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These guys are dope. They're like big kids.
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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gourmet W/ Maestro Knows


Cee Frizzle said...

Haaa! Love it. Lurve itttt!

foxxy said...

damn olivier, you stay posting... lol

t_rex said...

i digg the boston red sox jersey.

FraNcis James said...

I dig those L'Uno's

Anonymous said...

thats wassup i luv it!

ayo O did u see that Best I Ever Had remix done by sum chick name "Kanari Diamonds"? I don't know if its one of them bullshit superfan remixes but i didnt think so cuz its on WorldStar n its got a video (a well shot one). Maybe Drizzy gave her his blessing. If not, then i guess thats some creepy shit. lol

Vulkan The Krusader said...

Nigga Imma start making my own videos in NY..Maestro makes those good ol down to earth videos.

wti said...

yeah i say that kanary diamonds video and I think that it is creepy as all hell. She used like mad youtube and music videos of drake and rented some hotel room parading around in sexy shit, I guess pretending to be his girl. It was definitely pretty well shot, but is definitely on super fan makes crazy dedicated video status

Anonymous said...

Hello Oliver,

My name is Jorge Peniche, I’m a photographer and writer interested in interviewing and shooting Drake for a few publications here in the states and overseas. I’m interested in shooting him when he’s in L.A. this upcoming week. Ideally when he performs at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex.

May 23 2009 8:00P
Luckman Fine Arts Complex Los Angeles, California

The following magazines are interested in running features on him:


KINGSIZE (SCANDINAVIA) - They want to give Drake the cover.




Please let me know your thoughts.

You can reach me at 310.658.4300.

Jorge Peniche

Bläzé Fresh said...

Check out the mixtape Get Well Soon at CallUsUFO.BlogSpot.Com
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RobertsonB said...

I have the shoes he took off before he went in the hot tub... greezie

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