Sunday, April 19, 2009

Drake w/ Angie on Hot 97



....keep em coming Drizzy

dearly beloved. said...

dear drake,

i fucking love u.

real talk.

Greyson Esprit said...

haha you dat nigga bro for real

J sMoOtH said...

In 7 short minutes, that interview sums up in so many different ways, why you my man are a mother fucking star.

That game you spit at Angie was incredible. "I like women though, who have presence and self awareness, who are ambitious, and funny."

haha good shit man. you're on your toes but at the same time relaxed & confident in what you're saying.

CheezyDoDo said...

thanks for clearing up that wayne shit im so sick n tired of niggas sayin that bullshit jus becuase he spat your verse at the mtv awards

PrchMnky4Lyf said...

Good shit bruh. keep doin ya thang. the whole world goin know the name Heartbreak Drake

Under[The]Rainbow said...

What you said about Lil Wayne made me look at him in a whole new light, like that whole thing about if you honest with yourself its in you, definitely going to half to use that as a new moto

Budget Travel said...
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SirJohn DeBlois said...

Wow,You have a culinary passion bro, Nyce..

"Cooking is a true gentlemans way to a womans heart"

If you ever need the recipe for Lobster Spoons at "ONE". Let me know.

From One Restaurants very own Food Runner/Room Service attendant to Octobers very own. Your always welcome to eat anytime at any table.

Rapper's celebrate at Bymark but Artists Dine at "One".

-Johnny(The Young Filipino Server)

$uccessfu! said...

You and your music give me goosebumps!! lol

"Intelligent, educated with a big booty"

When you come to DC next month, I got you homie I got you! lol

TRiNDi Couture said...

ooooooHh nooooo!! Angie called him Drakey...lmao

& i definitely text Hot97 all the time requesting songs, I know they are sick of seeing my number!

<3 TRiNDi Couture

MaLLY said...

Good job on the interview..I'm glad u coming up in the game yo!

Anotha Time,


Stutz-A-Demik GSteezie said...

Man He Is Droppin the Secrets in this one He inspired alot of Music look at this Cat !