Here is an excerpt.

"In just the past two weeks:

June 6: Drake's managers say they plan to sue Canadian Money Entertainment for selling an unauthorized album, The Girls Love Drake, which features selections from So Far Gone.

June 7: His unscheduled cameo at Hot 97 FM's annual summer concert at Giants Stadium is thunderously received. It's considered an anointing by the Big Apple's hip-hop cognoscenti.

June 10: At the Black Eyed Peas' CD release party in NYC, Drake is photographed with singer Rihanna, fuelling rumours that they're an item. He has said they are friends, collaborating on her next album.

June 14: Kanye West directs the video for Drake's "Best I Ever Had." Jay-Z and Common are spotted on the New York set.

June 15: It's announced that Drake is going back on tour with Lil Wayne (the pair hit the Molson Amphitheatre Aug. 4), and will appear on the lead single for Jay-Z's forthcoming album. The same day, he performs on The Tonight Show alongside Jamie Foxx.

June 16: Complex magazine nominates So Far Gone the third best album so far of 2009.

June 18: Drake is named as an MMVA presenter."

Read the article here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chasing Drake: Toronto Star Article


Jason B said...

The man works hard, and the man deserves it all. Keep the hits comin brother.

Syl DuBenion said...

Jeez, when does he sleep?

Anonymous said...

drake u deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!

check out my blog

Anonymous said...

that's what's up.

verification word for this comment: holorr

... seriouslu? holorr? thats hilarious

Anonymous said...

What is mmva?
And more importantly is Thank Me Later going to drop this year at all? Seems like all the Drake success (well-deserved) is slowing down the album.

hoodieandscarf said...


MMVA is the Much Music Video Awards held tonight at Toronto, Canada. It's one of the biggest awards shows in Canada, except instead of a theater, its a giant block party with a million fans, outside the MuchMusic headquarters, across Queen Street.

Kiana F. said...

fuckin' right.

SoPastElle said...

impressive, but there was wayyyy more headlines than that, he deserves it all...


Illy Kay said...

SeeNoLow said...

Good to see people finally catching on to his talent

YUNGCHE said...

Definitely deserved...

Khalid said...

Man we needed this...

Unknown said...

You up there definitely but dont let the money go to your head like most of these rappers n they fall off.. You someone one i look up to as a artist. Dont let the fame get to you!!

Adonis said...

Keep working hard Drake it'll all pay off. I am predicting sales of 100k-125k for BIEH which should be good enough for a #4 showing on the HOT 100.

Anonymous said...

he deserves it but this is too much for any person within the short amount time

lots of room to mess up

Jai. said...

Damn Graham Cracker! Slow down. lol

Mr Drastick aka Tha Trak Bully said...

he was ok on it.

Anonymous said...

it must be scary to be in his position. hopefully he stays level-headed. oh, i had to share this:

*ode to so far gone...
Wednesday, May 20, 2009 at 10:36pm | Edit Note | Delete
Uploaded via Facebook Mobile

every time I listen to so far gone it reminds me of a certain someone...I had to write this lol [to relieve some emotion]. hope you enjoy!

"My ex sends late night texts cuz she don't know how to let go go go"

But boo I was the best you ever had
It still didn't keep you from round other hoes hoes hoes
Yeah, I was in love
And as for them fake shallow groupie type chicks on your d*ck
Hell yeah you can f*ck
But remember to ask yourself why...
They're around...
And never sober
When they look at you...
See dollar signs, houses of all kinds, and a Rover...

She wants the money, money and the cars, cars and the clothes, that's how it goes...with hoes...
She just wants to be, she just wants to be successful
She'll stay on her knees, anything to please and bless you
"Accidentally" have your seed
Cuz you're gonna be successful

Better sooner than later
Hopefully you wake up and see the doom that awaits ya
You let go of a good thing
To chase a paperchaser
Move on
Before Mrs. Right's gone
Cuz you don't need no one else ;)

Unknown said...

You go boy!! I know you can make the whole world love you just like I have since 2001!!!

Unknown said...

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