Monday, June 29, 2009

Drake on BET Awards Post Show


foxxy said...

Respect and humility were oozing out of everybody on that couch that actually deserves a BET show *hint hint*
These superstars and legends of hip hop and entertainment are sitting there, quoting lines from their favorite songs off of his mixtape. A MIXTAPE. That in and of itself is INSANITY…
Tigga had that wheelchair bit ready haha and Jamie’s his biggest fan, apparently… Poor Latifah, she had some ish to say! And ain’t even get the chance… lol why BET??
But uh... Drake NEVER stumbles over his words, so that makes me go hmm… about that deal, Drizzy? lol

SoPastElle said...

Houston deserves a video...

November 18th should be shot in Houston in memory of DJ SCREW directed by Mr. Boomtown.


... so wassup on it Oliver?.. talk to drizzy.

Cookie chrisp said...

jamie foxx is so funny ^^ he said drizzy is the rookie of the year...of course!!!

Anonymous said...

I love everything Aubrey has to offer so far I'm flabberghasted by his lyrical abilities and loving his

soda said...

I forgot about your hamstring (I wondered why you sat through the entire thing). I'm shocked you're not fat by now, with all the humble pie you've been packing away. Well I guess the weight shows in the music, making the music Phat. Lol. Peace.


FraNcis James said...

Wow! So surreal! Big Tigg and Queen Latifah, Hov.. (etc.) biggin him up?! that shit gives me goosebumps right there (pause)!!!

Good work Drake !

O u t s t a n d i n g said...

i love you !

Mrelwood said...


I'm looking forward to hearing what you come up with now. Get yours homie.

Booger Snots said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Booger Snots said...

I would like to address this so-called controversy about the under-age girls. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some critics can be. The song Every Girl is tongue and cheek. Have people lost their sense of irony to knee jerk reactionism. Drake clearly understands that the song is not meant to be taken literally, so why is it that so many bloggers feel that the lyrics describe lil waynes genuine desire to **** every girl in the world--as if that were actually possible. The same people who claim that the performance ruined the tribute to Michael Jackson were probably writing him off as a pedophile a few years ago. Not to mention those that express their interest in seeing Chris Brown perform instead of the chosen performers. Did they ever stop to think about the actual crime he committed. I dont think so. Drake in no way is condoning something as imbecillic as underage sex, as evidenced by the fact that he did his set sitting on a stool. Injury aside, he was not jumping around up their chanting along with Wayne. And believe it or not, the world actually has bigger problems right now than the song Every Girl. Read a newspaper. And if critics who reperesent the populace dont like the song than why is it in the top five on Billboard. Its tongue and cheek people. Get a sense of humour or start questioning yourself about your own hangups. This culture is what you make it.

Anonymous said...

wayyy off topic but i LOVE the Scrabble promotion lmao. i used to be embarrassed about getting my Scrabble tournament on with the family. big thumbs up to his mother!

Anonymous said...

aint that the nigga from that one show degrassi or w/e looks jus like him, i think it is
holy shit hahaha

AP said...

SICK! How phenomenal the recognition you have off mixtapes, seriously. And your humility is definitely a defining feature for you. It's refreshing to see that. Stay grounded, and come back to the A!

Nicollette said...

Dope Dope Dope. Jamie is on Drakes Nuts .. no homo... He is in love (like erbody else) wit the Mixtape. Queen Loves it cause he respects women to a degree. I mean Drake can go anywhere and be loved by all. That real. Wait till that Album Drop. Shits about to go down!
We know you signed with someone.. who??? Hurry and drop that Video too mane!

Nelle said...

i was smiling throughout this whole sooo happy and proud of drake! i feel like i grew up wit u drake like i seen u go from the awkward stages of puberty to now a grown handsome talented intelligent young man! i been telling people 4 ova a yr dat man drake is dat nigga...he gon b da greatest and now look at you...people dats been in the music industry loving u and feelin the music! ahhhhhh im soooo excited for whats 2 come!

$uccessfu! said...

I was so sad to see you (Drizzy)hurt at the BET Awards :-( I was sitting in the first balcony on the same side (I got pics of the back of your head) LOL. I figured since you tore ur ACL you didnt go to any parties :-(, I would have made you feel better tho by cooking you an excellent meal with love at your hotel or condo where ever you were in LA. Get well soon :-) Oh and your performance was still on point even tho you were immobile :-)

Dayne Dash said...

I'm a real person, with a real artist, and I am out in the streets bumpin my artist's new street anthem Yung Cal- "Rich nigga Shit"

follow my team on twitter, add us on facebook- I don't hide behind any screenname or computer famington-
HeartShok Ent.

TR said...

why does t.i.'s wife look like baby pitbull lol

sweet*17 said...

Why is Drake so hott? lol

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