Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alexa Chung


foxxy said...

HA at that Degrassi clip!!
Your childhood is immortalized. Enjoy...

Nelle said...

greatttttt interview! lookin good as usual and im real happy bout da deal...i think dats a great move oooh and degrassi clip...CLASSIC!!! gotta love it...lol!

Anonymous said...

Drake is so charming..love him!!

Don't know the Alexa Chung chick but is she always that frigid? I didn't like how she cut my dude off.

heartsdesire said...

lol i remember that episode! everybody was on toby! sooo glad Drake is sticking with Lil Wayne....stay with the ppl that have got you thus far,they'll take you further! can't wait to see the whole video! get well soon Drake..seeing u and weezy in houston soon!

Lizzy said...

I actually caught that episode, great interview. Alexa is lovely!

drake_fan17 said...

Loved the old Degrassi clip!

And I hope your ACL heal soon.

MurguiaTheGreat said...

"Is there any pie that Kanye West doesn't have his finger in?"


Drake's got style..

Nicollette said...

I am a little upset with Drake for signing with Young money. I dont know, i just expexted him to venture off to something new. I dont want Weezy to cloud him, and it would really suck if most of his album included nicki, gudda, twist, mac.. i mean. I know its going to be nice to stick with the people you've had for so long, but i feel he could do better.
I am happy for him. Its now official and all but it wasnt what i expected.
Loved the interview...the play on his last name part was a little awkward...but over all Drake gives a GREAT interview for being so new to the game. Kudos. Lookin good and all
The best i eer hd video tease...UGGGH!!!

Modivah said...

love it, and i love you,

Lelan said...

Degrassi Drake/Micheal Jackson Clip


Untamed Beauty said...

Luv the Degrassi clip.
Luv ya Drake!

Camtien♥ said...

lol. oh goodness.

steven said...

Dope interview! check out the lastest remix to successful featuring yung joc. yung joc straight murdered it! oliver throw this on the page! Yup! yall should make a so far gone remix compilation for the fans! lol..

Drake-Successful (Remix) (Feat. Trey Songz And Yung Joc) (Remix)

KaylaandKatie said...

Omg Luv it<3
can't wait to see the rest of the video!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was the sweeetest thing when in the beginning he kissed her hand. Sign of a true gentleman!

&&tEAM DRAkE ") said...

Omq i love the interview Drake looks sexy even in pain too hott bt i wish it could have been lonqer. Im too happy he is offically siqned and with ppl who care for him nt just anybody. I love the Deqrassi clip he is the most talented sexy intelluqent man i knw.

SoPastElle said...

Drake is the truth, and the humble presence that he posses makes him stand out above any other.

Alexa is now on my "me likey" list

..now lets post the whole entire video..

...and why isnt the "Every Girl" video on your blog?

Anonymous said...

im so glad he cut his hair the curls wasnt bfs (big fuckin shit)

Max said...

Nas Talks About All The Drake Buzz - www.drizzydrake.org

$uccessfu! said...

Your such a humble gentleman!! Your like a breath of fresh air no BS! I get excited everytime I see an interview or just anything associated with you. Thank you for being you!

LOL...and I came across your MTV Cribs Degrassi episode where you asked your mom to fix you a tuna sandwich and she thought you were joking...LOL too funny b/c u were so serious. Gotta luv momz tho:-)

Booger Snots said...


Jess(-<-) said...

so happy you signed with wayne! congrats! :) <3

Anonymous said...

lmfao @ getting a post-haircut clip. he's very articulate but he needs to work on his interview skills. on another note, idk how i feel about this chick's show...MTV needs to get back to airing VIDEOS!

Anonymous said...

Don't ever lose your humility, it's one reason I respect you so much. You're doin big things and lookin good while you do it!

Caramel Garcia. said...

*sigh i wish i had that accent lol ...niice interview =)

Frank Lucus said...

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reem said...

check out my blog ladys and send me feedback thnx! i got a better swag then drake


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