J. Cole - Who Dat (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Who Dat


Anonymous said...

J. Cole is on some next level stuff man. Btw mad ups on TML Drizzy.

Pardeep said...

nice tune

Anonymous said...

I bet we was hoping he didn't make a mistake otherwise they would have to redo the whole thing! Brilliant!

PDoubleo7 said...

That went hard...got me saying who dat??? on the real though

Geiu said...

That was actually pretty good.Made me wanna say "who dat" :D

Robert said...

Drake, if you Oliver, 40, Niko or J. Cole are having trouble getting the moment started just play this song and repeat after the hook.

The Dream - Panties To The Side

Anonymous said...

aint sayin names but we not the same
all that money and the fame dont change the fact that u lame
might wanna grab you a chain wanna tip up your hat
might wanna purchase some game homie your shit is so wack
i got my finger on the trigger tell that nigga hold dat
boy im picture perfect baby you can check the Kodak
hey so anything you can do i can do better

and he sang the the last line, tell me this nigga didnt just shit on drizzy lolllll

The Baron Boys said...

(no sarcasm) big ups for OVO showing love to a most-likely-to-be "rival". It's a great thing to see more support than competition.

Steffanie Flores said...

sickk. I love himm.
I love Drake moree ;DD<33

Drizzy>Cole said...

third verse is a total drake diss!! props for giving j cole love when he obviously doesnt have it for OVO. j cole is good but hes no drizzy and hes gotta be classier than that..

Solo Dolo said...

haha cole is str8 but hes pussy.. i mean first that interview with los angeles leakers, then i heard this verse, which is hard but damn if you wanna burn someone you gotta say their name or be more specific.. plus cole stay jockin drizzys style.. black t shirt black pants n shit at all his shows.. and wtf can someone tell this man how to conduct himself so he looks cool in his own video..HOLY SHIT.. OVO the classy killers..

Aaron said...

J. Cole is sick
Video is dope

Anonymous said...

@ Solo Dolo

"plus cole stay jockin drizzys style.. black t shirt black pants n shit at all his shows"

you are an imbecile.....that is all.

soda said...

I've never heard this guy rap. I have heard of him, though. He isn't bad. His style is pretty cool.
Good to see you respect other artist

Drake- AGain: The Path I Take

foxxy said...


J.D.S. said...

Bird's opening

Anonymous said...



Solo Dolo said...

man w.e jcole jocks drizzy its simple to see.. and hes a pussy.. wants to spit a verse like that then in interviews hes all like nah thats not directed at anyone.. just like he didnt wanna "co-sign" the shit the la leakers were talkin about drake but he sure was laughin and put drakes style down. youre a chump "anonymous imbecile" go listen to chump boy j cole.

Anonymous said...

"plus cole stay jockin drizzys style.. black t shirt black pants n shit at all his shows"

Jay-z started that all black wearing thing #themoreyouknow

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

@ Solo Dolo aka Imbecile 101

all black? seriously?

you can steal an all black look?

fuck outta here with your narrow mind.

Dren said...

Hmmmmmm. Just when I thought this song is kinda good...."They say that I'm the one, yeah n*gga I'm the one haa" I thought to myself, no you're not, Drake is!
But hey, OVO keep showing haters love, in the words of Plies "9/10 rappers- haters.. When you get better than them they hate ya! Fuck 'em cz I don't owe 'em no favours!"
WE GOT YOU DRAKE! Thank Me Later is our official summer soundtrack :)

Rianna said...

@ Solo Dolo
Your stupidity makes me sad.

Rappers should be scared, J.Cole is more than a problem.

Anonymous said...

3rd verse it does sound like he dissing Drake, i dont know if Drake posted up this video on his blog but hopefully he heard it and might say something, but then again that new track released yesturday "you know you know" by drake, i think he might be addressing J.cole....

Anonymous said...

[Drake - Verse 1]
Uh, you know you know how the story goes,
you done jock my style, you done stole my flow,
you done seen me out, you gets no hello,
and you wonder why? Man you know you know,
yeah and you should let them boys know too,
show them n-ggas every single thing I showed you,
im here feeling like 50 back in ’02, and everybody sayin im the man (big mike), so true,
yeah but what does it take to feel secure?

