The sun just came out. I mean I haven't seen it yet cause I am in the studio but I know it did. So good morning. I am working on the last song for Thank Me Later. What a different journey it's been this go round. I wish I could share so much more with you but there are just too many new people involved who have dedicated their time to "the reveal". Should I just post the entire thing up now and say no the methods and yes to the mayhem???? Ha. I'd love too, but this is something special that I feel needs to be delivered to you in the way you deserve it to be. Remember the days of well thought out visuals, album thank you's, funk flex rants, all the things that came with the release of a new album, the things we'd look forward to...well I hope I can make you remember. I've worked hard on this body of work and I feel like every artist involved has given me their absolute best. I cannot wait till it's yours. The relief I will experience on release day will be euphoric. I look in peoples eyes and see not so much the doubt, but the uncertainty, the question that looms...and whatever the answer is I think we're both ready for it. These overwhelming moments are to be cherished. On that note fond readers, I will see u soon somewhere along the way. Mr. Walters pull the car around front...its time to go home.

"History will be kind to me...for I intend to write it"

- Winston Churchill

(I heard J Cole was incredible at SOB's tonight...mazel tov and enjoy the high my good man! )

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Waking Up With The Moon


Young Lyric said...

Drizzy Man...just do you...and let everyone else respect it.

-Young Lyric

JB said...

Can't wait bro, Thanks Me Later will be everything and more.

I'm so proud of everything you did, nd I thank you for including us in every step of the way.

Jorge said...

Drizzy we got mad love for you down in Oklahoma. More that just cows and pastures down here. So far gone changed my perspective on music. You have nothing to prove because I believe you are a great artist, THank me Later hopefully just shows your growth as an artist. I saw you on Wayne's tour in OKC...come on your own and show love to Oklahoma.

Sapphic Owl said...

I've been re-listening to your mixtapes and I keep discovering stuff I missed when I first listened to 'em.

I'm anxious for the album. Let us know when the pre-order date is asap.

Patrick said...

is it may 25th yet?

Shayla said...

There are so many things I'd like to say to you in person and I'm hoping to get that chance on Apr 27th. Just so you know, we appreciate who you are and what you do with music. I'm pretty sure that without you I wouldn't even be listening to hip hop right now, and that is the truth.

Can't wait, and again I thank you now, Mr. Lyrical.

And just a sidebar, I hope all those you shout out on here realize that you create a serious buzz for them that they couldn't pay promoters enough for.


sorry so long

Nteague1 said...

So what format was that paper inLOL. 1" margins, I hope. Looks to me as if you didn't double space..smh

Mz.AubreyGraham said...

OMG!!! Can't wait Drizzy!!! I have dying to get this album.. i have watched this blog and ur for SO long... I swear if i have to look at one more thing i might EXPLODE!! But, i glad that ur doing fine ( cuz i heard u were in Mexico and i was FREAKING OUT cuz i didn't want u to get the swine flu...but obviously ur fine so i' good:))and the album is coming along well cuz i know it can be stressful, but just 4 u taking ur time i will be the 1st person to be outside of Best buy (or what ever store i go to) to get it and role around the city like ur and annoy any one who hates on u!!!! Luv ya and keep u head up high!!! :)

Love2the9 said...

Si votre vrai pour vous, les coups d'oeil incertains devraient juste rouler de vous en arrière. VOUS ÊTES LA RÉPONSE!!!!

Love2the9 said...

Si votre vrai pour vous, les coups d'oeil incertains devraient juste rouler de vous en arrière. VOUS ÊTES LA RÉPONSE!!!!

Us... said...

Finish making that magic Drizzy, we behind you 100%

SinfulLyo said...

nothing [else] better leak! excited for thank me later... and loveking of course :] hope you'll be in Miami for memorial day wknd [make sure you bring oliver hehe].

Tyler said...

I've been looking forward to this for so long and now that it's almost here, my anticipation is at a high. I can't wait to listen and take in everything you have to say on it. I've been following you for a long time and feel like I'm experiencing the journey you've taken. I've never connected with any artist in that way so I want to thank you now, rather than later. I can't wait for the next few months with the album and I'll be seeing you at your stop at Penn State. Keep doing what you do because we love it.


