Man on the Moon Sept 15. Same day as the So Far Gone Ep. Definitely a day to be a part of supporting the next generation of rap.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dope Cover Art


Kevon said...

i plan on getting both

The Heap said...

Very nice.

Anonymous said...

This is the start of something B.I.G.

NiCeYMoST said...

well..shiid..trey songz, cudi, sigel, collection will be stacked this month..

kd said...


VCR said...

hey it's Yasha, can you contact me @


Anonymous said...

cudi is the man! he's the best kind of weirdo :]

FraNcis James said...

Ahh yes! Looking forward to picking up both.

Feels like we owe it to them for putting out good mixtapes

by the way, are there any So far gone acapellas available?

Nykaulys Cruz said...

Im a HUGE fan but I must say seems like all the love and respect you had for Nickelus F was left in a drawer somewhere and you forgot where it is. Where is the love? Ur flying high now, but so did Icarus until he got too close to the sun...and well, we all know what happens next. I'm sure that if Nick was in your place, he would have remembered about you.Wish you all the success and triumph that you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Dope Cover Art indeed. This is truly about to be a nice season for hip hop. I cannot wait for Thank Me Later, though.I'm excited.

Nicki said...

SWEET!! Happy Birthday to me Sept. 15th :D

ajack324 said...

dope fer sure. you need to collab.

Nteague1 said...

Now, the ultimate question..which one to get?

iNSPiRED4fr33 said...

Coppin' both supportin that real hiphop baby. Gonna be a good birthday this year holla.

Trey, BP3, Cudi, Drake.

L said...

Dope cover art. Blueprint 3 and Prote-J's "Good Hip Hop Meets Radio" have pretty dope covers too.

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