Anonymous said...

cant believe J coles replacing drizzy at the UKs wireless festival, why would u jus drop it soooo late! gheeez

Anonymous said...

I'm glad i'm not the only one who has noticed what an idiot Solo Dolo is.

Also him saying "they say that i'm the one"...doesnt necessarily mean anything concerning Drake. Why can't you just enjoy an artist for what he is, whats with this comparing?

J.Cole was confirmed to appear at the wireless concert a month ago. Drake pulled out today. By definition, that is not "replacing".

Anonymous said...

can't wait for the j.cole/drake collab. i'll give it a year.

Air Rell Lauren said...

people so ignorant on otha sites sayin J. Cole was takin shots at drizzy in the last verse...smdh...obviously he talkin bout someone who has hated on him...Cole is awesome on the mic and BB GUN is even nicer directin these cuts

Anonymous said...

J.Cole is not dissing Drake, you morons then why would he agree to perform at Drake's show in New York

Anonymous said...

can u say shittin on drizzy
i mean this guy a beast not on this track but on mad tracks he got he murders it
this is real hip hop
fuck drizzy
when have ever drake said some intellectual shit like cole
it is what it is

Solo Dolo said...


man yall watch this.. all im sayin is cole gona sit and let a dude say drake this and that and pretty much laugh with dude.. i cant see Drake doing that cuz hes a classy mofo.. yall deff aint gotta feel me, i wouldnt expect any cole fans to...cuz yall wack just like cole.. if anyone thinks TML is a bust, WAIT TIL COLES SHIT DROPS..

Dren said...

Waht do you mean when has Drake ever said intellectual shit? Where have you been?! Drakes shit IS intellectual, he doesn't necessarily have to use say certain things or wahtever, it is the way he puts his verses together and makes you think about what he said and when you realise your like oooooohhh!!!! so you know, his word play is amazing. #justsayin

Dren said...

But either way you spin it, J. Cole is talented. It can just be interpretted he is taking shots at guys..
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

B-MAC said...

ROC NATION passed on DRIZZY DRAKE to sign this kid J.COLE? Aight, good luck Cole.

Noticed how ROC-a-fella added FIREWORKS to Cole's vidd?

Drizzy doesn't need special effects, Drake = FIREWORKS #100 #YoungMoney, # Cole's future works;) 420am in NYC, Light UP

B-MAC said...

RE: J.Cole vidd "Who Dat"
By B-Mac 6.24.10
"5am in Madhattan Freestyle"





I just wrote this in like 10 minutes, I'd love to hear drizzy spit it on my show on Sirius/XM, thx, peace Late Hits crew

Anonymous said...

You can't compare apples and oranges.

Why can't people just enjoy good music. You can't listen properly if you bitch and bicker over the song.

Oliver is clearly an advocate of good music despite what ever personal aspects may be involved between who ever.

I'm a fan of both rappers. I know you all feel like you know Drake through his music, but the truth is, you are in no way connected with Drake or J. Cole on a personal level. So really, you don't even have the standing to feel a certain way about rappers taking shots at rappers (IF that's even the case).

Much respect for the post, Oliver.

Anonymous said...

if there is any tension that blows up between the two rappers, it will be the result of media, blogs, cyber-geeks, and overly-loyal dick-riders fueling conflict (i.e. dumb niggas like solo dolo)...

Personally, I fuck with both rappers. And i couldn't compare two niggas whose styles are completely different. Aint no style-jacking going on. You niggas being too analytical and thinking you "catch" everything.

Chill, fool.

J C said...

WHO DAT? in about a year from now nobody is going to be asking that. Tha kid Jermaine is about to take this hip hop thing by storm, a long side drizzy of course.

2010 - The year of Hip Hop's Renaissance.

@DrakeJUNKIEE said...

JCole is definitely a beast but its always gonna be DRAKE! its still #teamDRIZZY in this bxtch.

Anonymous said...

Yes Solo Dolo is indeed a dick rider. Dumb ass mofo.

