Tuesday, August 10, 2010

k~OS - The Anchorman Mixtape

Download here.


Nisha said...

Yesssss I wanted to download this mixtape after I heard the Faith track with Drake...that one will probably be my fave track off the mixtape...it's just got that smooth r&b and hip hop feel to it. I haven't heard the other songs off the mixtape yet though. Thanks for posting it :)

A. Joojoobee Montoya said...

lmfao yesssssssssssssss

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Nteague1 said...

OOO..ok, cause i was like why is the intro to Faith funny, and drake all serious? I was a bit confused. Lemme find out K-OS is a comic..

Nteague1 said...

anyways, no time to stay, gotta run to Walmart love. not u drake :p~

Nteague1 said...

o..let me wipe ur face, drake. U don't want my slobber

怡楊雯 said...


Nteague1 said...

drake, i want some plantain =(

Anonymous said...


Cypher said...

I like your lyrics Drake on Faith! Very well thought out and I like how you sound on the verses as well.

Chantii said...

L-L-L-L-LOVE this mixtape!
Worthy of a download, trust me. And K-os is just amazing. He's been killin' it since I first heard "Superstarr Pt. 0". Amazing artist!

Ajani said...

Sick mixtape!

Big ups to K-Os and every other super talented musician in Toronto, and in Canada for that matter!

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