Jeezy brought out Drake and Hov at Summer Jam. I never heard a crowd as loud as they were for Jay. And then straight to 4040 to catch the end of the game.

Monday, June 8, 2009



Luckz said...

wouldve been dope to be there

Anonymous said...

yooo man you suprisedddd meeeeee.! Never thought i would see Drizzy runnin out there lol We lovin you in NY man forreal. i was talking to my friend like "yo they would be crazy not to have him here" lol All three def did they're thing!

KeEp_IT_100 said...

Hope this was a preview of whats to happen this summer =D

reBorn. said...

aiighhtt so i didnt no whea else to send a comment to, so i chose this one. hopefully it gets read Lolz. First & foremost.... im from Boston and we been supportin' drizzy for a good minute now.. and personally i am a huge fan. the first i heard he was comin' to perform out hea i bought tix that very day. come to find out the concert got cancelled (may 29th) ... and they told us the day b4. till this day, nun of us know the reasons why, nor if it will be rescheduled. im sure anywhere drake goes he will have a good show, but im tellin' u the people in beantown are dying to see this dude live. he came close by to providence and that whole place was boston people. so hopefully thru this blog i can kno what the deal was and if hes comin back.... but on another not... i love u drake, keep suprising the gamee

Carlynn said...

they said you looked like you belonged in a GAP ad .. lol

Stevi3 said...


Just a quick question I've been seeing flyers for this club in Toronto Lot 332 not sure if your familiar with it but it says Drake will be there...I've heard b/s like this before and i dont want to get my hopes up and find out it was a lie..mind telling me if its true or false?

Adonis said...

Great show from what I heard. I wish I could've been there.

Is there any chance we will find out when you are going to release your singles to Itunes? I'd prefer to support the artist and not just have bootleg copies of mix tape songs.

soda said...

Nice work dude. Keep it up.

Here is a quiet clip of the surprise.

foxxy said...


FraNcis James said...

that's whats real !

Heard Hov was talking about Drizzy today too

anyone catch that?

Nico said...

I knew it was coming but I dont think I was ready for the sheer hysteria that erupted... I mean goosebumps.

And some say hip hop is dead...

But to cap it all off Jay's interview with Ang today was the icing on the cake. Him giving props to Drake and his stamp of approval pretty much solidified his future in this game.

Drizzy needs to take a que from Jay and go indie. There are def others ways of reaching the consumers than through a label right now.

DonMikeG said...

dude i was sittin in tha vip sky box prayin 4 them 2 bring drizzy out...i aint think jeezy was gunna b da one 2 do it then i c this dope yellow nigga run out mannnn i jumped out my chair so fast (only jamaican nigga in there goin bap bap bap!) then hov came out smmfh niggaz ded tried 2 giv me a heart attack yesterday my geeee...(Drizzy u da muufuckin don!)(trey songz voice) lmaooooo

Glen Coco said...

son...this is out of control:

Anonymous said...

wtf u need to come to the bronxx

Shanita said...

i was there that shit was LIVE!! I jumped out my seat & lost my mind for Drake and almost broke my damn neck 4 Jay..voice still gettn better!! LUVD IT!

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