Weezy, Drizzy & Jeezy Performed Im Goin In tonight @MSG.

Kingston to Portland.

Gully God.

TML Vid Shoot, Miami.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BB Pics


real said...

Damn it looks like y'all killed it tonite at MSG!! Really wish I wouldve been there!!! And those pix of ur trip to Jamaica are amazing bet u guys had a lot of fun!!! Can't wait doe TML!!!!!

jordan said...

drizzy know hov be in all black... and this nigga gone come out like frankie beverly

Nteague1 said...

Ok, he hasn't gone anywhereLOL. Oh, how fun, I just listened to Welcome to Jamrock. I wish I could make Drizzy my desktop image, but Ye has it, sry =(

Nteague1 said...

I heard March 5th..

Kiya said...

hahah damn i wish i could be there

A.B. Solutely said...

March 5th It's "O v e r"... TML

Nteague1 said...

What language is that pic in?

mariioTX said...

MARCHMARCH 5. . ."OVER" thats out of niko's mouth!!!

mariioTX said...

MARCH 5. . ."OVER" thats out of niko's mouth

mariioTX said...

MARCH 5. . ."OVER" thats out of niko's mouth

nita_ss54 said...

It's always great to travel and make positive moves! now, I won't regret leaving my hometown as much....I know I will resent the way I did it tho! it's only positive moves from here baby! no trip is ever wasted unless you feel wasted! lol....☺

Clover said...

im gooooooin innnn!!
lookin fresh in all white!
TML..cant wait. my ears need this!

BRE said...

I like that the pics are about as good as some that I would've taken on my phone except for the small detail that Drake is in them!!! lol
can't wait to hear the video/see the single

Anonymous said...


Shayla said...

I heard about the JayZ all black thing too, (just heard it today on the radio). Not sure if 'Mr. Lyrical' (I just love calling him that) got to see him...heard you can't go to his dressing room in anything but black...not navy or anything, just black...not sure about that...

Still waiting for my VIP tickets...

$h@ri said...

You are livin THE life right now..enjoy it while you can...Check out Flight Risks new song "Anthem" @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSeewdppyr4

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G said...

I can't believe Wayne and Drizzy were in New York and I didn't get to see them. Fuck.

Want to hear an awesome remix to "I'm Goin In"?


Nteague1 said...

Yeah, Drake you tryna be all different, your ass still looks like a ghost esPecially in that crowd turning into vapor..smh.

Nteague1 said...

Oh, but can you tell Bron my friend Ashley LOVES HIM, so tell him heyYy.. or Kobe!

Jasmine said...

I'm assuming the all white was done on purpose and he just didn't miss the memo lol.

Brittney said...

Someone buy oliver a new camera LOL

Anonymous said...

Of course he's wearing ALL WHITE! Duh, hes YOUNG ANGEL and if you hate him tell him burn in heaven lol Love the GQ pics and love you Drake. I cant wait for TML, I already know I'm going to love it cause in my eyes you can do no wrong. ;)

Fire Boosh said...


way to stand out



LiLMeXiCo said...

Play hard N grind harder ha, I sees ya!

starr:] said...

Look at my baby, fresh in all white! OH LETS DO IT!! You get it in.
Aubrey, you need to congradulate me on being patient. Anyways, want me to pick you up from the aiport? ;]

Alph-a-BiT said...

DOPE!! BB.. IT Never fails mane!! Check me out!! I go by Alph-a-Bit.. www.myspace.com/alphabit2



Nteague1 said...

Lol erika.. lOl.

Nteague1 said...



Anonymous said...

upset at the fact that i missed you at MSG. like damn everytime i check for when you coming to NEW YORK you always come up here unanounced or at a private location. New York is where it is which im sure you know. sighs* one day ima make it to 1 of your shows. P.S-Ty

DorothyMarie said...

Drake Is GOOFY as hell
I like that LOL, He making hella Funny faces looking all CUTE...

I'm still mad he ain't come to Cali though... Just Saying...

Nteague1 said...

I know, no more stiff ass Jimmy who just be quarreling all day with a Damn ball in his hand

Nteague1 said...

Drake, I am just in the car eating my appLE, and your Disturbia tongue is sexy cuh!!

starr:] said...

Um, I was checking Twitter, & Lil Twist said he's "jammin Over."
Im not happy about this. Can I get some exclusives, darnit?
I cant stay mad at you, though. Im OVER it. ;] (Im so proud of myself for making that up)

Anonymous said...


Grouch said...

dam yo...dats crazy i was raised in kingston and lived in portland bcuz my pops had a farm up there...u did a concert?

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supafly said...

bitch im going in i lyk that song
yea i like the pics ;)

heythere said...

is drake in the video of baby by justin bieber ft ludacris? cos
theres a guy who looks like him in it yea

Anonymous said...

such an inspiration "drake"..
big ups to you & everyone around u doing the damn thing...come out & show queens ny some love..

grape said...

ja pics are dope!just watched your doc on mtv, shit was straight crack.. it gives a different outlook on drizzy. oh and btw i liked how it commented on the hip hop game and how if everyone fell back drake and 40 could do it all on their own, so official. will smith the game...

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