DrDavon said...

congratulations...can't wait

Anonymous said...

let's get it

Anonymous said...

Leah said...

I'm unbelievably excited!
You're a magician with the music you make, and I will always support your magic. Never ever stop, I'll miss you too much! Ha!
I think you should come to London ASAP. You're already quoting Churchill. It's a sign, Drizzy!
SO Much love for you.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I am anticipating the release of Thank Me Later more than any other cd. Ever. And as much as I love to read information about the new album, I believe its gonna be a special day on May 25th when you release that album exactly how you want it to be done. On May 25th, the whole hip-hop world along with the rest of the music world might just explode. Thats how crazy the hype is. I love how you have a very precise way you want everything to be done, and I hope that everything turns out exactly how you want it to. I've been telling my friend over and over again that TML is gonna be a classic album. I just get that feeling about it. All the haters will be left speechless on that date, I just know it. Congratulations...let's get em.

cenia_hlsy said...

Wow I am really looking forward to hearing all of this album.I can see that you have put all of yourself into this project that will be linked to you forever. You will be giving so much of yourself to you fans and I hope that you feel that we give all of ourselves back for supporting you.You are definitely my favorite rapper.I always say that I love drake the artist because thats what you continue to do establish your self as a artist.The best of luck to you.

starr:] said...

I would be saying something along the lines of "oh, I'll see you at the concert on such & such". But its okay, I'll see you sooner than later. :]
Look at you, Aub. Using big words, & making me google them. Geez. Anyways, whenever you personally write to your fans, its as if each individual feels like its for them. I like that. :]

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, your music is hella gay..stop singing to men you homothug.

Bushra said...

Drizzy, this is "DJ Ra"... you're undoubtedly a talented guy all-around.

...but I messed up...

I promised everyone we would get studio time together before the "Thank Me Later" drop. So I guess... We only have a few days *wink* (tour or leak?)

I feel like you need a song which connects you or rekindles the connection to your fans,
a song which yields an in depth live performance. We don't need surprises man... We need support... blah. Alright man.

this is MY email and phone~
202 412 9306

theSM4you said...

Thank you for being honest.
I'll see you soon.

cenia_hlsy said...

Wow I am really looking forward to hearing this album. I can see that you have put you all into it. I understand that the music that has represented you from before has been mainly mix tapes or leaked out before you could fully present it. This is a big deal and you are treating it this way. I guess you could call this your official revealing or the grand opening of the gates for the the young angel lol.I love that you give your all for your fans no matter what’s going on. and I hope that you see that we give our all back when you do hear the reviews and see how many people had to get this and support it. I have been a fan for about a year and I love all kinds of music and you are definitely my favorite artist point blank period. I always say that I love drake and when I say that I mean that I love you as n artist because of what you bring to the table, and know you have the chance to establish yourself as this person. I wish you all the best and want you to know that your music does inspire

JUS J said...

"My name is Drizzy, and I ain't perfect, but I work hard, so I deserve it ........ - I'm doing me, I'm doing me, I'm living life right now man, and this is what Imma do till its ovaaa, ovaaa, but its Far from Overrr........- CLAP CLAP BRAVO"

Enough said.

starr:] said...

You forgot The Winner, Jus J. :]
Thats not a bad idea, I should make a scrapbook of the best lyrics you've written so far. What do you think about that, Aub? ;]

aonealel said...

Drizzy its goin 2 be classic cuz u put ur heart into it...shit is goin2 be really tought i been with u mi nig since da begin n i have all mi niggas n philly with u 2 jay was mi fav. rapper but when i first heard u ur words touch mi soul (no homo) u da man real trap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAMK ME LATER classic!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOUNG CL said...





The Heap said...

Thank goodness! It's about time! Drake has left us (his fans) starving for so long. We're like a pack of rabid wolves tearing at whatever little bit of information or leaks that come out pertaining to the album. I can't wait to hear the album. I absolutely love "Shut it down" and "Over" has grown on me. I'm in desperate need of new music so they really need to hurry up lol.

adriana.roque said...


