Photography by: Kevin Marzo
Styling by Yours truly.

The online store is now open. Visit it HERE.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ransom Holding Co. Spring 2009 Editorial and Online Store Now Open


Parodi said...

Both coats are nice. Looking forward to a purchase.

Flippa said...

Time to go in.

Bria Britan said...

I wasn't able to view the women's clothing. Is it not set up yet?

rockace88 said...

dude looks like a scruffy version of ludacris. lmao

Mic Echo said...

lol dude do look like Ludacris tho


Faizan Tariq said...

i love my ransom peacoat.

Ryan Hutch said...

Man, I need to get up there in Ransom ASAP! Dope stuff.

MaDrake said...

Sup Fellas,

Really liking your blog alot, very well put together.

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Here is an exclusive from Trillogy featuring Freeway - WE MADE IT -

Thanks alot, we hope you like the music.


Starr Media Group LLC.

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This is my first visit. Great stuff and you know it. Illustrations are awesome and I love this kind of clothes, specially the pants. I've been thinking in other kinds of coats indeed.

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Cloth looks very good, specially the blue shirt, the texture looks so cool.

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