I used to listen to this shit a lot in junior high.  Nick Catchdubs and Ducker take you back to the tower records days with Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 09

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In The Meantime...


Vantes said...

Cool... iCan dig it, thanks

TreyPeezy.com said...

Something nice to sample! Keep posting. Imma make it my regular home here.

40 I heard you are the engineer. My bad for yesterdays comment. I thought u were locked up or something.

Did you listen to that WE ON YET?

Be easy.

CHUUURCH (Chicken)

The Jeanius said...

Yep that's an ill tune. I was just listening to this a few days ago on an old Big Shiny Tunes mix. Good lookin Oliver


i remember waiting to tape record this song on the radio aww to be black in the suburbs in the 90's =) lolz