BRIZZY said...

yo drizzy,
just remember will thank you now for the album
we'll thank you later for the music

624713NYC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
624713NYC said...

what a charming man. i'm sure it will surpass the present.

bryan said...

cant wait for the album drizzy keep doing ya thing

cant wait for your show at umass lowell

bryan- boston ma.

bryan said...

cant wait for the album drizzy keep doing ya thing

cant wait for your show at umass lowell

bryan- boston ma.

Kiya said...

All I can say is wise words from a descent man. Keep it up Drizzy-Kiya Eshaghian

p.s. see you May 13th

Mz.AubreyGraham said...

Holly Crud i know it might be annoying when u see 2 comments from the same ppl but i have to say 1 more thing.....THANK YOU!!!!!! Wow i thanked u 2 early but what ever.. u deserve it and i will buy 3 copies just 4 u!! don't worrie i can laminate one then frame another and then bummp the last one!! lol and to the person who said his music is gay... sorry but u need a reality c heck he's not homo U R! :) lol anyways like i said earlier love ya and keep doin u!!!

Anonymous said...

You are a indescribable being Aubrey. Pure iconic

Jasmine said...

Patiently anticipating the Big "reveal"! Guess I'll go ahead and congratulate you now instead of later. Keep the good music coming.

alizickzackhammoud said...

yo, im all the way from lebanon, i got the up most respect for you drake.
but i dont know if you read these or not, i hope you do, would please hit me up on facebook, email or anything.
alisupermanhammoud facebook

Anonymous said...

capecod MA. Loves your musicman.
from all ur mixtapes to the half made songs that are out there. when u come up to MA. ull see the love my nigga!

Roberttrebor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tequan said...

I forgot you were Jewish Shalom!

Roberttrebor said...

"I've worked hard on this body of work and I feel like every artist involved has given me their absolute best. I cannot wait till it's yours. The relief I will experience on release day will be euphoric."

Aubrey, the profoundness and intelligence in your words is something which is entitled to reverence.. I'm certain Thank Me Later will be a classic..

Peep when I had you as my Lyric Of The Day, we are of the same pedigree son..

The Convo Piece
Lyric Of The Day: Drake

Robert, pull your own bicycle around front, you've got moves to make..

Anonymous said...

I never buy albums anymore, but this is one I'm definitely supporting by buying it the day it comes out. Until then, see you at Bamboozle in NJ Drake! I'll be the blonde standing front n center. Loove you!!!

En Luo said...

Honestly, i've been dying for this album for quite some time. You are my favorite music artist of all-time next to the legendary tupac shakur. I really do idolize you and i have so much respect for you as a person and a musician. Everyday, i tell my friends that "thank me later" will be a classic and it will be atleast 8X platinum.

I really feel sorry for the haters because they are honestly missing out on a once in a life time rapper.

I wish nothing but the best.

- Love from your hometown Toronto

Danee said...

Im sure you won't disappoint... Im just waiting!

SEE YA WHEN YOU COME TO KC!!! ... ill be the one singing all the words to all of your stuff as a true fan would! Been there from the beginning and will be there, but they will the whole ride... Would say be there till the end but there is none.

` slf..* said...

stoked for the release homie

kelcie Evans said...

yeahh drake ii love u.
liek everytime ii see u on tv, hear yur voice, read waht u say.
i wannah cry.
its weird.
we should qo ball together sometime.
cnt wait til ur cd comes out.

Laugh Riot said...

As an MC I hope we cross paths under better circumstances. til then - Much success to you. Respect on the approach and the progression.


Anonymous said...

Drakkee ily.! YOur the bestt rappper.your my favoritee i lovee all your musicc. :)

alejo09 said...

Drizzy, you inspire me, i live in Germany because my family is posted here by the Army. I really wish you came to Europe, its my dream to go to one of your concerts, but i have never had the chance, and i don't think i will have one any time soon. Please man, if you can come anywhere near Heidelberg Germany, even if i have to travel, i will be sure to get front row tickets! i'm gonna be the first in line when TML comes out. I know you're probably very busy, but it would mean a lot if you replied to my comment, i created a blogger account just to keep up with your blog :)

Anonymous said...

I love you and I cant wait until the album comes out!!!

MAgAZiNEBABii said...

just take the time to deliver wat u think is ur best and wen its released im going to love it...

cant wait for the release im buying 5 copies word to my MOTHER and she know i aint lieing.. lol

Love u mr. Graham and cant wait to hear the final out come :)

LiLMeXiCo said...

