Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nasty Nas


Kiya said...

true inspiration

Fire Boosh said...

throwback shit.


Blackmagic5 said...

one of the greatest rapper alive/and to ever do it.

The world is yours...

starr:] said...

It truely is an inspiration, he's one of the few that's been spittin real lyrics since then.
Haha, the 90s is comin back!

hustleGRL said...

Nas is like... :)

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about this hip-hop classic because I feel So Far Gone is a groundbreaking CD like Illmatic. I look foward to Thank Me Later homie.

MegYuup said...

Nas = one of the greatest rappers alive...dude spit that real ill stuff real lyrics...real life stuff...not that wanna be a gangsta stuff. love his albums! :) Good post.

B. Tanner said...

This is Nas when he was in the same place as Drizzy is now.. The anticipation was/is crazy! Good post..

krista.alana said...

YES! Drizzy, a greatest in the making, reppin N-A-S, the greatest rapper alive. Love it.

thelady said...

Nas did his thing

Brian said...

that shit went hard but music is like history its timeless nomatter when u hear it that shit gives u thoughts like a picture but more deeper....
drizzzy phillly philly
B Crew H.T.F.U.

B-Citi said...


e|b said...

Fuck. This is my favorite rapper (Sorry Drake). I have this book called 'Born To Use Mics' I think. Dude, it gives me chills every time I read it, just like when I listen to Illmatic now. It's just sad that the Golden Age of Rap/Hip Hop wasn't during my teenage years. Good shit Oliver.

Shayla said...

I love Nas, I love a rapper with lyrics anyway...some of the music that has come out in the last 10 years is unbelievable to me, like we've gotten stupid or something...thought we were supposed to be smarter...I think that's why we all love Drake so much, he's not talking stupid...I mean seriously, you can talk about a stupid subject without talking stupidly about it.

LiLMeXiCo said...

mayne, talk bout takin us back :o) gotta appreciate Nas and his way of expressing himself thru his music .. one of all-time best mayne no lie bout that

Nteague1 said...

When is HIS shit comin'?

Mama Gabs said...

Dear OctobersVeryOwn,

I noticed that an IZOD commercial sounded just like Forever & blogged about it,

Just wondering if you actually read/respond to blog comments & know about that commercial.

From a faithful reader,

Coral said...

very inspirational, kinda weird when you are mexican(:

Anonymous said...

Now imagine Drizzy and Nas on the same track??


Jasmine said...

Nasir Jones! I was just watching Belly.

starr:] said...

"the prince been here sincre, like Nas in belly, told y'all I'm ready." -Trey, "hard remix"

Eric Cheng said...

Drake Fans - we want you to hear!

Drake - Forever ( joey dats remix )

IslandChynaDoll said...

I totally agree with Shayla - when DID we become slow? Thank GOD for the breath of fresh air that comes along from time to time - the latest being Drake (again agreeing w/ Shayla, this IS why we love him so much) - because some of this other madness is SO uninspiring :( - and to quote my girl Lauryn Hill - music is supposed to inspire... :).

Thanks for the throwback guys! NAS is like... half-man, half-amazing - no doubt!


ay thanks for pulling this out the crates...

Elijiah said...

One Word = Classic

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