The new Melodyne might be the greatest technological advance in music in the last ten years.
It is gonna change a lot of things that we have accepted as "impossible". Its supposed to be out by the end of the year.

See the mind blowing video here

...Its kind of boring if your not an engineer or producer, ill just throw that out there.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Pay Homage: Melodyne Mastermind Peter Neubäcker


Paine said...
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foxxy said...

legit. diggin' in my pockets to pay homage.

Zedwards said...

wow... thats the fucking future right there

Josh B. said...

kanye had this on his blog like last year... step yo game up sirs.

soda said...

This is pretty nice. I'd like to use thatin my music one day. This is why people should never give up on science. Without science and getting other forms of education we would't have programs like melodyne and or "black berry with da side scroll sell it to any...." which helps us do more creative fun stuff.

Borough Baby said...

That's kinda nutso

Pmac said...

Yeah 40 I feel you. That's crazy how you can split chords recorded at the same time! On the celemony site it says that it'll be out by the end of summer. Can't wait to get it.

DT MUSIC said...

It's kinda like a big deal
producers know this technology is ILL

Syl DuBenion said...

I forgot all about this... I saw a video for it last year and was blown away... Shit is getting crazy, for real.

Gifty Singh said...

40 man.. i know you're going to kill this..

Luckz said...

I didnt think that would ever be possible...

FraNcis James said...

Melodyne's been dope! And the possibilities are endless.

apparently Melodyne was used on nelly furtado's promiscuous girl track.

Im thinking it was used in the second chorus where you hear what sounds like her doing an overdub, when really she just did the one recording and then had the notes altered to provide that harmony .. SICK! if you ask me ..

Im still gonna wait on the reviews before I cop this

K'lajh ( said...

im blown i cant watch this at work. I will def be back to peep this when I get to the studio

K'lajh ( said...

im blown i cant watch this at work. I will def be back to peep this when I get to the studio

Flak0 said...


Spinz said...

hes a g

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