Thas wassup baby!!! patiently waiting for ya :) know it's gon be HOTTT no worries :o) lol N you sho right about seeing you along the way, my friend... more specifically in da ATX :o) Luv Ya, cant wait for the album to drop, and get sum rest too mayne.. cant be all work N no play! Deuces baybay!

DorothyMarie said...

Mr. Graham you are an inspiration to us all! keep up the great work, I'll see you REAL soon... I'll be the first in line to buy the album. And that's my word.

DorothyMarie Borders

Deanna said...

I can not wait for Thank Me Later. I know whatever you come out with will be amazing.
Much Respect.

BLACKkatemoss said...

Last song??
Then what??
release parties!
more release parties!

Man i swear the anticipation
alone is killinnn me!!
Lol i'll be cool tho
Just cant wait to cop it
Soon as it drops..

I wish u the best babe!

grayhernandez said...

im beyond excited, the thoughts are beyond my imagination. Drizzy, you're gonna have the world in your fist. dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
And get down here in SoCal. i was gonna get your tickets for getting a 4.0 this quarter, but the tickets sold out in 1 day!
get back at me :)

Nicole Joy said...

Mr. Drake your fans are beyond excited for this! I'm thanking you now for Thank Me Later. Can't wait to see you at UCF on 4/21.

peep this remix I made of Houstatlantavegas..

peacexlove793 said...

And so the anticipation builds lol no but really can't wait to hear the album...I know you worked really hard and all that hard work is gonna pay off :) I'm a big fan of ur music and so I'm holding off from acting like a total fan girl lol but congrats on almost finishing the album and keep doing your thing :)

Anonymous said...


-BizBiz36 said...

Hey Drizzy my name is Justice aka you boy Biz ima rapper down here in the southwest of texas im latino by the way anyway i wanted to use your beat and tagline for a your song Uptown but i didnt wanna get caught with problems for using something thats not mine so i was gonna ask you a favor if I MAY USE THE BEAT AND THE TAGLINE BUT I WILL ALSO GIVE CREDIT FOR U LENDING IT TO ME I MEAN THATS ONLY IF U DO SO HIT ME BACK CAUSE I REALLY WANNA USE THAT BEAT FOR MA SONGTHANKS FOR YOUR TIME PEACE DRIZZY DRAKE....O AND PLEASE REPLY TO ME AT THIS E-Mail... Answer me Plz!!!

Steven A. said...

i know its gonna be classic.. i just do. i already got my money set..

ps. i have that toy lol

Anonymous said...

Drizzy, May 25th on the Calendar, just do your thing man. Thank Me Later is going to be hot!

Anonymous said...

You've Got a lovely way with words, I guess its just the way you see the world. Dope post Drizzy.

Anonymous said...

EXCITED FOR THANK ME LATER! Buying the album as soon as it comes out!
Make sure you make a trip down to Vancouver, B.C., we love you here!

Krystal said...

i willl loveeee whateverrrr you come out with.
you're soo creative!!
seriously cant wait!!!!

Brittney said...


KayC said...

Damn. i have so much love and respect for you drizzy... Thank me Later coming soon.... && I can't wait. :D

Poptart said...

I can't wait to hear this master piece. The time is almost here.

Jvance* said...

Your body of work speaks volumes for itself. Let history be the judge. Iconic thus far, what more could we as a fan ask? Lou, Ky def in the buildin, JVance* out.

keep doin u, it's workin (period)

Bailey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gisell said...

i love u dude!! and yea ur the bestest! cant wait for ur album!

B said...

I hope you get the success you deserve. Your music has not only influenced but it has also inspired me to go harder in my own music. Thank you for making great music and giving Hip-Hop it's second wind.

Anthony said...

Drake man, I remember watching videos of you performing "city is mine" some of your other first tracks when you were just starting out in music. Over a year ago was when I first listened to the entire "so far gone" mixtape, and honestly I feel in love with it. I never thought that music can actually change someone like me in such an incredible way. It gave me so much faith and inspiration and really put my life into perspective. I don't know why I'm really going on about all this but I guess after reading your paragraph I got a head rush of thoughts. All this to say, keep doing what you do, and even if you don't ever read this I'm saying it proudly. Never really felt this way about an artist before and it's weird as shit.. I know "thank me later" is gonna kill it.

