Thursday, May 28, 2009

Talking With MTV


Kola said...

Keep doing it, man. Peace.

FROID said...

yo drake- after seeing this interview,i wanted to let you know that your getting to Kanye's level. Soon enough you'll be there. On my blog ( your both on my logo, which shows you that i definitely can make comparisons between the two of you, and see you on the same level as entertainers. keepin doin you homie.


Kiana F. said...


Dycze [DC] said...

They both make beautiful muziq. Kanye'z music has been raising me since the 6th grade. Honestly he's one of my biggest inspirations too. And since January, Drake has been also. So keep up the ghudd work. nd trust wen I type this, I will be up there makin songz with thu both ya'll soon.



D Brown said...

i think Kanye is sooo overrated...on the beat...Kanye is hot...for lyrics..he was straight but he was telling us how good he was before he proved it...but regardless...HE FUCKED UP YA LINE!!!! how you gonna shout Drizzy out without doin ya homework!??! SMFH.

Unknown said...

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