Saturday, February 13, 2010

1 Year Ago Today


Jasmine said...

the best mixtape...ever.

Nteague1 said...

Hey..yayyy! Watching Degrassi love =D

A said...

Man that was a long day haha.. but well worth the wait.

Trans_Am said...

Should have been the album, SICK!! I'm expecting phenomenal things from Thank Me Later...

Georges said...

man i was on deck 2..dat nexx day i had that cd burned , cranking it in the car

Lieu Fatale said...

Well received accomplishment but I wonder what this year will bring...

ronelly said...

yea that was a long wait but well worth it funniest part was "fashionably late" and the slowed DL speeds cuz everybody was trying to do it at once lol

foxxy said...

boyyyyyy i tell ya... what a fuckin night. funny: if you go back, you'll see most of the people commenting now were nowhere to be found that night...

Nteague1 said...

Drake, are you really working with Keri Hilson on her next album? Did I read that somewhere? Damn, her album, that's all I heard on the way to the club. And that got me kinna hype :p

Anonymous said...

how its done!

MaLLY said...

I fucking hated you cats during these days...why? BECAUSE IT WAS TWO DAYS LATE!!!!...

I will say that when I played the first song, all of that animosity towards the tardiness went away...

So Far Gone spun OVO's credibility out of control (in a good way).

Anotha Time,


Nteague1 said...

AWWW, Happy Valentines Day Niko and CJ, I always lfave y'all out, lol

MegYuup said...

ahhh thats crazy!! jam that dailyyyyy! no lie loves it still...still putting people on it....ready for that album! please dont push it back anymore...i dont think my life could take that! :)

Rosilda said...

and a year later look how far you guys have come, hard work pays off eh!

Nteague1 said...

I'm super bored Drake. Are you @ a party? I was looking at your country flag. That fire engine red represents what race?

Anonymous said...


cj said...

the little mixtape that could...

oBigBusiness said...

Wow remember this day like it was yesterday haha. We were all just waiting and waiting. The anticipation was killing me. Def worth the wait though.. Look how far you guys came since that day. Congrats

len said...

i stayed up all night for this when it was dropping, constantly hitting f5 on oVo

thought i'd come see what's good on the blog seeing as im heading to Ransom today

Mr. FrSH said...


Elijiah said...

THANK ME LATER?????????? People from Boston already looking in stores today.

what's up with the release date?????

Anonymous said...

I remember all those posts. Man, I was waiting for real. More than worth the wait and look how far you have come even since then. I am so proud.

starr:] said...

I remember this! This day went down in history as the best mixtape in history.

Happy V-Day, Nteague1. Hope you and Oliver had fun. ;]

Nteague1 said...

Blogger starr:] said...

I remember this! This day went down in history as the best mixtape in history.

Happy V-Day, Nteague1. Hope you and Oliver had fun. ;]

What did you and Drake do?

Jules-Izastar said...

lls i remember this day

starr:] said...

Nteague1: I got that hallmark card of course;] It was a romantic dinner evening. Oh, & I recieved an edible arrangement. :]

Nadiiiiiiii's World said...

.... Luv iiit :)

krista.alana said...


alvarado_214 said...

you made us wait fo reals! lol

Bria said...

I remember waiting up for that tape..haha history...LISTEN TO BRYANT DOPE!

antmo2 said...

This is the shot herd around the world,

Nteague1 said...

That's so nice, did you feel like a star, starr:]? Did you guys make plans for future hook ups?

ben said...

yeah i love it great moment, but can we get a single already/

ben said...

yeah i loved it great moment but can we get a single already?

MegYuup said...

no offense to anybody but just cuz somebody dont comment on a blog doesnt mean they wasnt on somebody...i was on him before so far gone and i sure didnt comment on the blog...just didnt...just saying tho. and im sure there are others as well. no speculation please.

starr:] said...

Of course I did, Nteague! Im not into going to the over-rated "hot spots".
And we've decided to go w/ the moment. Not making a commitment 2 early. :]

Nteague1 said...

That's great because he is still young you know :)

Anonymous said...

mnnn i remember waitin up alllllll nite, refreshing the screen ... fell asleep and work up to the best mixtape ever

AEO said...

daaaaamn i remember this shit!!!...lmfao...i wuz soooo fuckin frustrated that nite cuz i kept wakin up and would refresh tha page and it still wouldnt be there! >:| but it wuz one of tha greatest mixtapes and holds some of tha greatest songs i've eva heard to this date.....listend to it last nite actually...keep doin ya thing drake and tha rest of ATF....yall are very inspirational...~

yours truly,

Anonymous said...

I remember that wednesday leading up to saturday continuity checking the site to see if it was up yet.

Us... said...

It's crazy that I actually remember that day! It was worth the lets get to this album!!!

starr:] said...

I know, I know. He needs to focus on TML & not me. ;]

Todd Smith said... far the mixtape of the year.'dropped a mixtape that shit sounded like an album'

itsmichaelclarke said...

stayed up all night waiting for that. drop the mixtape that shit sounded like an album..

J.Folse said...

How far youve came bro....all of Octobers Own keep doing ya thang

J.Folse said...

I remember waiting for this ish to drop 2. Like cmon MAN lol

Lauren Elle DeGaine said...

ha that's so tight oli

$h@ri said...

that mixtape is a CLASSIC...its amazing how last year i definitely downloaded it from this u gettin it in the stores.

Dont forget to check out Flight Risks new video for "Dodge Them":

And the website:

SiliconHYPE said...

I was on a business trip in kentucky. Waited up all night, and blasted that shit all the way home to cali.... STOKED

Nelle said...

wowwww i remember that was soooo much fun 2 waiting wit all the other fans posting and stuff...i mean literally i was up allllll night and had 2 get up 4 class in da morning but i didnt care! once i got dat mixtape is welllll worth da wait...i wonder whateva happened 2 dat boiwonda guy he like didnt get sleep 4 two days waiting 4 da i connected wit like hella people it was just a crazy memorable night! for all yall who didnt experience was def a night in drake fan history!

Rip Fire Records said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rip Fire Records said...

I was getting ready for cali and i was like yo this shit is tough since i decided not to go to sleep since i was going back 3 hours i'm glad you're getting your deserved shine drake!

Anonymous said...

Wow I can't believe it was just a year.I remember waiting than it wasnt ready, then the download link wasnt working for me..BEST MIXTAPE

areacode313 said...

That was hands down my favorite thing musically to come out of 2009. Downloaded it as soon as it dropped (not from this blog tho). I was blown away. I remember burning it for all my people like "yo, you GOTTA listen to this!" sneaking it on to peoples ipods and shit. lol. That is a MAJOR classic right there in my eyes. I still love it just as much as the first time I listened and you have no idea how many times I listened! Thank you Drizzy!

areacode313 said...

Yo reading all these other comments tho I wish I had gotten it from this blog. I knew about Drake but didn't know this blog existed till after the mixtape dropped.

mynameisJOE said...

i was up that whole night waitn FOR IT

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