J.Cole is the truth. I have respect for both artists. It's not an exam, you don't have to pick between them.You are allowed to like them both.

p.s: just one more time for good measure. You Are An Imbecile Solo Dolo.

Solo Dolo said...

HAHA.. lol yall crackin me up.. ill be a drake dick ryder before im ever a fan of jcole.. do i think he can spit..yes... do i think hes late...deffinitley.. ok but forreal ill take the imbecile title, eventhough a pussy called himself anonymous to say it.. can we get back to the video.. WHAT IS UP WITH JCOLE'S HAND MOVEMENTS?? his whole persona just doesnt look cool on video, im sorry jcole fans.. but this was good for some laughs..

Anonymous said...

lol everybody hatin on you Solo.. i see you homey.. just voicing the opinion, cant say you said anything that wasnt accurate.. i peeped the link you left..i agree jcole didnt handle that well.. and the black on black thing.. i mean you aint wrong? i just asked my boys if they could think of anyone else besides drake suited n booted in black? one of my boys even agreed and said if you look drake wears white shoes with black on black (who does that) and then he said jcole be rockin that too?? so idk but look @ B-MAC, i mean if yall wanna crack on a bitch take a glimpse at his "5am freestyle that took him 10 minutes" COOOOOOOL DUUUUDE.. fuckin stroke. props to Solo for voicing his opinion and for gettin everybody all stirred up.. and props @riana cuz shes only one not on that anonymous tip.. be easy yall.. big ups to cole and drizzy..

Anonymous said...

solo dolo is right. TELL ME J COLE DIDNT WEAR THE SAME JACKET DRAKE WORE ON BEST I EVER HAD ,ON "WHO DAT"? the same jacket ma nigga. and the handmovements, dats all drizzy. plus how bout that video with jcole and miguel trying to look like drizzy and trey songz on successfull, on " all i want is you"? j cole is nice wit em lyrics but idk. something is up with him.

Shayla said...

apples and oranges are both fruit...just saying...

Anonymous said...

Instead of being negative, be positive. I know for a fact J.Cole didn't take a shot at Drizzy. To much love in that family. And if he did, it'll show Cole is either Jealous or trying to take Drizzy's spot in the game. For the record, Drake isn't going anywhere. Much respect to both of them. Wayne going pass the torch to Drake. Jay going pass the torch to Cole. New Era ladies and gents.

Crystal said...

Okay, everyone needs to relax! Stop trying to create controversy and scandal!!!! Have ya'll seen Drake interviews or Cole's?!?! They are not about that shit, so as fans trying to perpetuate the shit is unecessary! Both Cole and Drake can rap, bottom line!! Why dicuss who is swagga jackin, or whateva. Yeah, Cole may have been goin on Drake in the verse. I commend him on the verse though, regardless of who it was about; it was a hella nice verse! Drake be killin dudes on his verses too!!! That's what we should be celebrating! These two new cats out here making good music, good lyrical rap music, which they BOTH obviously can do quite well!!! When it comes to their styles, yeah there are similarities in the sense that neither of them feel the need to rock 15 chains, a grill, or any other rap stereotype to convey their message. Past that who cares, plus I saw Drake in concert like 3 weeks ago and he big uped Cole. So again, I say relax people and fall the fuck back, DAMN!

Anonymous said...

J. Cole never dissed Drake. It's not even aimed at him those are just general braggadocio rhymes. STOP TRYING TO INCITE BEEF. IT'S NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Both artists have said they're not into rap feuds.

Why would this video be on this blog if they weren't cool with each other?

Solo Dolo you're a clown. Being a Drake stan on this blog won't get you noticed by him.

And those aren't the same jackets AT ALL. Wearing black isn't a style. It's just wearing black. You have to copy something distinctive to be considered copying a style.

And please, who said Roc Nation passed on Drake? How do you know that Drake would have wanted to be on Roc Nation?

Stop running your mouth about things you don't know about.

Solo Dolo said...

o insightful one...lol a clown? a stan? hmm ya bruh im 22 i aint 15... i dont look up to rappers, theyre entertainers and they all do wack shit at some point.. but on a positive non anonymous note.. this drake skit on jimmy kimmel live is the funniest shit... had me rollin!! http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh43zh7oouCA0faR13

Azuka said...

