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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

david Beckham For Adidas S/S09


Ashley Glover said...

love it. just your style :) can't wait to see you rockin' it !

Anonymous said...

wait... is this a different David Bechkam that i didnt kniw about? thats not Victorias husband...

Anonymous said...

how can I buy the jacket in the third picture?

Lizzy Baby said...

whoops . ddnt know how to post comment w/ name lol
@oOolizzybby follow me on twitter

Anonymous said...

its not David.its his clothing line for Adidas.that dude is the still looks good ;)

Me said...

I like the m-65 type jacket. Havent seen one in beige before.

ThE HeAP said...

Is that David Beckham modeling? Can't be. The model is young and fine while David Beckham is old and fine lol. Anyway, I like the styles. Nice to see someone posting something new on the site.

Brittney said...

soccer players have the sexiest bodies

Anonymous said...

It's so you. I can see you wearing every piece of that collection.

Btw...I saw you in T.O the other day I think. Are you here still?

Anonymous said...

hes a footballer not a "soccer player"

Anonymous said...

Drizzy stop fucking with us and put that light up/wayne out!!!! man thats the hottest wayne verse ive heard in years!!!! and that shit was fucking recorded on the phone??? maaaannnn..... Thank Me Later is a classic boi!!! fuck them critics, its just that leaks and so far gone took away ur surprise factor... otherwise classic homie! future of rap! light up song of the year, and im sure the remix will be ready for that number 2 spot!

HeadRush said...

That tan Jacket is CRAZY!!

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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KimHuggins said...

I envy yeah styles mehhhn!!! Keep rockin' guyZ.Love yeah swaga!NyC attire...2011 collection!

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