Cudi happens to be wearing a Ransom jacket from the fall 09 collection. He also speaks on Drake in his interview.
People love to point out similarities between you and Drake—do you view him as competition?
Kid Cudi: I think it’s just that Drake and me are the most creative out of the new up-and-coming MCs. Me and Drake are here not because of anything other than two niggas that have their own flavor. I’m doing my shit, nobody else can do my shit. Nobody else can do Wale’s shit or Charles Hamilton’s shit. It’s like a bunch of Kool-Aid stands. It just matters whose flavor you like the most.
It seems like a lay-up for you and Drake to work together.
Kid Cudi: We’ll come together eventually, but I’m not trying to force this because there’s hype around us both. I want to work with Drake, yeah, but right now I don’t want to work with anyone who’s in the same creative realm as me. I’m still creating my own shit.
Has he reached out to work with you?
Kid Cudi: Drake had been wanting to do an official “Day ’N’ Nite” remix early on. He was one of my earliest supporters; that’s why I fuck with Drake on another level than just being a new artist. His homeboy Oliver used to hit me up when I’d go to Toronto, like, “Yo, you gotta fuck with Drake.” Imagine if I would’ve let Drake remix “Day ’N’ Nite” when he wanted to back in ’07. That shit would’ve fizzled out; no one would’ve cared. Luckily we let it live and it worked out. We’re changing things on accident. That’s how I know this is my destiny.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cudi Complex Cover


LE@K said...

hey drizzy i know u aint wit niggas dick ridin u and shit but im 15 and im a rapper/singer and i need just one chance to become big if u feel my pain and u wanna give me a chance hit me up at 301 331 6570

sweet*17 said...

I love Kid Cudi, Wale and of course Drake.

Kola said...

Cool. I don't really see Cudi and Drake in the same lane. The only similarities to me are that they're each new to the broad public and each have top 10 songs. I wouldn't mind seeing what music Drake and Cudi come up with together.


Amber B said...

I really don't see any similarities btwn Cudi and Drake.
Drake is on a whole different level than Cudi. Don't get me wrong Cudi is hott too,but Drake spits way more fire than Cudi. Ain't nobody touching Drake right now.

peace && love
-Amber B

ptown beauty said...

I'm into Kid Cudi songs and i don't know he seems like a cool dude, I like him but I love you Drake.

I'm not quite so sure I see any similarities when it comes to the music though...

remedy said...

I wanna know who's been pointing out similarities between drizzy and Cudi cause i don't seem 'em, lol.

mighty mar said...

Its clear that drake has better bars but I personally get more enjoyment outta cudi's music...good music's roster is like the bulls in the mid 90's

Anonymous said...

yo he is so deep...and makes a lot of sense

Unknown said...

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