Drizzy's Away From Home / Thank Me Later MTV documentary premieres at 9pm In Canada tonight.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Better Than Good Enough


@DrakeJUNKIEE said...

loved it!!

@DrakeJUNKIEE said...

im glad Drizzy allowed this to be broadcasted to the world. this made me love him more if possible. he's so humble and wholehearted tht ppl wnt be able to not love him.

Loeaye said...

G Shiiit

@DrakeJUNKIEE said...

everyone is expecting something out of him, and i like the fact tht he doesnt care wht ppl thnk, tht hes lookn for something bigger. searching for himself. we need more rappers like him. noo we need more ppl like him.

Steffanie Flores said...

I saw it 4 timess ;)
I love Drizzyy<33

@DrakeJUNKIEE said...

funny thing. i watched this yesterday and everything had to come to a STILL. no txts.. no calls.. just DRIZZY. (:

@DrakeJUNKIEE said...

i dnt think in my life i will ever love someone like him ever! i dnt believe its an obsession at all. I feel like your heart knows and feels a good spirit and u gotta trust in it. i may not ever meet drizzy or be the woman he falls for but i hope LOVEE treats him right and he becomes the next music mogul (:

Anonymous said...

Drake = Beast. I have new respect for 40/40. Definitely my favorite producer out right now.

Goofybran954 said...

drak this is some hot shit man where have this good muisc been at come to Lauderdale to do a show i bet we will turn it out

Jojo said...

I didnt think it was possible for me to be more of a fan of Drake... I was wrong. He is soo wonderful. I am also now a Fan of 40. I love thier Bromance!

Anonymous said...

what channel will be on tonight??

Anonymous said...

I just saw the whole episode.

I'm so looking forward to hear more from you Drake. You're just gonna get better and better, which is hard to imagine because the stuff you deliver now is just.. yeah, wow.

Love that you're so down to earth. You deserve all of this. You just do it because you love it and we can all tell. You're different from all the other rappers out there...

DRAKE you're hot in all ways.

40. Props.

VVN said...

I just saw the whole episode.

I'm so looking forward to hear more from you Drake. You're just gonna get better and better, which is hard to imagine because the stuff you deliver now is just.. yeah, wow.

Love that you're so down to earth. You deserve all of this. You just do it because you love it and we can all tell. You're different from all the other rappers out there...

DRAKE you're hot in all ways.

40. Props.

Anonymous said...

I saw this in Louisiana last night... twice. Excellent, excellent documentary. I'm more in love with Drake now than ever. My bf just shakes his head at me, but even he can't hate, lol.

vI_ROME_Iv said...

Drake, my dude if you read this.. i want you to know !!! My Definition of a (Pure Heart) is someone who Never ever ever ever ask's for anything in return... and i see you and 40 have that real talk..you guys just give give give..and it's a honor to meet another person out there...and i'm one of those people..Thank you for making a difference in peoples lives... just spread peace and love!!! -v!- )2oMe ( Pure Hearts )
i'm gonna leave you with this
"Find A Job You Love And You Will Never Work A Day In Your Life "- )2oMe

selena said...

Oh Drake...I'm in love!!! I'm gonna go ahead and "Thank you now" for such an amazing album! I can't stop listening to it. I can't wait until you come back to Houston!!

Phantom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheMaskedPhantom said...

Here is a track that I've made from Drake's freestyle... Holla at me... phantom.music.contact@gmail.com



Anonymous said...

Drake is the truth.

Anonymous said...

The drive that pushes Drake to do better is what inspires me with my dreams. Keep it up killlla :)

Anonymous said...

drake i love you lol, no groupie sh** but this documentary made me fall even more in love with you lol. we're soul mates, why can't you see?? lmaoo ok nah but seriously, i respect you not only as an artist but also as a human being. :)

Carina said...

wow i loved this... made me realize exactly y i love drake so much and it made have so much more respect for 40 i swear the way drake was talking about him made me cry... Drake is hot and it not going anywhere.... u will be legendary!!

Anonymous said...

Drake is a studddddddddddd. I have a new thing for 40. That guy is a boss major.

Anonymous said...

I promise to give you me, the real me.

SAUCY | f. | BABY said...

Idk if Drake ever reads the comments on this blog, but I fckin LOVE you!

I admire your humbleness, drive & your dedication to your fans. I dream of one day meeting you in person. The chance to be able to see you perform live would be AMAZING!

Thank you for blessing us with your talent. I pray that you will continue to share it with us for as long as possible. You have touched my life in so many ways.

I wish you many many more blessings & success to come.

♥ always, Nicole

Anonymous said...

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Vila das Mercês said...

This DOC was amazing man!!.. I Mean Drake is been the best co-rapper alive. Why 'co'?... cuz Lil Weezy ll always be the BEST rapper Alive. Check Out the whole DOC @ http://drizzydrakebrasil.blogspot.com

lilypretty said...

I'm so old school(when every one had there own style) We needed him for balance from all the crap thats out. He will be the GOAT of his error.
Loven him!!!!

Anonymous said...

was drizzy on chat roullette last nght?

Domestos said...

you are trully ONE IN A BILLION !!!!!
there are just 2 peoples that I really respect and love AALIYAH and DRAKE...when I was a kid I had (Ihave her now 2 :) Aaliyah, a women with aa soul and a heart of an angel who has enchanted me with her music but then my angel felt ;(( but she still lives in me...
now, thank God, he gave us Drake, he got these reflection and a soul like Aaliyah had(have) and his music inspires me just like Aaliyahs music...THANK U Drake and keep goin' on....edo from Bosnia :)

yung06chick said...

