Monday, September 21, 2009

1da Profile


Chad said...

Haha I like how the whole video is laced with drake beats. Dude seems cool but i didnt hear anything hes done. I need to hit canada one day though.

EQ said...

YES. What a great year, now I have 2 new favorite producers. 40 and Boi 1da!

hustleGRL said...

Big up 1da.

Omar said...

my god...I think/feel the EXACT same way...I have the same story too (got into beats a few years ago in grade 9...writing rhymes...just wanting to make good music)!!!!!!! :S : O

odd coincidence?! or maybe great mind thinks alike...I have no clue...

The Heap said...

The beat he made for the track "Uptown" is mind blowing. It's so sexy when the base line comes in. The lyrics are cool but I have always been in love with that beat. If dude keeps making tracks like that...he'll definitely go far.

Rush McGrady said...

He seems Humble enough to take a listen to Good Music.

Now How does a Good Artist get Him their Good Music?


NiCeYMoST said...

How can you get in contact with boi-1da?? His e-mail doesn't work. =/

ptown beauty said...

Boi 1da is the SHIIIIIT!!!

Fire Boosh said...

good work dude. keep it up :)

check out my hip hop blog...


Anonymous said...


Dru said...

drake, 1da and Luu breeze that would be crazy

Nick's Blog of Freshness said...

I can't even express my feelings for 1da -No Homo!

What up Ajaxx!

retigitom said...

Whats up, i hope all is well if u have the time i would love for u to check out my music i would really appreciate your opinion, leave a comment. Were from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and were coming with a new style and unique flow from most of these other rappers check out our songsS!!


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