- Anthony


rasananda said...

It is am amazing post thanks for this keep blogging

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, your so's rare to find an artist who really mean every word they say...and who work so hard on an album not just for themselves, but for the fans...Thank Me Later is going to be awesome..i can't wait til it drops..

Mr. RussB said...

Much Respect Drizzy....I'm looking forward to be blessed with another work of art of your. Your music keeps me high through my lows. Still trying get some tickets to your Boston shows next week. Keep doing your thing.

NS said...

Drizzy, you deserve everything you've gotten with that hard work you put in everyday. You destined for greatness! Cant wait for the album to drop!

Candice said...

I am a fan! Dallas Fort Worth, Texas! I got my tickets ready for the Palladium Ballroom Concert! Just waiting for the album and to get some concert gear for my wall next to my 2PAC and Eminem posters!

Stay blessed! Drizzy Drake!

Candice "Candice Bridge"

Juwan Allthingsfresh Lockett said...

"It's a celebration clap clap bravo" Congrats on a finshed product. Thanks for including the fans! Now we wait,but it'll be a good wait.

Dedra said...

Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this album. I know its incredible.

Anonymous said...

dont forget about Europe...
real music reach everywhere....

Anonymous said...

Toronto Stand Up!

c-real said...

Drizzy you gotta come a little south and show love to niagara falls, us or ca, everybody heres been bumpin your shit for ages

Baruh said...

Thats why i spend thousands on bottles so i can pop them, and take photos with hatin niggas and crop them, i am not them, i photo shop them...out, cuz they don't understand what i'm 'bout! yeah!

Drake you are by far the best thats come into this game. I applaud you. I got my tickets to go see you in dallas and i can't wait. i'm ready for the album....been waiting on it for so long! you the fucking best drizzy!

C said...

Man i have listened to your songs Drake and listen to the leadership position you have to TAKE OVER this rap game. thank you and i will pay it forward. lol

THE WINNER (winners do identify themselves)

Chantal said...

Very well written. He's so articulate, it's disgusting, lol.

Much respect to Drake. I love the music you create and appreciate you putting your all into everything it is that you do. People go ham on me cause I'm such a huge fan of yours but I don't really mind, you know why? Because I believe in what it is you do and that's create GREAT MUSIC that EVERYONE can relate to in some way, shape, or form. For me, right now, there aren't a lot of artists (not just Hip-Hop, but artists in GENERAL) that can do that; you're one of the very few and for that...I will "Thank You Now" =)

Much success to you and your upcoming album. Best believe that TDot (yes, Toronto in this house! lol) and the world is ready.

May 25th will be a special day, indeed. <3

Anonymous said...

<3 nothing but love!!!

Desiree said...

Congrats on all of your current and future success. I knew the second I heard you use 'metronome' in one of your songs, you were SERIOUS, :)! Do it big and stay humble. I'll see you on your first stop at EIU and at UMKC!!!! <3

Suraya said...

you have so much soul, cant wait!:)

Amanda said...

I'm in awe of how far you've come. I remember walking past you just 3 years ago randomly in public stopping in my tracks to see my favourite Degrassi star....and it completely made my day. I always knew you'd do great things.

I'm so inspired by you and couldn't be prouder to be where you're from. I don't buy albums but I'm gonna go out to get yours. Excitedly anticipating the release....

Lots of love and biggest support from Toronto.

J$ said...

whooooooo ...I can not wait for this album!!!!! I also can not wait to see you 4-29 at tsongas!!!!!

the kid from NYC said...

drake get j. cole on a song my nigga hes blowin up

yung06chick said...

Congratulations on everything you have done, everything you have accomplished, and all that you have yet to accomplish. I know that so many are waiting and excited for "thank me later". Myself included!!! You have really set a much needed new standard for rap music in this generation. Thanks for that. So know that whatever you put out will be recieved well, and much love will be given back. When the haters come that means you doing your job. Well as usual hope all continues good for you. Keep ya head up!!!!!!!

*Much love sent your way*

Dela said...

