Im Gudda Gudda.

A castle outside Marseille or a tacky mansion in Florida.

The life.

Want Les Essentials.

Vibe Cover Shoot, NYC.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

BB Pics


DorothyMarie said...
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DorothyMarie said...

I love it when you let us into your lives, sharing your precious moments. LOL

kimmydoo said...

DEF not marseille. our castles dont look like that ;)

foxxy said...

vibe cover shoot, you say?

squeak said...

Look at my boo ... always looking relaxed and humble:) Cant wait 4 that Thank Me Later

Shaun said...


Tiara said...

wow a VIBE cover? congrats... cant wait to see it. (so happy VIBE is relaunching)

Sean said...

shit im all the way in tampa florida i wanna see what its like way up in Toronto. like the environment,similarities and differences from here...

C. Monroe said...

cant wait to see that cover!

Ruso said...

Drake, You gotta make your own version of that wack ass track with Gucci Mane, you, and Killer Mike - Street Cred

The "King Leon" snippet is everywhere but it isn't cutting it we the fans want it and I hope you release that a full track haha, keep doing your thing man.

shane said...

that looks like davie,florida so it would be a tacky masion in florida.

Nteague1 said...

Ok, but where are we going, and did I pack enough????

Jason Battersby said...

Congrats on the Vibe cover bro!

Glen Coco said...

projectors are cool

Nteague1 said...

Drake when can I rub on yo booty??? I see those too balloons sticking out. It's so big!

Mariah said...

VIBE cover, nice going..!

LiLMeXiCo said...

nice going ppls... I sees ya busy bodies... ppl to see, places to go, N things to do.. that's wassup! :o) cant all have it that good.. lol gotta count ya blessins ya know.. NICE :o)

Shayla said...

It's like I know what I gotta say, I just don't know how to say it to you..

*OctoberBaby*ScorpioLady* said...

VIBE almost went bankrupt and if they make it to a second quarterly issue, it is only because Drake will be on the cover.

Congrats to Drake BUT having Chris Brown on the alternate cover reflects poor taste and judgement.

Drake fans can/will buy the mag but I would never support VIBE after this issue and neither should YOU.

Save your money for THANK ME LATER.

Cry me a river Chris Brown - Know you are only on the cover because a bankrupt magazine needs to make money off your dirt. It has nothing to do with YOU anymore.

Nteague1 said...'s time for you own blog. You always post really nice stuff, I wa slooking at your past, previous posts like..last week.

waytoobossy said...

AWWWW!!! I love Drake1

sara77388 said...

you need to come back out to houston and come low key and chill

DrakeJunkiee (@theeSweetMANiAC) said...

drizzy lookinq comfortable in the 1st pic--i like it! Hellaa cutee scenery and this junkiee loving the unshaved drzzy

definitely copping tht VIBE issue when it releases. Oliverrr boy you capture thee best candid

(: drakejunkiee aka @theesweetmaniac

a. said...

cool bags.

Maiyya said...

i love how ya'll are so chill
the castle looked beautiful..but im glad u guys share ur pics with us :)

Maiyya said...

ik this is random but i checking out kanyes blog and he has a tour things..u guys should make one so we could check when u coming to our hometowns

AW said...

Blackberries are the business.

check out my blog that blends real life stories with meaningful quotes. Your gonna be like, "that really happened??" yes it did homie @:

Nteague1 said...

Aw, boo look at you looking like Solange when she had to go to that club with Bey and Jay!!!!

Grievance said...

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Immortal_Flamez said...

A source with knowledge drops this: Well I used to stay in Toronto now I’m in NY. Drake and writer Nickelus F. from Virginia used to be seen everywhere in TO together about 6 years ago. He used to have a white Range Rover. He used to fly Nick out and bring him to Raptor games and s**t. If you search hard enough you can find all of these pics.

Drake does have money. He lives in one of the most expensive places in North America. His mother is wealthy. Not rich but wealthy. He was on the show from he was 12/13 years of age. He was getting roughly 90 to 125 k per season for the past 10 years. Realistically when you don’t have any bills or expenses that’s whole lot of money which is why he was able to pay his way into the game. He ran out of money early last year and received money from some investors in Houston, TX. He was in TX a lot because he had a girl out there which is how he met Wayne. Wayne heard his CD ina barber shop in H Town.

Nickelus F. is the one who got Malice on that song with Drake. Drake used to throw a lot of money around to get into the industry which is why him and Trey Songz is cool. When Drake was getting more known in TO he wanted more radio friendly less edgy lyrics so he switched up writers because Canadian audience is really conservative. I know cats from Illusive Media who worked with Nickelus F. and they showed me that Drake paid for many of his videos and things of that nature for the songs he was writing. Also, Nickelus F. hooked him up with many connects in the game especially when he was in talks with Def Jam.

From what I heard from VERY reliable sources in the Drake camp and from NY is that this IQ cat from Brooklyn was negotiating selling songs to Drake. Drake would buy hooks or entire songs (concepts and verses). IQ is Rakim’s protege, his pen game is mean. IQ helped him on a couple of records but Drake got pissed when he wouldn’t give him his personal records that he was gonna use for his own career.

Numerous guys in Toronto have contributed to Drake’s music. Richie Sosa being one of them, not a big collaborator but he did help Drake.

This information wasn’t too confidential because the studio sessions had many people present so everybody saw Drake and 40 asking for the rhymes. Another thing you can ask people is if they’ve EVER seen Drake actually write/think/freestyle/type/ or just overall create a song on the spot. NEVER.

There are possibly others that I don’t know of so I can’t give out any more info. I will leave you with this, Drake is not new, he’s actually paid top dollar for meeting with the biggest industry execs and he was shut down.

Zomik the Ransom Hero said...

I see you Nicki Minaj

J.D.S. said...

That californication photo reminds me of the drizzy's posts...Oliver you have definitely stepped up your blogging game.

ShandreƔs said...

Ima go wit the tacky fla crib...besides the weather sumtymes, fla is nyce. I shud kno, I'm stuck here.

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