Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Florence & The Machine


Anonymous said...

I love their music so much and her VMA performance was amazing!

April said...

I'm soo happy that you have an eclectic variety of music =D

music is love!

Unknown said...

Weird, but liked it...LOL....

Anonymous said...

Very creepy video

Sean Yates said...

Great music.

Check my blog out you'll learn a thing or two.

christoppherd said...

you should throw some serious lyrics on this tune drizz

Anonymous said...

Not crazy about the song but it was good really don't understand it

Mizz Tawana said...

I liked it. I get it. Her love is heavy...she's hard to deal with. She's smothering and will weigh you down...right? lol -

Anonymous said...

would love to see a team drizzy remix of dat song.

PERY said...

tthanks all raters i know G4 G mCYS WEEZY YO

Anonymous said...

Im from London (UK)and she is massive over here. Look for her song called you got the love on youtube. her voice is dopee

noelle said...

Damn Drae i almost stole on this hoe...Lmao, wht if a nigga said that.

noelle said...

O, FINALLY OLIVER!!!! Daamn, not like anybody is checking LOL, but c'mon...keep up!

MUIVE said...


spiritsentient said...

Love Florence, love her collaboration with Dizzee Rascal, and I'll have to go search this video elsewhere, since WMG appears to have blocked it :)

Thanks for the tip Oliver (or whoever's posting :D)

G said...

O.o shuttupp noelle!!

rugthug63 said...

If your talking about this. NO. lmao

divaqueendivaqueen said...

go poop yourself:)(:

Nisha said...

awww boo, the video's blocked.. :/ hmm, lemme see if I can watch it somewhere else..

alonzo said...

whats up man sorry i got arrested on some bullshit just got out but man i wanna sign with you for sure i got flow written down for the remix album and all hit me back one

Anonymous said...

love her.
thanks for showing love.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

People have been sleeping on Florence and the Machine!

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Drake said...

That's awesome