Let's get em drizzy. You got this shit

Anonymous said...

I'm probably gonna just be another comment on another post of your blog. But whether you get a chance to read this or not, I have truly never felt more love for an artist like yourself and i just want to tell u how much you've inspired me to rap. -Beezy

KH said...

love you drake & can't wait for the album release. see u may 12th!

lovebug77 said...

Keep it up Drake... My dog and I really love your music, because every time she hears any hook or any beat of your music, your voice, she howls- not bark, but howls- it's like a sign of something.
But ya- just keep it up- we love listening to them and thank you

etertainment said...

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Yo Follow This Kid.Mad Crazy 16 yrs old Producer/Singer/Songwriter

etertainment said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey ! I recognize that blue light bulb in the picture... i seem to remember purchasing that bad boy for studio-love.


crimes in paris.

Shalita Smith said...

peace love and respect.

Flirtezy said...

Im pround of you man

CherryBomb said...

He also said "I am easily satisfied with the very best." I bet i'll quote him again when your album is out.
I really love what you do Darling,
on some green it's even better.
I love how you spit it clearly.

I'm in montreal, but i'll try to catch a plane and see you live soon.
Watch for a cherry bomb

Anonymous said...

drizzzyyy....thank me later coming soon....gonna be epic :D

TheBestEva said...

Listen man, whatever you do, it will be epic. You have so many fans behind you, including me, and we are all so anxious. You are the first artist that I've ever been able to definatively say I am a fan. I like every thing you do, and so do so many other people. There will always be haters saying this or that is bad, but just disregard them, that just the way it is. It's true, Drizzy, "no one's ever done it like [you] did it"!


DaveXclusive said...

Drizzy whats good brah?
haha you gotta hear this,
i promise.

Shayla said...

Just wanted to say, hope this reaches you, I appreciate that you enjoy the journey, or at least seem to. Most people just talk about being on top or making it to the top, but being on the way to the top...or actually making it on top waiting for the world to catch up... You have followed your destiny and I hope the world does the same, peace to you...

tt said...

I cant wait for thank me later. im pretty broke. but im saving to make sure that i have money to support my favorite artist of all time. i honestly stopped listening to rap music all together. it didnt seem to be going anywhere but because of you! im listening again. your album will be beautiful. im shure of it.So right now congratulation! and like you always say. ill make sure to Thank You Later!!

ramyk3 said...

drizzy middle finger to the haterz, drizzy drake thank me later will be the best album eva. and people will be thanking him later for the crazy music uve been makin...just doo uu ....and keep doin it until its over...even tho its far from ovaaaaaaa
;)its ur best fan (and i mean "BEST FAN" in ottawa canada man waiting for u )

Anonymous said...

Never anticipated the release of an album so bad like I do for 'Thank Me Later'.lol I can't remember the last time I bought a CD at a records store, now it's all about iTunes & downloading, but for this, I'm going out of my way to buy the CD because this is history & I want to be every part of it. Congratulations Drake. -Sincere Fan <3

ViNtage said...

DRIZZY IS THE TRUTH/FUTURE of the Music game! I made a Mix of your singles to date to promote your upcoming tour/The Young Money Movement! I let some songs play out, so people could enjoy your catalog to date. Give a listen...

I BELIEVE in your MUSIC and what you have to offer the game. Nothin but love and support!


Lee said...

Drizzy. I cannot put into words how much i admire and look up to you, I am counting down the days to Thank Me Later on May 25th, as in still fly, you are "still responsible for everythin ya listen to". I just can't wait man, come to England,

Love from Liverpool England man

Lee said...

And one last thing, I aint one of those fake fans who jumps on you after Forever and Best I ever had, i've been on you for so much longer man. Peace

Trisha said...

Talent speaks for itself. You've made our city so incredibly proud, and no one else can take credit for that. Toronto loves you! Can't wait for the drop =).


CityofToronto said...

Your city has its haters but it has its realists..You've done well young set out to accomplish big things and you have. Toronto is proud of you.

Big thing you mentioning J.Cole..ya'll are two different starts in your own right..glad you know he is the shit right now.

We hope you decide to stop bunking with them Young Money fools and allow your intelligence to shine thorugh in your're so much smarter and bigger than that environment..get your money to blow so your reeeall creative freedom and can blow us away.

