I've mentioned Matt Barnes before. He is a long time collaborator and has photographed the majority of the Drake images you have seen. He has now made the natural transition into directing. Vaude-A-Villains is his first short film which he wrote and directed. You can watch it here.

Monday, August 3, 2009



OOO said...

Great project, the transition is may be a great one. ...Where else can I find his work?

- TR!X

J.D.S. said...

There was no Who? What? Where? or Why? for that reason I found the film quite boring. I suppose it was experimental but that alone is not enough to tell a story.

sweet*17 said...

whoa, that's cool.

Ashia said...

Mmmmmm its kinda twisted. . i liked it though. humorous. good shit

The Heap said...

The director done a good job...the screenwriter...well, he should've asked for help. I liked the look and feel but I felt the story was lacking a lot. It's hard to get a full story told in six minutes. So I'll cut some slack.

Carlton Mackey said...

"leave your scratch here!" excellent cuts and transitions. magnificent color and use of light. awesome make up and dang good staging.

...but i'm looking at it from a photographer's perspective with aspirations of a film maker...well sort of.

check out my projects.

thanks for this post...shows some versatility

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