@ Solo Dolo

errr...yea so you're a 22yr old stan. Age has nothing to do with your maturity level.If ever any tension happens between Drake and J.Cole in the future. It was simply brought on by people like you.

And to the person that said "all I want is you" is like successful....seriously? I know you are joking. So wouldn't you if ever direct this little made up "copy-cat" thing at Miguel, not J.Cole. It isnt his song.

Azuka said...

Just let the two artist have their shine. They both deserve it..equally.

It would be nice to see a J.Cole post on here where someone doesn't try to start something. You don't like J.Cole? that's fine, don't comment. move on. Be positive.

Solo Dolo said...

@azuka.. hey if theres ever tensions between jcole and drake becuz of ppl like me... well then that would show their maturity level u fuckin tool. god please give me some more attention.. i love it.. and i noted my age becuz i hope theres not a 22 yr old that looks up to drake enough to be called a stan.. i like drake but dudes just a rapper and this is just a blog. u dig that azuka? whered you cop that name from? a drake song...

Solo Dolo said...

you dont like what im saying? dont comment. move on.

Azuka said...

@Solo Dolo

No I did not cop my name from a drake song. Azuka is actually my name. what are you on about?

Richard Kevin said...

Sounds like Nas...but why listen to J. Cole when we already have Nas? It's good but you know...come with some fresh shit...he ain't taking Drake's throne.

Anonymous said...

Lmao if Cole is going in on Drake in the verse...that's some jealously male envy type shit...

Richard Kevin said...

Solo Dolo...after watching that J. Cole's seems like a fucking cocksucker...Drizzy's been giving him props while Cole prays for Drizzy's downfall....jealousy male envy shit indeed...Cole's a fucking cocksucker I don't play with niggas like him I knock them out.

Solo Dolo said...

haha true.... thats how we do fuck boys like that in the 239. let him say he aint dissin drake in that verse, while i watch him lettin dude diss him for cole so he can be that pussy that can sit back and laugh.. whatever bullshit hes sellin..i aint buyin.. yall cole fans talk shit now on the comments and shit but i think yall will thank me later when you see "hollywood cole" FLOP

Justin Wilson said...

Jamaal-Promenade, first single off of Barely Fitting in. #octobersveryown, #Allthingsfresh, #Justgettinovergang


Anonymous said...

Drake would never diss J.Cole out of respect for his relationship w/ Jay-Z.. Jay is like a mentor to Drake so I dont think Drizzy would want to alter that in a negative way. ...Just my opinion though

Anonymous said...

kicks.... yo go listen to the warmup by j cole. dope mixtape! j

ambrose_jerome said...

Its like Nas and Jay...both got immense talent..and naturally the top two contenders in any competitive envirionment are going to be compared.. (LeBron Kobe) Its human nature. I do think that Cole took a shot at Drake (he only had one bar where he sang on the whole song, that bar said "so anything you can do I can do better..lol") J.Cole is a better lyricist(nas). Drake is a beter rapper(jayz). Enjoy good music, and stop hating on people you've never held a meaningful conversation with.

doneezy said...

Foreal he has a lot of talent to bring back lyrical hip hop. That third verse was bringing back MC battles lol. ca't wait when both are at the top competing.. like 2pac and biggie, Nas and Jay-z, now Drake and J.Cole!

Whitney said...

this is sooo crazy watching this and im from the same city he is. wow i didnt know fayetteville was sooooo bad hahaha. thanks j.cole for exposing fayettevile for what it really is hahaha so violent and dirty. but from my understand you went to terry sanford, the high school no one liked because these kids had money. wow and i went to douglas byrd the school that had people bringing guns almost every other day, yea but he's sooo hard! hahaha j.cole make me laugh,but im not knocking him he put fayetteville on the map and thats all we ever dreamed of hahah no but seriously he's really good and i guess you could say i like him, but i'd rather choose drake. he does make me proud to say im from fayetteville nc a.k.a the 2-6......hahahah naaaahh definitely not! drizzy baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

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