Thank me later


Nat said...

Omg Drake I don't think you understand how bad I'm waiting on this album...seriously love your music...seriously!...I hope you come to Melbourne Australia soon coz My cousin & I will be front row no doubt!...I hope the world agrees...good luck with the release!

JESSE said...

Cant wait mane...Real talk, texas got mad love for you man. and you betta come thru EP whenever you tour this album!!

Chad said...

Went to his opening show in Slippery Rock last night! shit was crazy! keep it goin Drizzy! YOUNG MONEY! FREE WEEZY!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo drizzy u just murdered that shit at EIU...can't wait for the CD homie!!!!!

Atrill said...

Wow... So Far Gone Is your ''Off The Wall'' Now Give The World Thriller.... Good Luck Drake..

EclipseX0X0 said...

I can't wait for it to come out!!!! Please don't postpone it anymore!!!! lol

Tamar:) said...

Drake, words can not explain how anxious i am to hear this album unfortunately in south africa we delayed and i only first discovered you when best i ever had was released and from the first moment i heard it i was in love with it and i wanted to hear more of i have d.loaded every single song of yours i could find i listen to you music from the time i wake up until i close my eyes at night everyone calls me a freak because i love your music so much but fuck them i dont care your music is like a drug and i have to get a fix everyday if i dont listen to it its like something is missing in my day your the first artist i know that i can proudly say i am a fan of i know you might never read this but i just wanna say thank you in advance i loved over and shut it down and im obviously gonna love the rest of your album dont worry about what other people say you the fucking best so fuck all the rest

Anonymous said...

i am definitely getting this album as soon as it drops

Anonymous said...

because you are a true artist... so thank us by staying true to yourself.

snakekilla said...

A milli remix:crazy steve aka steven
A million dead a million gone, All this shit i'll describe in this song,Nobody here can survive for too long, you'll think you live- nah you're wrong all these terrorists making threats, lets not forget all the heroes who died for this land, are we gonna lose more people?- not again, know that these other countries aint tryna be friends, they just wanna bomb our country- again, if you see osama,don't be scared defend. When are we gonna win this war? cuz I cant take this crap anymore. A million seas a million scared, we gotta go green and stop polluting the air, alot of people notice but the just dont care, all this ignorance is too much to bare ,its not just new york it happens everywhere. In the streets people cant even breathe properly but selfish people only care about their property- aw crap moms calling gotta stop early

YULISSA said...

I dont know if you read these or not, but I just want to say I am super excited that you are coming to Kent State University. We never get anything exciting our way. I am your biggest fan. I was trying to go see you in Columbus on 4/07 but it said Private location. Looking forward to a great show, just like the ones I see Youtube...

Yulissa D

Anonymous said...

Nice read. You are a very special Spirit Mr. Graham. Make sure you continue to be easy in the game like you've been doing, relaxing and letting it all come to you as a result of your raw talent. You da f'n best! :-*Muah!.... Sweets from tha D. Detroit that is. Gyeah ;)

Musik & Lyrics said...

Drake.... Drizzy.... October’s very own.... To me, you seem so deep, very down to earth and calm, kind of like when your alone it doesn’t bother you because it give you time to think about life and the direction you want to go. Sure you reach in your pocket scratch down a few lyrics on paper and can call yourself an artist, tons of people want to make it big and be Successful but to what extent. I’ve seen people work themselves to the bone to try and make it as the next big rap artist and there’s some that haven’t rapped a day in their life. It’s all about persistence. If you hand a person a piece of paper and a pen does that make them a writer??? I don’t believe so. Sure they have the materials, but do they have the knowledge and talent to back it up. Can you produce with what you don’t have???? Well all I am saying is that your very talented and talent like yours only comes by once in a blue moon. As a person who personally loves music and is a fan of yours I’ve seen music artist come and go in the blink of an eye. Mold with your fans and not with your competition. Anybody can write lyrics but it takes a true composer to write songs. All I’m really saying is keep up the good work and I hope to hear more from you in the near future ‘cause to be honest, your song are really catchy. Have a wonderful day, much love from your fans and we will see you in Orlando.

