The Remix Project is a youth program which facilitates the growth of Toronto’s new generation. Kids who qualify for the program pick a stream to focus on whether it be music, design, business, promotions, engineering etc…they make a goal to achieve and with the help and guidance of industry mentors as well as The Remix Project staff they work towards achieving those goals.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Gavin Sheppard Talks Remix on OTA Live


hustleGRL said...

Epic. The Remix Project does wonders.

soda said...

Me likes this. My friend has a similar program he initiated some time ago. It's good to get kids invested in something early and give them some guidance.

Colin Landforce said...

I love that incredible shit like this is gaining popularity with the masses and people think its cool and that dudes like Oliver are posting it and putting it out there.

Stay positive!

Rere said...

Come on wit it. We need MOOOORE!!!!

Gifty Singh said...

Global Gav, I see you.

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