Sunday, December 20, 2009

Glow In The Dark Book


DorothyMarie said...

Hmmm Looks interesting
I have to say I am not a huge fan of Mr. West... never really have been but the whole concept of the book has me intrigued... Kanye as a musical artist is still growing on me... But his artistic ability's out side the studio are what's really reeling me in

SinfulLyo said...

i know i'm up too early because i definitely was elated over a "glow in the dark" book since i have the habit of reading at bedtime which is a culprit of my insomnia because i keep the lights on aka too much stimulation for a sleepy a book that glowed in the dark seemed genius. then i click the link and you're talking about kanye. SMH. on that note i'm taking my ass back to bed lmao.

CheezyDoDo said...

I wish wish wish I coulda seen the concert I heard nothing but great things about it

One of the times i wish i could turn time back

Kanye is a True Artist

foxxy said...

..... okay. who can really say that they don't like, if not love, at least one kanye west song? if you think you can, you're lying to yourself because he probably produced your favorite song by your favorite artist. clearly he doesn't always make the best decisions (who does?) but that has NOTHING to do with the pieces that he literally gives us of himself. personally, i respect kanye's constant strive to create the most perfect art he possibly can with everything he does. and i honestly think that he achieved that with this tour.

sorry y'all. i usually don't go on tangents but people HAVE to open their eyes, man. no shots at anybody either, it's all love.

book looks awesome though! lol

DJWOOGIE said...

i know that kanye book is gonna be amazing ,.. oictures alone look sick

Nteague1 said...

Oh, he can make me glow..teehee. Sorry Oliver. Go sit down

LiLMeXiCo said...

I'm a Kanye fan.. always have been.. da man act STU N PID sumtimes however this takes nothing away from his artistic brilliance lol.. he's only human ya know but a great artist! I didn't even know bout this book, but most certainly look into it now that it's been brought to my attention. :o) good lookin out once again lol

Nteague1 said...

Oliver, you read that piece of donkey doo doo?? You should model.

Ac@pella! said...

U know what's funny (actually not)? I've yet to find this damn book in any of my local Borders or Walden Books stores. Wtf?!?!?!? It's like when the labels didn't ship enough copies of Wale and Clipse's albums to the retail stores...smh...I better get a damn copy fast before sum1 gets fucked up, since I missed the tour last year...dammit!...

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Fire Boosh said...



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remedy said...

Fucking Amazing. One of the best experiences of my life. period.

nick790271 said...

drake you the man. you inspire me i didnt want to rap bcuz i didnt think i was hood enough i got a good flo so i'll give it a try. you proved its just about your flo and lyrics.i dont usually buy albums but i'll buy yours cuz you aint just anybody

Maiyya said...

I love Kanye if thought he can be crazy at times, he's a beast, I definitely need to check out this book

jon said...

i'm gonna have to check this book out...i been so busy man, like...i can't explain it...but i respect kanye i hit him up to day on twitter just like you, cuz i'm getting ready to go back down to school wit all my studio equipment...i got a dream man, and ppl believe in me, how can i let them down?

and more importantly ?

If God gave me these abilities why shouldn't i try to use them?

you may never even see this comment man, but for real, you kanye ryan leslie wayne jay z...for what i'm trying to do....

Which is not even primarily music, it's to change the Hampton Roads area forever...

it's a big event, i would invite you but our budget is low right now and you on top of the world lol...

anyway, i listen to what you say man, not just the beat, i try to listen and understand man...

if i meet you i don't want to "embarassed to pull my camera out"

even tho to these young kids you even bigger than him...

anyway man, ima stop rappin you up lol...

just be on the look out for the Hampton Roads Area April 4-10, if your free around that time and you hear about what we doin and you want to come...

please do...for real...


mike said...

keep your life in the light from the end to the start.. but any chance of night jus pray you glow in the dark..


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