~Life is not what you say it is, it's what you do with it~ Shannon

My personal quote

Jessica said...

"Remember the days of well thought out visuals, album thank you's, funk flex rants, all the things that came with the release of a new album, the things we'd look forward to...well I hope I can make you remember."

I remember those days. I miss them. The thank you notes were always my favorite. Anyhow, I cannot wait for the album. You are terrific. Keep doing your thing.

Anonymous said...

Your fans are behind you drizzzy ,

Massive support is the least we can lend for your hitss you keep comin' .. Lookin forward to Thank Me Later!

Anonymous said...

To you i don't have words, but i have a smile =) & a tear. You have totally changed hip-hop & are completely everything i imagined you'd be. Drake my man aka Aubrey,Youve done it

KnowMe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KnowMe said...

beautiful post, can't wait for the album and for you to perform at hyde park this summer!! we have so much love for you here in the UK too. stay humble, and most importantly, stay true to yourself. you have an amazing loyal following supporting you here that's for sure. good luck with the album release! peace xxx

Kenleigh said...

I can't even type the words to explain how excited I am for this album. It's going to be an entire new journey for you, and for the entire world. You are seriously changing the game, and I feel so proud and impressed and even though I don't know you personally, I feel like I do. I feel like I can connect with your music, and just like someone said in an earlier comment, I can honestly say that I wouldn't be listening to hip-hop/rap right now if it wasn't for you. You are a seriously talented artist, and I really, really hope that I'll get the oppurtunity to tell you that in person someday.

Please come over to Portland, Oregon :)

Thank you so much for updating us with how Thank Me Later is going, because you updating personally makes me a million times for excited for you and the album than any big-name promoting could do.

Thank you :)
Love, Kenleigh.

Mike Ford said...

Respect man...And you did a beyond great job at Oakland University tonight. You really motivated me to chase my dreams and know that my music will take me somewhere. We'll meet one day....Hopefully on the same song lol

-Mike Ford-
Reppin Detroit to the fullest

Anonymous said...

I look in people eyes and see not so much the doubt, but the uncertainty. The question that looms…

The future will be kind to you, because it is far from over. No need to fret my friend. You have arrived and the world is waiting.

Anonymous said...

drizzy u dat nigga mane keep doin ya thang u cant imagine how much props u get even when im back home over seas they love u dog stay focused

Qamar said...

I really appreciate your work Aubrey "DRAKE" Graham
from degrassi to blueprint 3
you inspire me to do me
if you can work with your idol hopefully one day i will too

Make Sure You Cop Thank Me Later in its first week y'all lets get drake in to the Guinness Book Of records....To show our appreciation

Anonymous said...

Everytime I listen to your songs my heart skips a beat, your the reason I listen to hip hop! <3 LBC girl

memyselfanddrake said...

Drizzy u r da best and dont ever let someone tel u differently. U have dat confidence and pride and if u have those 2 things cant nobody eva step on yo level. I came to ur concert in lexington kentucky. Believe it or not i traveled many hours to come see u. U had me in tears. I luv u! U show these young kids who are trien to b rappers that u dnt have to drop out of school. U show that u can b a actor and b in school and rap and b in school. NO, u dnt have to have a education to b a rapper but u should and to see that u do have a education and u are so talented and successful will make a difference. I have soo much luv 4 u dat i cant even put in words. I knw mass people mite say dat their ur biggest fan but i believe dat i am truly. We have da same b-day and everything. I luv degrassi and u. I have a lot of posterz of u and i cant leave without kissin them. I luv u baby and keep doin yo thing. Please write back i will really really really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

drake is really amazing as a person.. i can tell by his lyrics and hope i could meet him in person one day..

longge said...

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Gigi said...

Drake, my love, now that u have dropped your album, I hope u feel the much needed relief. I have to say that I ,personally, love the album. You can tell that u worked so hard on it and that all the songs were very well thought out. You surprise me with every new thing that you do. Thank you for being so real and giving it to us the way it is.

By the way, thanks for bringing me up on stage in Philly on 6/16/10. You made my week! Lol! <3


K said...

You are incredible. Come to MN please?

Niki said...

Your album is inspiring. Thank you :).

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Anonymous said...

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Awesome band! why you don't post some albums from them ?

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