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Monday, August 24, 2009

Successful Jay Rock Remix


J.D.S. said...

what is this?
a few good lines, reminds me of nicholas f

V said...

Good remix Jay Rock made a lot of good songs on his 30 Records In 30 Days: The Takover.

ptown beauty said...

ummm idk its aight...

Leo said...

Thanks For this REMIX!!!!!

theres a uk remix on here!!!



This is a fan of Hip Hop in general as well as Uk music and im bringing to you a great tip off for your ipod/car/iphone

Its a Uk Trio ''Marvell'' who individually are :

Double S



They all bring something new to the table when it comes to the uk grime/rap/ scene.This mix tape is FREE . I REPEAT FREE to download and it
Features an Official Uk Remix Of Drakes - Successful feat Trey Songz also a Jermih - Birthday Sex Remix which is well, see for yourself.

This is a top quailty mixtape from top young uk artists, please do take a listen and if you like it,

( you have good taste. ;) )

link onto whoever you think would wanna hear real talk from 3 top london artist who deliver trust me, endless lyrical content,with organic flow!.

Please take a minute
Check it out.

Drake met these guys so hopefully he will see this and re post it on his blog posts cause it deserves it.

what can i say about Drake tho.Nothing Bad at all.Keep it up,to say your refreshing is an understatement. Your a lyrical genius and i gotta buy your Ep when it comes out for sure.

Heres the links

to Marvell Mixtape


My Blog

Its the
Top Post
Please Reply
Dont just Hate
And Give an honest opinion

Uks Improving trust me.!

And Give an honest opinion

Uks improving at fast pace trust me.!

Its taken 30 years of hip hop to get the uk at where it is and we are used to being behind the U.S on everything,where do i start Movie Releases, New Era Caps,Ed Hardy,Timberland...yea right so please do take note that we now have high quailty rappers and people who love music as well.its taking 30 years but yea watch it theres 1000's kids on the streets of london and there is no reason why one of them one day can be played on hot 97 next to the likes of drake one day...

Thanks to whoever reads this and downloads the tape.

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