Saturday, June 13, 2009

Virtual Tour of Banky's Bristol Museum Show


Roiuhltee said...

AMAZING! but that tweety at the end... scared me a little... lol;

him too said...


you are a g.

I'm sincerely booking my flight for august now.

SO sick. been a fan for years but had no idea he was doing a show. thanks for putting me on.


Braydon***YKK said...

haha Bansky...still doin his thing.

"like Batman, but better"
love that!

one of the most influential artists our time.

good shit Oliver!

viagra online said...

I figure out it should be amazing and also so funny, in fact I've never seen something like that, I gotta go to that Museum.

safe meds said...

This is a good show actually I had never seen something like this before, I want that most people being really creative to do something similar, very good job!!

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