Here's the full version of Drake's Think Good Thoughts from Comeback Season featuring Phonte and Elzhi, produced by 9th Wonder. 2007 Drake flow.

Download here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Think Good Thoughts


Justin said...

1st bitches.......... so did you ever pay 9th for da beat lol

Mundeazy said...

been waitin for this joint forever...hope the album has more tracks like this

foxxy said...

better late than never...

thabigbadwong said...

i wonder if this is gonna appear on your future album..

Anni StaccatO! said...

Wow. Have I literally been waiting 2 years for the full version of this song?! FINALLY!

EQ said...

One of the realest tracks I ever heard.
Shout out to 9th for another hott a$$ track!

Also nice to see OVO paying attention to the fans and finally releasing the rest of the song.

Anonymous said...

you finally paid 9th!!!!!!!!
when i first heard this song and heard it cut off i had a fit.
by far one of the best drake singles.
don't sleep on comeback season people!

JayP said...

wow... save the best verse for last... elzhi killed that shit... matter of fact all of them killed it...

Del "D-Y-D" said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Del "D-Y-D" said...

feels so mad to hear this song after 2 years, and it doesn't stop halfway through.

Adonis said...

Nice track!!! I like it alot. In any case, Drake sold 152k this week with BIEH and 90k with Every Girl.

BIEH will be #3 on the HOT 100 most likely and Every Girl will hit between #10-#12 on the HOT 100.

mikeybombers said...

About time.

SoPastElle said...

OVO been getting on his A-game with these posts.

Now all you need to do it tell Drizzy to drop a few himself and watch the comments skyrocket.

Overall: 2 years worth of waiting is ily when it's good material.


Anonymous said...

ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!...and jus to think...i wuz jus listenin to this earlier today? ups to drake on tha joint tho..*FRESH*...~

G. Cornelius said...


Booger Snots said...

I'm liking the old-school beat.

Chivas said...

this is my favorite track bro...glad to finally cop the entire version. hope they paid 9th for the beat.

Anonymous said...

well since you finished this joint, can you drop the full version of "Money 2 Blow"? that joint is offficial my friend.

MaLLY said...


Anonymous said...

damn i was just listening to this today wondering if u ever did pay 9th for the beat thank god

FraNcis James said...

One song from another great mixtape. One that im sure Drake's proud of..

their Vogue said...

Ive waiting on this!
So long over due...

lasco_benny said...

The funny thing is I sampled the same exact sample which is well-known Anita Baker. But the question is would have you flowed over my record?

xoJanayxo said...

omg!i remember when i heard this back in 07!i used to hate the fact that it wasnt the whole song!Good Lookin! ;-)

tazzysmith said...

loved this track ever since it dropped. this is gold.

Candace said...

FINALLY!!! THANKS HUN! Im very happy to not hear it cut off!!

Arthur said...

Its about time! if only these new bandwagoners knew drake was killin it long long ago.

hip hops saviour.

Parodi said...

Phonte >

Asante109 said...

aye the link for the full song stopped working! i wanna hear the third verse lol

Chazz said...

im with Arthur all these band wagoners they dont even know nothing about the room for improvement they probably dont even know anything about comeback season drake hope you understand how the true fans feel

Mr. UnTouchable said...

like everybody else ive been waiting 2 years for this elzhi murderd it. the dopeness scale has officially been broken

Anonymous said...

hey can someone send the song to my email the download option isnt available anymore

Sexy Runner said...

I freakin' love this song.

young spita said...

imma get that hair cut

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