Thursday, April 29, 2010

Francis & The Lights It'll Be Better


Beauty's Official Blogspot said...

yay 1st lol =) Ill make sure i listen =)

starr:] said...

I listend to Find Your Love, & I love Aub's RnB side, but I have to admit...I only liked the chorus & the end. Oh, & the "hey hey hey" parts, lol. :/ I still lots & lots of luv though. :D

starr:] said...

I also saw the video of you gettin friskeh w/ this girl at one of your recent concerts, Driz. Hahaaaaa(Jeezy laugh).

living like a smart flower said...

The last song is SO Hip Hop: a solicitation by a music artist for an object of his affection to get in his car in exchange for money; also with the added peer pressure of suggesting that if the object he's speaking to doesn't do what he wants (get in the car), then the person is basically a loser.

Francis and the Lights = musician and pimp?

Ha haaaaaa. just kidding about the pimp thing.

But hay, if you guys have some extra money to offer a a girl looking for a new job... After I finish up setting up my current job's campagin I'll take it!

Ha. Ha...

Anonymous said...!/pages/Kirsten-Urbas/343407912345?ref=ts


YURO boyz (919 dopeboyz) said...
check out this mixtape whomever plays it I am certain it will appeal to you when ever you get a moment just listen your time won't be wasted and you won't regret it... Thank you...

MissGisiiDee said...

can i have a piece of DRAKE???

noelle said... :(

Stephanie said...

I love how people use every opportunity they can get to be as basic as possible. My generation...sheesh.

Thanks for posting this, Oliver. I just profiled them on my blog; they're amazing and I'm definitely looking to see them live sometime this summer.

Azuka said...

Olivier, can you please post some lifestyle and fashion. Kinda miss that about the blog.

Drakespeare said...

Drakes Poetry

The Rev said...

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