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Monday, February 15, 2010

BB × iPhone pics (All-Star Weekend)


Nteague1 said...

Mm, Drake can I wear your coat :). Drake, when you come to my city, can you bring me a pair of Red Wings, I wanna be like u :)

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

is that joe buddens? rockin canadian goose down lol

Unknown said...

hope you guys come back to Dallas very, very, VERY soon :)

Nteague1 said...

Drake..what are u doing w/ Joe beat em down Buddens? If you hit me, imma cry. Are you gonna text me?

Nteague1 said...

Goodnite. I made a really good mix today, and will need to smoke & ride to it in the a.m. Sorry..

Nteague1 said...

You know anything goes when I ride..ahHA.

Nteague1 said...

I'm back. And I got ^ today. This m.ix made me feel really Presidetial (remix) lmao. Ok I am tired of texting on this hard ass phone. Lemme quiet, Don Omar is all in my ear next..

Anonymous said...


LiLMeXiCo said...

awready baby! Dtown was packed than a MF.. traffic was just ridonculous! lol

Sincere said...

b there soon ... i promise

Nteague1 said...

Drake your new girl on MTO is the TRUTH!! starr:], have you seen her?

$h@ri said...

that must've been a bangin weekend in Texas...i feel like everyone was out there even joe buddens lol

Don't forget to check out Flight Risks new video for "Dodge Them"

And the website

starr:] said...

OMG Niko made a post!
Anyways, I like that coat too, very Forever21 casual. :]

Anonymous said...


amirk647 said...

DRAKE Ft. Birdman & Lil Wayne - Money to blow (AK BEATS CLUB MIX)

Jumpman2287 said...

Damn All-star game was crazy...I didn't see Drake actually coaching that's pretty sick...

MK said...

Dunk Contest equals fail...

love "More Than A Game", Drake killed it.

DJ Stroke - House of Money (Money to Blow Remix)

Nteague1 said...

One of his MTO (MediaTakeOut) chicks starr:]. You know the trusty people over there don't lie..

Yeah, if only they made clothes for guys...none of the stores in OK do :(

Nteague1 said...

starr:], I just felt like Toni Braxton, I said "Please"

I am thru with him already, I will pack his bag & send him back your way..

om3qa said...

nice pics drake......ready for Thank Me Later to hit stores

starr:] said...

DRAKEY BABEY, we need 2 talk. Like now. >:]
Forever21 does, its a really small section though.
Lol, alright. I'll be waiting on him hand & foot.

Unknown said...

Hey sexy!!! You went to the all star game with out me I can't believe it!!! Okay anyway I am feeling those shoes I think you might also like The Gorilla Shoe , you should check them out they have that nice classic vibram sole.

Unknown said...
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Nteague1 said...

Ok starr:], I'll mosey on back to Ye, cuz u kno I got his back like a tanky-top. Not like T-Pain sang about in Go Girl..JK :p. Oh ok, yeah, I really would like to see Drake in Banana Republic this summer starr:]. Heard he he was a model, too..

Fire Boosh said...

holy shit, EVERYBODY is rockin those canada goose jackets these days! I SWEAR I see at least 5 a day.

MegYuup said...

Texas Stand up! :) Drake was in thereeeee!

D-Rose said...

J.D.S. said...

Remember that character he played in Bamboozled. "Even my boys Amos and Andy!"

Nteague1 said...

I just realized I stay on this blog like I don't have a life! Drake..your good at getting people wrapped up!

G' said...

awww J looks cute ^_^ I thought he was Cudi for a second

Nteague1 said...

Really G'? Kid Cudi's face are more compact..

Nteague1 said...


Nteague1 said...

I sthat even J Niko? Nobody even responded to me.. that doesn't look like him

starr:] said...

Lol, right.
Haha, Banana Republic isn't that bad...Its very expensive though.
OMG bebe! My bebe is a SWIM SUIT MODEL. Anyways, Aubrey has very strong face features, he really could be a model.

I know right, I check this blog like everyday. :/ -tear- I have no life anymore.

felixyo said...

which model are those red wing boots? the soft toes?

Nteague1 said...

