Tuesday, September 15, 2009

So Far Gone EP In Stores Today!!


Brampton Cell said...

ill be at the store at 10am to purchase this

congrats drake and the whole team

time to support our canadian!!!!!

JS1984 said...

yea yea!!!

lets go canada

Junior said...

Man I'm from Colorado (U.S)
And I'm gonna go cop that for sure! I swears I'm thee biggest Drake fan out here yo!! no lie

Robert said...

Drake.. just when i think you cant come up with something better.. you throw "fear" out.. damn man.. the game needed someone like you.. not just for hip hop but for music in itself.. I cant even describe the emotions i go thru with your music.. keep doing you man.. thru the old and the future high and lows.. you got a true fan. -Rob

Anonymous said...

So Far Gone continues to play on my iPod.. on repeat. Every song is amazing, and in albums there is always those one or two songs that you're not feeling but that does not happen with you Drake. i absolutely looooove that song Fear as well.

dark lars said...

is this for sale in the netherlands aswell?

Brotha Dahhrrkness said...

Coping that right before work.

Nteague1 said...

Awaiting my copy :)

Nicki said...

My birthday present to myself :)

foxxy said...


kaeCmonroe said...

most def copping that!!!

theComplex said...

Hmm... a little late...

I thought the Mixtape should have been released for sale in the 1st place, it's an amazing piece of work. I don't know how smart it is to sell work after it's had months to be downloaded, hyped, and played into the ground. This release leaves me feeling a little unimpressed with tracks like "Little Bit" with Lykke Li missing and the only new track being "Fear". If I purchase, it will be for the mere purpose of supporting an artist I've followed for some time now, and to spit on those who don't realize his genius.

And I agree with the previous comments, "Fear" is epic especially in industry full of bullshit.


Check out this blog.. all about Drizzy Drake

oBigBusiness said...

Yo today is a day to support all Upcoming artists... I just copped 2 So Far Gones and Kid Cudi debut Album ... Good job guys

Jason said...

I thought this was going to be the entire mixtape.... I was so looking forward to copping it and I put all my people on to cop it. But its only a 7 track EP??? What happened? Did I miss something. I need a full Drake album....

Faizan Tariq said...

Just got mine!

CheezyDoDo said...

I mean obivously he couldnt get all the songs from the mixtape on there becuasse of them people other artist songs first and samples couldnt get cleared

Its not about that tho,its about supporting a great artist

this shit deserves carter 3 numbers foreal

go cop that

Drizzey3 said...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


wherever u heard that is a straight lie, everybody knows drake would never say anything like that, specially how close he is to kanye.... stop tryin to entertain urself bitch

DJSnake said...

The art work is fantastic!

DJSnake said...

@ Shaad, Get off Ye's dick. I dont know. But I doubt Drake would say that. Everyone knows kanye is a music genieus and can make magic on wax. Off the mic he is an arrogant little girl, Reminds me of the stuck up bitches from high school. He's an idiot for what he did. He had a point yes. Because Beyonce won video of the year. You ask your self how is that possible if she lost best female video, it doesn't make sense. Because its set up, and Ye never bites his tongue. He later found out how rude and immature he was.. I don't know where i'm going with this but Drizzy is the man. Get ye's balls out of your mouth and support good music. Oh ya and Drake is extremely original and creative.

Nick's Blog of Freshness said...

Got mine! Already broke the spine on the case lol

iNSPiRED4fr33 said...

^ Happy bday Nicki, mine was the 12th virgos baby.. haha anyway picked up my copy today Drizzy!!

Adeen. $ said...

i already copped my shit earlier today! congrats on making top 10 mixtapes of the decade on complex! Drizzy! been a fan since Comeback Season!

Sean said...

I GOT MINEZ!!! im 15 teen and im like tha biggest Drake fan since his 1st Mixtape "Room for Improvement" im plan on buyin EVERY CD HE PUT OUT!!!

Anonymous said...

WAY off topic drake rockin a chain with a blinged out π? like 3.1415...i'm concerned lol

D.Davis said...

Was Late to work scooping my copy, Had to make Best Buy take it out the boxes and put it on shelves.... SUPPORT

Prolyfic said...

Every Now n then a artist comes out worth supporting.

2day I bought Drake's So Far Gone EP

-> <-

evn tho the mxtape was free. U should do the same

Scott said...

To Drake

Hey Drake, i just wanted to tell you that my life's been hard this pass year. ive been through a lot of imaginary heartbreak, family problems, and just dealing and interacting with the people around me.

Your mixtape and ure music in general has helped me and really inspired me.

My names Scott, and i just wanted yo thank you.

Anonymous said...

The Back Is Creative The IM GOING IN really looks like it going in and the FEAR i see it like that because its at the top scared, the UP over the TOWN, and THE CALM looks very comfortable in the pile up, And SUCCESSFUL has the BEST HE EVER HAD right beside him sitting on HOUSTATLANTAVEGAS...

damn lol

Gabriel said...

How come you guys only put 7 songs in the CD? I think the mixtape is a classic and definitely the best to drop this year. Drake is the best new artist to emerge in a while... period.

Sundus said...

I went to THREE FutureShops today and 1 Best Buy and ALL were sold out of So Far Gone..I guess that’s a good sign for Drake & his team. Congratulations on the success!

Nteague1 said...

Great album, I fell asleep with it on..I kept it on repeat, and woke up to Drake in my ear :)

Fire Boosh said...

"So Far Gone"- the original mixtape, is probably THE best mixtape of the year. It's been on repeat on my itunes since february.

keep it up Drizzy, we're reppin you back home....>>


Fire Boosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zach said...

I didn't know you were Arab, Oliver!

Shandreás said...

7 trackz boo?...i need more den dat. doe, i do have to is gud.

Elianny08 said...

i got the album on the first day . keep it coming drakee.

Haboona said...

Gonaa get it for sure;D!

cj said...

So I was listening to fear the other day I came up with an idea for the perfect video. It would start by Drake sitting down on the edge of an empty stage and on the background the screen would be showing various images of him and his entourage, tour pics, basically a whole chronology of his rise in the game. It would be black and white and it would just give a feel for all the things that Drake has gone through/accomplished in his career thus far, basically what the song is about.

I just thought about that the other day...

Stephan said...

This album was great. I actually had the chance to listen to it a few days back and wrote a review on it. Check it out and leave feedback to let me know what you think and feel about it.

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