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Monday, July 27, 2009

Best I Ever Had Director's Cut


Anonymous said...
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Luckz said...


nada said...
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Anonymous said...

i <3 this video

KatrinaME said...

I get that it's a spoof and it's pretty funny. The first time I saw it, I didn't dig it. I dunno that I dig it yet, but it's definitely funnier the second time. And I'd laugh if I saw it again.

I doubt it'll get hated on even though it's probably not quite what people anticipate when we hear the song.

Anonymous said...

wait.. what's the diff between the directors cut and the original?..
i think it's a decent video with tons of eye candy, which makes it great it my books. the song is off the fucking hook though.

yo olivier! check out gunsmokemafia.com. it's a t.o / hiphop / randomness blog. there's quite a few posts about drizzy and the whole scene. check it out if you have some time man...

Kola said...

I was actually in class today a classmate of mine says she has a new favorite songs from some new guy that has this song about the greatest ever something like that, I said "Drake"? When she describes the video she sounds so unhappy with it.
Just becareful with your video choices, she could be a fan but the video kind of turned her off. I'm just saying.
Drake, just keep doing you. Peace!


The Twinsmatic said...


JL said...

The video is great but it don't fit in with the song.. BUT it's not that bad as everybody says it is, it's funny and ok. I think drake is the Most best rapper of our time since tupac and biggie and what I mean is that his talented but in a special way. Okey there are good rappers like jay-z kanye and kid kudi but Drake top them all..

madd blogger said...

the only difference is that they add some more scenes to it...I think drake should find a different director and redo the whole video...

lmao check out star and buck wild open letter to Drake comment on drakes video:

zakdamac said...
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zakdamac said...
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J.Francis said...


KinahS. said...

still wack

J.D.S. said...

I prefer the original version.

J.D.S. said...

kanye should have made the video consist of miscellaneous video clips of himself. Then, essentially, the video would have been a very personal message to himself. I think that would have come off. For instance his domino match with Jonah Hill could have been the perfect starting point for the video.

sweet*17 said...

I love Drake anyway. Forget this vid.

Anonymous said...

it's cool idont see much of a difference tho!! ayy Drake kilt on digital dripped yeah this dude aims me all the time his love is So wifi real tlk not on a groupyyy moment eitherrrrr

TCP said...

yeh the video is a bunch of crap, u shouldve taken kanye's offer to redo it n stop with this people make mistakes talk. yall need to be on some perfectionist ish like dr. dre

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Anonymous said...

I actually thought it was really sad whenever I first saw it. I mean sad in the sense that your "best" team lost hahahaha I thought it was a cute video. But now when I watch its funny! & anything with you in is perfect c:

Karen said...

Soda...you're an idiot.

You tell Drake to be careful about his choices, and then you tell him to keep doing him.

What the hell?

Personally, I didn't really like the video. Some parts were funny (like the girl saying that Drake had only taught them how to stretch lol), but for the most part, I was underwhelmed.

However, I admire Drake so much for doing a video the way he wanted it no matter what anybody else expected. A lot of people say "he's feelin himself...He's a new artist, and now is not the time for experimentation." When the fuck is? I understand the argument, but that just makes Drake a stronger and more impressive artist, in my opinion.

Thank you, Drake!

Hunny_Tast-E said...

I know people been sh*tin all over this video..but I dig the "idea"..girls reppin his "team" the clever "take that D" and the doing a lot in 2 minutes remark lmao...anyone who's listened to the mixtapes knows Drake aint a cut-dry artists..he's wordplay..this video wasn't gonna be cut and dry either..its wordplay..in the end he ends up tellin all the girls they the best lol I appreciated the concept he was shootin for...what did yall expect? this dude to be beastin chicks in the vid like most other artists do when they mention sex?

Ashia said...

" but slip up and shoot the wrong fucking video and they think that they can market you however they decide too" - say whats real

mayb im analyzing too much but basically i think this vid was done on purpose sorta like a rebel with no cause type thing. i dig it tho. i respect the comedic wordplay, the double meanings. lol. hey idc what anybody else says this video was just fine to me. far left field, maybe even a bit random but thats the way i like it.

keep doing you, they just can't grapse the concept of change. i love it thanx drake

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