That's better than me starr:], I check it regularly because of YOU! Yeah, that whole chain - Banana Republic, GAP, Old Navy can be pricey. I have a cute gray shirt from Old Navy tho.

starr:] said...

No, Im worse, I check cuz of you AND Drizzy. :/ Lol.
Old Navy is good for quality jeans. I can surprisngly still fit the "little girls" jeans. Lol.

Ahaha, someone is bound to give their opinion on our prolonged conversations. ;]

Fiveteff. said...

Lust for Life tatt.

Nteague1 said...

starr:], I HATE THEIR JEANS! The seat/crotch sets too low, or my booty is too high lol! I love their pants tho, I can wiggle into a size 2 in those & American Eagle pants. Um, it's ok. Drake doesn't talk back ANYWAYS! @ least not to me, so let's say..I'm on here for Oliver.

Anonymous said...

Sunny - Love Lost

MsSencillez said...

Nice pics! Chris Mullin!!! Nteague1and Star:] you guys are hilarious (:

starr:] said...

Thank you MsSencillez. :]
LOL! I have no hips & a booty so I guess they work out fine fa me. Lmao.
Thats so true...Im certain that if we keep having these conversations on every topic, we're bound to get recognized. ;]

Nteague1 said... when Trina made that song 'Pull Over', she was talking about you starr:]?? Hopefully starr:], I need a good internship this summer..LOL. MsSencillez, um, I'm not being funny!

firefox said...

Great Pictures :), All the best with the new album, i cant wait to hear it. Your lyrics should be studied like Pac's own was, when Harvard had a academic symposium on him back in 03. I have no doubt they are that good, im serious! ^_^. I loved "So Far Gone". My fav track is "Fear" although "Calm" appeals to me because it is extremely personal which I respect. Anyway much Love to you and your team.

starr:] said...

I guess so, I've never heard it.
Lol, me & you both. I need to start doing SOMETHING this summer that interests me. Your the personal assistant, & Im the receptionist or something of another. ;]
Ahaha, all of my posts is basically me as a person. :]

Nteague1 said...

NOOO starr:], isn't there any OTHER way I can get personal with Drake without being a personal assistant? I am not somebody's Yeah, I need to be entertained this summer. Drake can keep me entertained if he drops TML in time :)

Nteague1 said...

Imma be hotter than wasabi this summer when TML drops..OMG DRRAAAKE =D!

starr:] said...

I know, right! I will definitely be bumpin TML this summer.
Haha, umm...If Drakey doesn't think your a psycho-stalker-obsessed fan, then Im sure he wont mind spending some quality time w/ US ;]
Lol!! "Ridin through the city in the Coup w/ those wings" & bumpin TML babeeyy!

Nteague1 said...

Oh, that's already have him. Guess I gotta put in work? C'mon, I'm not that obsessed..but if this was tv world, Jimmy Brooks would be TAKEN!

starr:] said...

Tell the truth, Nteague! I'll admit it: Im a tiny bit fascinated w/ Aubrey's looks...& his voice is very relaxing.
Haha! I remember those days, although I didnt watch that God awful show...His hair was so Rico Suave, it made me want to swim in it.

amy said...

Drake's performance with LeBron was the highlight of All-Star weekend for me. Too funny.

Nteague1 said...

Omg, WHAT HAIR! He always tried to hide it near the end of the show starr:], hehee :). Yes, Aubrey is quite the .."Jew talker". He's working on the smooth, ;)

starr:] said...

"Working" on smooth? He was born that way. Its so natural for him, its very charming.
IM SO LOVIN THESE GQ PICS!! Omg, it makes me angry that Im not old enough to date him. Lol.

V said...

CANADA GOOSE JACKETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P Canada finest!!

Jillian Johnson said...

Can i holla at dude with the pepsi cup? Cutie haha

johnnyfresh said...

@felix - if ur talkin about drizzys black boots they are tha 8130 classic mocs peep em on karmaloop

J.O_Mr.ATF said...

I Want Them So Bad Lol Shit Fire My Dude Now These Nikkas Got Swagg No Homo Or Dick Riding lol Get At Me Bra

J.Folse said...

no more blackberry

NAJ = [N.R.B] said...


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