.....pure talent i say!!!
PS: u guys sooooo need to come back to London!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look handsome Drake and I like your necklace! You have pretty brown eyes :D

missgageovo said...

Sexy boy ;)

omar said...

Excellent work from Jake.
That hoodie he has on...is disgusting...and would probably hurt my pocket lol.

adriannsmith@aol.com said...

Great work Jake!!!!

AdriAnn Aubrey Smith

Anonymous said...

Drake! remember me! lol


Anonymous said...

Anybody know the joint playing in the background?

Bombchell said...

Love the part he puts the hoodie on

T said...

Drake loves those camo pants!


Leo said...


Benchplease said...

BTW if you don't no what fatos is, it's F@@@ All That other S@@@....LOL....I'm a character, don't pay me no mine..LMAO...

darkspark* said...


Unknown said...

i love what I see right here. give us some more...i went to see your show live in berlin and i loved it cant wait for you to come back soon....i took some pictures of the city visit my blog http://thisisurbanista.blogspot.com to see them so you can always remember the great time you had over here :)

Mallory said...

I want those pants

Anonymous said...

Lol houston folks wouldnt understand that video AT ALL.. they'd be like "so when is he gonna rap?".. but in like some slang you dont understand, haha

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with anything, but I found a video of Affion Crockett dancing for Miley Cyrus LOL. In 2008 Miley Cyrus had her own dance crew called the MM Crew and Affion Crockett was one of her dancers haha. So now you can't be upset, when he makes fun of you on youtube LOL. Miley is in the background cheering him on haha. Affion has no reason to make fun of you LMAO http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xi_rWCYOlWI

MuseCheck said...


A 15-year old makes a track that is so old skool. Biggie Smalls & Run-D.M.C on it. OMG, it is so AWESOME. Maybe a collab with Drake???

emily d said...

drizzy lookin hot off the hizzy
<3 much love

LMFAO! said...


LMFAO! said...




Anonymous said...

POWER 104 WENT IN ON DRAKE YOO!http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh63eHzPa0LIlVZjI8

Leo said...
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Anonymous said...

The guy on that radio station that disses Drake has been fired from many jobs. Here is a NY Times article about him being fired from WBLS in NY and look at the readers comments lol they don't like him. That's pretty bad when the NY Times talks about you being fired.
2) Here is him talking about his second firing from a radio station in Philadelphia:

Anonymous said...

Here is a video of Marlon Wayans dissing that radio guy that's always talking about Drake http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVhYvfN-vZI&feature=related
Here's another video of the guy that talks about Drake. This video is supposed to be funny, but it's not. I kind of feel bad that he actually made this video and thought it was funny

Game Face said...

Drop By And Check Out The Music. Oh Yea It's On! Octobers Very Own Is Hip-Hop so Take A Peek...






-Game Face

DK said...

Drizzy Drake is hardddd !! First of lots of respect for wearing the chain most ppl be hating on our religion atm ! Your making movements infact the whole of young money is i need to see an album just you and weezy so my lifes complete lol. Im from London and uve got too much love down here as im sure u saw at Hammersmith. Keep the real music happenin ...dk

DK said...

Drizzy is too much !!!! So much respect down here in london and even more that ur wearing that chain u shud wear that shit with pride as many hate on our religion. All i wnna see is an album wit weezy and my lifes complete.... Keep the movements happenin and ull be collosal much love...dk

Sky said...

Four Worlds of Being, Knowing, Relating, and Doing

Shavua Shabbat Shalom Ahavah as a way

ארבעה עולמות של להיות, יודעים, מתייחסים, ועושים שלום של שבת של שאואה

To your Health Wealth and Eternal Happiness

Anonymous said...

Represent, that chain is swagg...keep representing us Toronto jews welll

Anonymous said...

I'm in love with ur eyes, ur smile, ur laughter, ur voice, ur chivalry... Need I say more. *sigh. That necklace with the Hebrew scripture is beautiful. I have YHWH tattooed on my shoulder. Power stuff I live by. Ur so lovely. Ur my favorite artist since when Weezy brought u out in those mixtapes. Uve come so far! :)

D.C. said...


D.C. said...


D.C. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Heh..Uhh... I can see it in your Eye's now. Your loosing it, your thought, your intuition, and your ego... I've taken it back, how the hell can you search for someone, then expect them to find you... im tired of looking for you, and that doesn't mean i quit. It only means your worst fear. I'm taking my thoughts back Aubrey. It's time for you to be you... not me .. I got nothing but love for you, yet I... Can't seem to think of you anymore. I know we share the same mind and soul but i broke off of your life line. Which is why i was born 6 years and 3 days after you.. so i can take my ambition to the next level. I noticed you can't perfect me, my thoughts, or my ways. Remember A person who grows up with nothing, is a man who will have everything.. and a child who grows up with something...is a man to loose it all till there's nothing.

I love you man.
~RNE~ or ~II~

Ps. We'll Collaborate one day soon.

Beauty said...

drizzy is too handsome... follow me on twitter @lyrikal_beauty

ursula said...

SPEECHLESS...(clear throat) yea..that was most def. the same way it happened the first time I SAW YOU except w/o the music..that would of been betta lol...08..galleria in dallas..yes i member..but u prob. dont...hoping to get in never satisfied inc. still gotta go to the events & meetings first..but its all good! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Drake, I did not type the comment Power 104 went in on Drake Yo. I don't say the word yo. I did type in the 2 comments to try and defend you. I think you were upset over the situation. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for anything that has offended you. I'm sorry again.

Natalie Blake said...

So hot!

Unknown said...

big ups drake! from : GUAVADEARIST checkout my KIDROBOT art exhibit going this month at KIDROBOT miami


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Anonymous said...

What's the song playing?

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