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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Arab Parrot


Joycelynn said...


That Hip Hop Site said...

good to know.

V said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zomik the Hero said...

Aw man that's gangsta


Nteague1 said...

Is that Stefani??

Ill Will said...

check out the two best blogs ever, and

Reggie said...

That Gaga is that ish

AnnaLIVE said...

Lady is the coolest...we're going to be bff's when i meet

AP said...

That blog is crazy, artistic and insane. Luuuvs it.

Jonny.Treeson said...

AP on OVO!!!

Bumped into the Arab Parrot when I was in LA... dude is chillin.

On another note, been feeling TOKiMONSTA's blog for a bit still (producer/artist reppin Hell-A).

the nike nabokov said...

Seems kind of boring actually. Beards, drugs, Semen, Sway....same ol', same ol'.

Ill Will said...


Greyson Esprit said...

Drake...."I don't fuck with thousandaires" for real? smh...

Mariah said...

i like.. drakes birthday cumin up soon !!! congratz in advance;)

HIP HOP said...


Nteague1 said...


Nteague1 said...

I mean,

Alph-a-BiT said...

hmmm...Check out my music L.A in here don't sleep!!

Ill Will said...


Maiyya said...

That was interesting..some of the photography was dope..but others scared me..My favorite was the "This party must have been fun" one

R. said...

dnt get it wit it shit smell it

Batista5190 said...

Happy Birthday Drakee. I Hope U Have A Good Birthday..Ur "Octobers Very Own" Alright

MIQS said...

Happy Birthday Drizzy!!!!....keep on dewin ur thing man..

Nteague1 said...

Happy official birthday Aubrey!!

Nteague1 said...

Or did you want the real thing??

Here is the international version, because you are part Jew:

And here is the original, because youz a nigga:

Nteague1 said...

I almost forgot, here!!

Open your gift later :)

Nteague1 said...

Damn, I feel like a bad host. Did you want ice cream??

Nteague1 said...

Oh, I know you like this:


Nteague1 said...

You have to excus eme, I am forgetful! Here is your card:

Ill Will said...


Ill Will said...


Lo said...


happybirthday to drake today <3

Mariah said...

B.I.G birthday kisses and hugs to you Aubrey Drake Graham :D Hope u'll have a wonderfull daay...
A friend of mine draw a pic of u , pls cheeck it out @ she is a great artist ;)
Have the best b-day lots of love and respect for u!

Boricuia23mami said...

Happy B-Day hope u enjoy~i love u n wish u da best

Nteague1 said...

Oliver and ain't do NOTHIN' for my boo?? At least a post?? I know y'all talk on a regular, so you might have wished him on a personal note, but I am sure the fans would have liked to wish him well.

Tisk, tisk..

spareld said...

happy birthday drake

Maiyya said...

Well I just like to say that today I was doodling a bunch of stuff..and it happened to be a bunch of Drake stuff including: King Leon,Money to Blow, Juice, Goodnight and Good luck, Smile, Congratulations, Uptown, Houstatlantavegas, Man of the Year, Best I ever had,November 18th,Killer, Fear, I'm still fly, and I have lyrics from Still Drake..It looks so pimptastic :) Wish I could show it to you.

ad14 said...

luciano said...

chronicling the rise of a fashion house in BROOKLYN via MILANO AND PORTOFINO.

Triz said...

Check out my blog

Anonymous said...

she looks like a 286 year old trying to to be young and cute!!! not at alll

Anonymous said...

bra plz and that completes my order!

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