Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Drake Interview with Dj Semtex Pt1


Anonymous said...

Cant wait for the album, make sure you put the boy trey songz on there tho bruh... you got kinda choked up on that riri question tho lol... I knew it had to be some fine girls there bcuz you keep lookin around lol... keep bangin out that new music tho and stay humble.

soda said...

Great view to inter. I believe the music you make is gonna be good, just make sure it's yours, if you get what I'm saying.
I wish I could see these girls you were looking at.


Natalie said...

So glad that you are in London, enjoy yourself.. Go on the London Eye [It's an experience]

Question: Are you doing any shows here and are you going to be at Wayne's show in July

As for the girls it is summer!

Del "D-Y-D" said...

Tell me your doing a show in my hometown.

Make it last minute and I can promise about 600 girls on my facebook will be on there way, before you even announce where it is.

deanW said...

DJ Semtex conducted a great interview. :) my favorite part of the interview is the part where we talks about the ladies in the park. congratulations to drake on all of his success and achievements. im proud of him and his whole team. i want to thank them all for the work they have each contributed.

AK said...

Wow he kept that on the low... Great interview by Semtex as always, full version aires this Friday 10pm [GMT] on BBC Radio 1xtra.

Is Drake still in London? If so, how long for?

Anonymous said...

i hope he stays independent. after 'thank me later', its gunna be chaos! lol

iLLaNOise said...

dope interview and i'm glad the idie vs label question was addressed.
in drizzy's situation (of course outside lookin in) i'd stay indie, simply because So Far Gone has over 300k downloads (so i've heard), and i'm almost certain he'll do those numbers and more off an iTunes push alone that only asks for 30% off top.

300k*$7 (9.99 ticket price) per album sale!? Do the math, and the tour money that has been coming in, accompanied with licensing that's sure to come with popularity without answering to no one or compromising the creative process!?
Yeah label provides distribution, but in the era of itunes and all the other mp3 serves who needs to spend the money for pressing cd's?
Just my thoughts - and of course all this is in theory...

Chicago's iLLaNOise

Feel It In Your Sole said...


Found an imposter...shameless

Boi Jeanius said...
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Boi Jeanius said...

Agreed wit iLLaNOise
Go indy and Show these blue collars its not about who pays you to play they're shit but about who is paying to play the shit they want to hear.

Im sick of Label reps and Radio Station PD's Tryna tell you whats hot and whats not.

"The game need change and DRAKE's the MuthaFuckin Cashier"!

foxxy said...

drizzy loves the ladies, lol.
and indie ain't a bad idea...

Sean Yates said...

yo, you're doing your thing, very respectable man, and you're canadian so it makes it even better, keep it up the good work.

check my siteout www.askwhyguys.blogspot.com

Colin Landforce said...

You don't need a label drizzy!! Seriously, keep it indy, keep your paper to yourself, and keep making amazing music.

Megan said...

Drake u are O.D live..lol(thats that harlem slang)I listen to YOur music and I feel like u saved hip hop for our generation. Because all we have in age group is soulja boy and Bow Wow(anD iF i Missed a rapper that means that not even good enough to be considered) So THANK YOU for giving us more than ringtone rap and these Here Now gone Later Party Tracks. Thanks Drizzy... I jus wanna b..I juss wanna B successful

Golden Joe said...

yo drake what up man. this is joe from jackson ms. this is my first time commenting on october's very own. letting you know man your buzz here in mississippi is huge. im big a big fan keep up the good work........forget the critics. and man can you put a brother own with cassie steele.lol

egoins23 said...

Love that ur expanding ur fanbase in other counries. Hate the whole Rihanna talk. Hope and pray you two don't become a couple in real life. If you're looking for an personal assisant, gontact the email address i am leaving you eng0519@ecu.edu.
ps: luv the hoodie u were wearing fit you like a glove :) and i am not a fan just need ur music to inspire change in my life :)

ScriptSmalls said...
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Tami said...

Great interview and a perfect setting! Drake is hilarious w/his little undercuts there :) lol loved it! Get 'em baby!

edwin, baebee! said...

its not just an internet buzz.. trust me .

Lorenze said...

AG, speaking of writing I had to post this thread from a website I frequent. Some of the things people come up with are hilarious...



Mmm Hot Waffles said...

history in the making- most definitely.

Mudasser said...

semtex goes hard.

did he just chase drake down in a park? they're walking!

Anonymous said...

Ngl, Ri & Drake would be mad cute! And I'd be mad jealous of :p

But I'm anticipating the album Drake! "With or without a label man I'm committed to poppin'" <3

Qu33n Kam... said...

I love Drake cuz he is so intelligent && thats sexy as hell... IDC if its with a label or not ima get the album!! && He is smashin the shit outta Rihanna he can't even keep a straight face, im unsure if they fit but hey idk Rihanna to make that call

Good Luck 2 you Drake for all ur success!!

Anonymous said...

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