GQ shoot in BK.


Money To Blow. Inch deep powdered milk.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

BB Pics


peteypype said...

damn drizzay, you's a beast!
got that belly goin, though:] lol jk.

Jason Battersby said...

ha that second pic is epic! O I bet your wide shot is better then what they print!

Kevon said...


Kevon said...

good luck on the surgery Drake.

EQ said...

Like that last pic from the money 2blow set. Can't wait 4 that one!

"and we gon be alright if we put Drake on every hook"

*Thx for postin Oliver*

The Heap said...

Oh okay...thanks for sharing. Now I know which video to look out for next. :)

shamara.moore said...

Good luck on the surgery 2day! Take it easy. Dionney

tazzysmith said...

great shots o

foxxy said...

gq, m2b, 4ever. dopeness.
hope the surgery is a success.

Ill said...

There is no such thing in paris RETARD

Nico said...

You stay on the grind man!! Good luck in Surgery!!! And have a good recovery!

Mr. Ivee League said...

Wale,Cudi, and Drake, all we needed was J. Cole. It would have been a great pic.

-Mr. Ivee League

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the videoss=D

CheezyDoDo said...

Drake's cool, but damn my nigga need to match

Kid Cudi and Wale look hella fresh but Drake uhhhhh, step up ya matching Young Man

Anonymous said...

Glad those three will be there together. Prote-J will be there one day. Went to dude's mixtape listening party and he's the future of not only hip hop, but urban music. They played beats he's made and song's he's written in addition to his own music. Kid is crazy talented.

cblake20 said...

dope pics drizzy. and wat kinda bootz r those?? .... sumbody let me kno!!

dreamteam89 said...

I think they are Nom de Guerre.

drjaynizzle said...

wale drizzy and cudi! yuuup!

MaLLY said...



FraNcis James said...

The kid stays busy!!

Hope everything went well with the surgery

Feel It In Your Sole said...

Drizzy, Cudi, and Wale!!!!!!!!!!!

Gera said...

Omg Drake was in Brooklyn!! I wish I would have ran into him..... :( so sad.. so close but so far..

Kevon said...

heard the surgery is done..god luck on recovery.

Nteague1 said...

Your already shooting a video?

Cookie chrisp said...

money to blow....remix with weezy and birdman???

Anonymous said...

lol Drizzy u gotta seeee this hahhaha

They made a spoof of the "best I Ever Had" lol

Nteague1 said...

You look!

spareld said...

sweet!!!, but either that outfit added 20 pounds or Drake your getting fat

Kenneth Craig Joyner III said...

Drake man i just listened to a version of Forever with Eminem...GET HIM ON MORE TRACKS. Contact Andre 3000 too man. Do it big

Nnam said...

Heres a remix I did of forever, love to know what y'all think

Anonymous said...


ptown beauty said...



CHECK OUT MY BLOG (All about Drizzy Drake)

Anonymous said...

i guess its all about tha boots nowadays, a trend i predicted b4 all tha fckn hi-top craze..i was tha firs one up on all dis shit nigga, wut u know bout bringn dem hi-tek's back nigga...nuffin ,i just aint a actor on tv, i aint a pretty boy on a wack ass canadian dawsons creek so my swagg aint already off dat shitt cuzz..its real goon shit outchea baby boy, get ya mango chopped nigga 4 real cuzz--BAY AREA USO MOBB CRIPP GANG WEST COAST PIMP DISCIPLES.......jk drizzy do ya thang killa

retigitom said...

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Tiffany said...

Damn i dont care how you look or sound i loved you since you firsted started degrassi when you were 14..
You a beast nikka!!

Gigi said...

I wish I would have seen you in BK!

Keep doing ur thing love! <3

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