Congrats on all that you have going on! It's great that you want to grow as an artist, and as long as you keep putting in the hard work you will. I truely enjoyed "Better Than Good Enough". I am looking forward to seeing you grow and get better as a wonderful artist. I can say that I call you an icon for our generation. All the more so because your verses have a strong value and meaning for you, there not just words being said for other people to enjoy, and that just makes it more meaningful for the people who listen to you, and believe in you!!!!!!!!! Congrats and keep it up!!!!!!!
*Much love sent your way*

mariboo28 said...

drake is the illist man out he jus one step from lil weezee baby..

Anonymous said...

I would like to know what company makes that black jacket he is wearing in the start of the show for the concert.

Gigi said...

This was a great documentary, once again showing what a great and honest person Drake is. It’s funny cuz I’ve heard people say that he’s starting to get too cocky, but if you think about it, there is a certain type of cockiness that you need to have to be in this game. He clearly proved that he is still humble and that if n e thing, the stardom has just been a way of him helping all the others around him. Love his music and his overall personality. Thank you for keeping it real Drake. Stay true to who you are and although it’s impossible to never change, stay you! Thank you!

Btw, my prayers are out to you, Drake, and all the ones around you. Especially 40! God willing, everything will work out for the better and hopefully 40 will get progressfully better. May God's hand rest over your head and protect you from all the malice in the world because you are one of the many few who are humble and very caring.

-Gisel Bello (gbello314@gmail.com)

Anonymous said...

Words can't describe how much I love you...honestly. It trips me out to see how much you've grown in the past few years. No one listened to me a few years ago when I bumped into you twice in toronto and I was awestruck then... and look how far you've come. I'm beyond proud and no matter where your reputation as an artist goes, you can count on being loved no matter what. Thanks for sharing your gift with us. Love you Aubrey xo..*

ZL said...

Noah you are one of the most endearing people I've seen in a long time. Wish I had a friend like you. The heart can't live without a beat, and 40 you are that for Drake. I also have a new respect for you now Drake, not all that groupie stuff more of an admiration. You pour your soul into this documentary, people has to respect that. Drizzy I hope you find that special person that will love you without all the fame, unconditionally. Your fan forever.

Anonymous said...

Check out my Find Your Love remix: http://soundcloud.com/highhhpark/find-ur-love

Gigi said...

BTW, "Better Than Good Enough" is a line from 'The Resistance'

Great choice! :)

T. Marie said...

I was humbled by watching it. I am a "40 Something" who is now in love with Drake--The real person--not just the star.

april said...

amazing. got to know not only drake but aubrey drake grahm as well. cheers drake, keep doin what you do. and 40, keep pushin. youre both inspiring.

Juleese said...

I hope that Drake reads these comments.
I just wanted to say thank you SO much!
You're so talented. I've been a fan since I was 12 watching you on Degrassi (im 21 now). This documentary really allowed your fans to get closer to you. I love that it felt like you were just talking to any one of your friends. It was so smart of you to put it out now, I know you just gained thousands of new fans off of one hour of TV.
I also just wanted to say that the way you talked about 40 was so beautiful, you could see that that's a really genuine friendship. You guys are so lucky to have each other. My mother was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis two years ago so I know what it's like to watch someone close to you go through that. God bless him and God bless you. I can't wait until you come back to Boston, IM THERE.

Yasmine said...

Watching this documentary made me buy Thank Me Later... I guess he's turned another big skeptic into a believer. I had this dude ALL WRONG. TML is friggin awesome too, shit, now I can't stop listening to his story. Amazing. Props to this guy, I really did have him all wrong.

Peril said...

drake is livin a scene life cept hes rich lmao

Peril said...

drake is livin a scene life cept hes rich

Nicole Vicencio said...

you're AH-mazing! i hope you get to read this.
BTW you know you're music is influential when it reaches a bunch of different people.
the other day i was walking through a hood ass part of harlem at like 2am and there was a block party going in with everyone in he neighborhood and the only music they had on blast from one car was FIND YOUR LOVE.

I just thought that was amazing. keep up the good work. we're all watching<3

Fredstar said...

Thats wat it iz.. Keep Grindin..


Anonymous said...

I do the same thing, Bruddah! Blackberry phones are so dope to joy down raps/ideas!

Niki said...

I love my blackberry too....I get that ..you needa feel what ur writing. I admire Drake a lot, loving that ur from Toronto.

KimGee said...


Anonymous said...

drake after i watched this i thought, man drake isnt just some stuck up rapper in it for the fame and money. you are someone real and put others before yourself (: i looooved watching this you showed your viewers a new side to you and i absolutely LOVED it :D i love you drizzy !

Ashley said...

i could go on and on about how great drake is and what you and your story mean to me, but this box is small and i dont wanna drone on so i just wanna say ive watched this 6 times. drake you deserve everything youre getting , i didnt think it was possible to love you more but i do now. keep having fun and doin you drake . p.s. you should come to london ontario :)

Ashley said...

i am watching drake better than good enough on mtv right now .this will be my seventh time :)

keedaj said...

iloveee yu Drake, ilovee your style of rapping && ithink its cute that yu write all your raps in your Blackberry that unique. :)
keep up the good work.

REL said...



ReplacementGirl said...

OH MY GOSH!! Finally @DrakeJUNKIEE somebody feels the exact way that I do. I watched this 4 times and I really wish he had his own show sorta like Trey Songz show( he really didn't deserve that compared to Drizzy) Drake, if ever read this, just know that I got a lot of people listening to you, some who don't even like rap, and now they see rap in an entirely different way. I bought your album.... pure GENIUS!!! Just hold out and know that love will come soon!!!!

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