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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tom Ford in Interview Magazine


CheezyDoDo said...

"Catch me in a Tom Ford suit on Draft Day" - Drizzy

ahh now I see what he's talkin about , That man is Dapper

Nteague1 said...

Who Jay? Remember his Grammy fit Drake? :). I hope you and your mom have fun :(

AW said...

His new movie a single man looks interesting but confusing. The previews really pulled me in and made me want to learn more about this novel turned movie.

Interview magazine is dope. I love the image the magazine tries to produce. Another article from interview mag is the top 20 gorgeous people of this decade. This can be found at:

EclipseX0X0 said...

He's one of my fave designers definitely.

B said...

Great article! I'm absolutely obsessed with his eye wear as well.

Maiyya said...

:) Man I wannted to see the seems cool, but I feeel like it would get lost quickly

d said...

designer?? yo sure

alexbackwards said...

Tom Ford is legendary! and now filmmaker? oh no i wouldn't even know what to expect.

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