I posted the first Teamworks mix here when it dropped. These mixes are so nasty. Here is the second joint - its Marshall Law's take on some of the songs from the GTA4 radio stations.

Download it HERE.

Monday, March 16, 2009

TeamWorks GTA 4 Mix


Syl DuBenion said...

Cool, thanks. I need to get back to GTAIV during my spring break.

New State of Mind said...

Thanks the music is great! so far gone has been on rotation in my ipod sence you released it!!! Is it true you might come to D.C. ??? PLEASE LET ME KNOW! WE ARE WAITING!

riva. said...

just downloaded it.
ridiculously dope.


Julian said...

edge of seventeen, stevie knicks mix, nasty track . must DOWNLOAD, HIPHOP HEADS !

FammEnt said...

yo drizzy fuck wit ya boi ..u are deff the hottest new artist if u ever get a label poppin and u need an artist fuck wit me ...myspace.com/fambasedupt

RobBates said...

I diggs!!!!

Peace & Respect

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Chicago, IL

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Em.Kay said...

DRIZZZZYYYYY omfg i think your the man =) please come to NEW ZEALAND i wanna come to one of your concerts and battle you haha jokes..i herd this blogspot on im still fly lols but you guys are awesome you and your team..and ask weezy fukn baby to tour new zealand soooon.

xx Keez

kelvin said...

big fan.....keep doing your thing

Peter said...

hmm... nice article..

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