Best I Ever Had is now available on iTunes.
Artwork by Darkie.

*Side note: Other artwork was deemed too obscure. LOL.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Best I Ever Had Now on iTunes


Anonymous said...

YUUP!! He gettin it in NOOOW!!!!!!!!!

Afroholik4 said...

Hahaha... What happened to original single artwork?

Still coppin' tho.

kimanisioux said...

OMG! I'm so gonna buy it even though my mom is like you've had that for ever! Why would you buy it again? It's called being a supportive fan. LOL. YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

D.Davis said...

Gotta get even though i have it ... its only right ... any chance yall will be selling the cds on "the space" again

Adonis said...

Good point. I got it yesterday both versions.

foxxy said...

this guy is so talented. props to darkie.

DJ Triumph said...

congrat great rapper.

16Heartbeats said...

already bought it!!

Euro O said...

Frozen Moments?

P-MONEY said...

the original artwork was dope.

this new one is cool but not anywhere near as clever.

Anonymous said...



keisha said...

Congrats for setting a sales record (I think that's what I read.) I know for sure like #13 on the top 200!!!

let's get 'em in '09!!!!

Britt Britt said...

The artwork is really just thought I'd say

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