Thursday, August 26, 2010



Chanz said...

This shit made me laugh so hard.

Nisha said...

Yooo what is that camel/bird thing? Awww it broke apart...I thought it was gonna spell congratulations in the sky with stars at the end lol but this video was...interesting. Who's singing the song?

Planet Koda said...

Thats Crazyy, pretty cool though!

Check it out,

follow and i follow back!

Anonymous said...

That shits nasty!!

Louie said...

what song is that?

ilovedrakeeee said...

aww.. :[ poor birdy

noelle said...

O, I thought something happened..

Anonymous said...

Olivier yo you guy's need to jump on the clothing co. band wagon and start thinking about selling us regular people some O.V.O. jackets

Chantii said...

This song's amazing!! <3

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