Premiering tonight at midnight.

Monday, May 10, 2010

An OVO Presentation


x_natalie said...

I'm Excited And I'm So Anxious To See The Video! :)

Anonymous said...

The Video? Fuck yeah!

Drizzy said...
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Anonymous said...

can't wait

Drizzy said...
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Naataliiex3 said...
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Nisha said...

So excited and hyped to see this video!!! Stating up late for this even though I got school in the morning LOL :)

Anonymous said...

you def are wrong DRAKE! def wrong. over and find your love are dope songs which i have on repeat all the time....your just getting started give yourself some sure we will LOVE the video :)


Anonymous said...

I'm retarded because I fell off ever since SFG... SMH Maybe "Best I Ever Had" will be my best single I ever had...

??????????? ^^^^^^^^ ????????????

lw_wk_kc said...

cant wait for the video :)

hey drake lol.

Naataliiex3 said...
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lw_wk_kc said...

and you didnt fall of..

Anonymous said...


D4-P said...

:) :) :) :) for tomorrow

Nisha said...

And you didn't fall off, drake!! You are still an amazing rapper and performer :)

Anonymous said...

Drake your gonna make me faint your the best <3

Sohail said...

SFG was killer, no pun intended, definitely my favorite album/mixtape of all time. Best I Ever Had was a good single, yet didn't compare to half the songs on there (i.e. November 18th, Uptown, Sooner or Later, Ignant Shit...). Keep doin your thing, cause it's inspiring for real.

Anonymous said...

Thats not really Drake his name doesn't have the blogger logo beside it. Nice try...

Nteague1 said...

yall are so lame..

(MiiSZ OutStaNdiinq.] said...

dear drake i love you soo much im soo happy for the video i cant wait god you really are the most amazing person ever (;
p.s can you please follow me on twitter

Jumanah said...

OMG I Can NOT Wait.. I've Been Bumpin "Find Your Love" ALL DAY
I'm Gonna DIE @ This Video!!
I Think I'm About 2 Scream.

Anonymous said...


Drizzy said...
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Naataliiex3 said...

Drizzy i love you so much and thank you for everything! could you follow me at (:

Nisha said...

Is drake following people?? Cuz it's be the best thing in the world if you followed me :) only if u want to lol

Anonymous said...

oliver is that really drake talking or has he been hacked?

Anonymous said...

Nice, I got high hopes for this one since "Over" was so different. Drake and Anthony Mandler all day :)

Nteague1 said...


Drizzy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Nisha said...

Is that really drake? This seems too good to be true LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Thats not really Drake his name doesn't have the blogger logo beside it. Nice try...

lish said...

so excited for the video!!!!

Nteague1 said...


Naataliiex3 said...
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Nisha said...

So my heart is beating super fast because I think this is really drake lol follow me please :) it'd make my day..actually my month lol :D

Pizzy said...

Yo Drake yo killed Over,Ya sang on finding your love, and All night long is dope keep ya head up bro this album is gonna be hot

Nteague1 said...


Dionne said...

Cyaan wait fi si di video! Sell off... Absolutley LOVE the song. Gives me butterflies if you ask and imma try my best to help you get that milli Drizzy! Love!

Oliver said...

There needs to be a blogger logo beside the name for it to be official. So no, that is not Drake.

Nisha said...

Oh yeah..there's no blogger logo ... :( r u serious?? Ugh lol do ppl have that kinda time to impersonate someone?? Smh

(MiiSZ OutStaNdiinq.] said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
(MiiSZ OutStaNdiinq.] said... - follow meeeeeeeee i love youuuuuuu

Nisha said...

Can't believe I fell for that lol guess I just wanted to beleive it was really him...smh at myself that was childish...haha but anyway, on to the next one, can't wait for this video to drop

Anonymous said...

Let's see if this kid Oliver keeps his word this But yay oh my goodness really excited for this video of this amazing song. Love you Drake, so proud of you & your music. Keep up the great job, never look to your sides, look ahead & maintain your eyes on the prize. -Sincere Fan <3

Anonymous said...

thats whats up, go to youtube type in dcoole0410. new stuff on the way

ajack. said...

down to earth.

bj1478 said...


Jessica said...

Ooh! I'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

Please stop trying to get tight with Drake. He's not going to invite you to a party with Azuka, and he won't take you rolling around with Niko. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Right? Come on now, this isn't myspace...

Chantii said...

Midnight cannot come fast enough, man! I'm soo ready for this video! I know a lot of us females gon' end up broken hearted, though, LMAO!!

I'm ready!! >:D

Steffanie said...

ahh, im super excitedd :D
iloveyouDrakee<33 :D

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to see what this guy is going to do next...I love you because you alway surprise me with something different.

long haired thick red bone!

J. Outridge said...

Yes, Oliver i've been trying to tell people that.

My blog:

Anonymous said...

drake you're my favrorite rapper but i hope on the album you go in and just flow like back in the day, i know you still got it in you

bj1478 said...


Anonymous said...

chill yo i could name songs you dont even know about if you kno all this how long has he been rapping?

Rosilda said...

Counting down the minutes! :D

lish said...

waiting and counting down!!!

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see it in 10 mins!!!

lish said...


tt said...

im so excited!! the video is gonna be amazing!!

Anonymous said...


Rosilda said...

*dying after 1 minute past* lol

Anonymous said...

You have to click newer post at the bottom. its not available for viewers in my region(Canada-.-) :(

MissGisiiDee said...

BEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR.... NO DOUBT... and damnnn drake looked delish as usual!!! gawd i LOVE him!!!

Jade said...

I loved the video!Gully side ting dat. It all made sense.Drake and his team are so talented.

The_Rev said...

i dont kno if ur in the biz of making other's rap dreams come tru yet; i'd understand if not seein' as how i'm sure u've got alot on ur plate at the moment. but i have to give it a shot regardless...

u have the power to rearrange my life and make my dreams a reality with but 2 minutes of your time, if that. my underground name is The Rev, & i can unconditionally guarantee you that if u were to dedicate that 2 minutes of ur life to me it would not be in vain & i would dedicate whatever portion of my life necessary to reciprocate the favor. Take a chance, please. You won't regret it. If curious, please email me @ and Ill hit you back ASAP with my material. I pray that this isn't just wishful thinking on my part.

~Winston Crite aka The Rev

Danielle said...

One Love Portland Jamaica

from the depths of the gully

stand up..


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Maricella said...

Love this song. You'ce come out with some Hot singles. But i think this song really shows a slighter softer side, and speaks to the ladies. Not to meantion tight lines over a hot beat. Lovin it.

Vicky Luv1 said...

I soooo love this song and the video is crazy! I got a crazy idea for part two of this video! Mr. Drizzy get at me and I will share. The video is hott just as it is but the shot gun in the dark leads up to so much more!

Noel said...

exactly.... *find your love*
Most ppl dont find it cuz they dont see whats in front of there own eyes... people dont have hope anymore nd thats what tears ppl down from finding there love... :/
So take into concideration and look whats in front of your *eyes*

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