Monday, June 29, 2009

"This Might Need a Verse From Jeezy, I Might Send This To Drake and Weezy"


MurguiaTheGreat said...

"I might send this to Drake and Weezy.."

that's fuckin' legit!!!

Can't wait for 8/13

foxxy said...

my man... lol it's about to take off. go drizzy go.

Mrelwood said...

I agree 100%. I had no idea when Drake was performing. I had my fingers crossed that he'd perform with Jay. I feel like it woulda been like passing the torch to a younger version of himself. Jay and Drizzy - The Greatest and The Soon To Be... Damn that would make a hot title track

Amena Lee said...

mazel tov, my good man....mazel tov

meganmuse said...

That was one of the few performances worth watching. Funny that i didnt even catch that line.

Off topic but it made me frown seeing those little girls on stage dancing around to 'Every Girl" while words were being bleeped out left and right. I guess that's why I can never be a Weezy stan but I wish drake the best of luck...

Cookie chrisp said...

lalalala hehehey goodbye (8)

Joesanerd said...

Congrats on the deal Drizzzzy

Pek Jin Shen said...

It was "I might send this to the Mixtape Weezy" lol.

Syl DuBenion said...

I spazzed out when I heard him say that. I was half expecting Drake to come out on stage, but Jay definitely had one of the best performances of the night.

Booger Snots said...

I would like to address this so-called controversy about the under-age girls. It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some critics can be. The song Every Girl is tongue and cheek. Have people lost their sense of irony to knee jerk reactionism. Drake clearly understands that the song is not meant to be taken literally, so why is it that so many bloggers feel that the lyrics describe lil waynes genuine desire to **** every girl in the world--as if that were actually possible. The same people who claim that the performance ruined the tribute to Michael Jackson were probably writing him off as a pedophile a few years ago. Not to mention those that express their interest in seeing Chris Brown perform instead of the chosen performers. Did they ever stop to think about the actual crime he committed. I dont think so. Drake in no way is condoning something as imbecillic as underage sex, as evidenced by the fact that he did his set sitting on a stool. Injury aside, he was not jumping around up their chanting along with Wayne. And believe it or not, the world actually has bigger problems right now than the song Every Girl. Read a newspaper. And if critics who reperesent the populace dont like the song than why is it in the top five on Billboard. Its tongue and cheek people. Get a sense of humour or start questioning yourself about your own hangups. This culture is what you make it.

Anonymous said...

thank god he cut his hair! doa is sooo speakeasy, the beat gets me every time! can't wait for blueprint 3 :)

meganmuse said...

I didnt even think of underage sex, save a few performances, DOA included BET awards were a hot mess anyway. It was just wierd to not even being able to hear half the song with all the censoring, then to see those little girls up there dancing around. That was not a good look IMHO. But they are weezy's kids not mine.

I know the song isnt literal, if they did F*** every girl in the world they would also get every std in the world but moments like that remind me why I have such a love-hate relationship with hip hop because it defintely made me pause. Let's just try and be a teeny bit objective here.That's all

Queeny_21 said...

Hey Drake,keep doin what you do babe.You have my support 100%..Much love,Queeny

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