Last night....

Saturday, March 21, 2009



Kennedy said...

I knew yo ass was up to postin' somethin' when I saw you was online on myspace. lol But that tour looks hot,bruh. Keri H. said it was one of the smoothest tours she'd ever been on. You doing big things, man. Keep up the great work,& can't wait to cop the album. Be easy and be blessed.

Freida said...

Electrik Red is on this tour too. Lucky Lucky you.

MaLLY said...

Mazel Tov!!!

gagg50 said...

i am so sad.. Drake is my favorite artist PERIOD.. hes the only person i listen to and i wanted to go see him so bad but ive been in a bad financial situation and i been taking care of my whole family... the people that made me.. and my uncle.. and he just had a heart attack and his medical bills are off the hook.. they lost they home and job and im only 25.. and i feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders.. and to make things worse the only person in my life that took me from my problems (my boyfriend) broke up with me and went back to his ex girlfriend and puts up ur song "replacement girl" on his myspace page and Drakes music (minus replacement girl lol) has been the only thing to help me keep goin.. i know all his music.. and know all the words to most of his songs and to make matters worse i didnt even know until last minute that he was gonna be in baltimore on this tour.. when i heard it i broke down cryin b/c that would have been the highlight of all the stuff i been goin thru for the past year.. i never been so sad about missing something like this.. and nobody understands why im so sad about this.. to know he was here and i was stuck at work cause i need to keep the lights on just bums me out.. the only connection i have wit him and his music is his myspace page.. if u see my page ( u see i am all abt Drake.. now i can add not seein him to the list of disappointments this year.. i jus wish i could reach out to him.. or connect wit him somehow.. to see he knows i exist and he knows how much his music means to me..

MiQah (mee-kah)

K.F Phenom said...

Dammit,I could of been there for my B-Day

L. Harris said...

NY chain?

J-Dolla said...

Thats Not a NY chain. Its A Young Money Chain. Drake you been Chained into Young Money.

effieee! said...

in b-more correct?
the only reason i wanted to attend was because of drake.

Pariss19 said...

I sure wish i had the bread to burn and go and see Drizzy on tour

The Guard said...

Young Money Cash Money... We out this bitch.. matter fact. We in your bitch.

E.A. said...


Darby said...

DRAKE!!!!!!! My girls and I were definitely at the concert last night in Baltimore... screaming for you and Wayne. We wanted you to do one of your songs with Wayne (Unstoppable, maybe?), but it was still good seeing you getting your sangin' on!

Good look! Hope yall had as much as fun as we did last night.

(N.O. all day baby!)

NathanAK907 said...

Drakes on Young Money now? That's sickkkk. My favorite rapper

myishisthebomb said...

the sweater is dope

Princess Trindi said...

Im not even off yall right now. How many pictures of Drake are yall gonna post of him at the I Am Music Tour?? How about yall post the tour dates for Drake's college tour, and make sure University of Delaware is on the list!!!

lol... :)

FraNcis James said...

Nice work

Tdot Gets it in! (pause)

foxxy said...

one of these days, i'ma be the one taking those damned pictures...

lol wishful thinking.

foxxy said...

and is drizzy in YM or not? i've heard fifty-levin different stories saying he's finishing up the deal of a lifetime this, interscope that, young money this...?

The Guard said...

He's on Atlantic.. He's being managed by HHS87. Same managers as Wayne and 'ye.

Jellee said...

This looks like this was a great show!

Hector said...

Drake, if you read this please reply if you have time.

so i'm planing on going to the i am music tour when it reaches the rose garden April second.

not sure if i wanna go yet for sure.
are you performing also? if you do i will then go cause im down with seeing Wayne but if you perform it would make it better!

no homo of course haha

Ivry Yves said...

what bout germany

remedy said...

what's with the NY chain though? =\

joshuatureaud said...


remedy said...

makes sense now.

ScriptSmalls said...

college tour starts tonight I guess he gon be @ SIU

dboog said...

UD!! Drake! University of Delaware!

Bria Britan said...

That's clearly an "M" on the chain. I don't know why everyone is getting it confused with NY. Yeah the design is similar, but it's definitely Young Money.

I can't say that I'm shocked though. OVO really seems to enjoy the trickery and keeping the fans wondering.

[jessiKa.] said...

Come to University of Houston...we love you drizzy in houston more than anything.

I would even make the drive from my school [stephen f austin state university] to see you at u of h. Of course we would love to see you at SFA, but U of H would provide more fans with the oppurtunity to see you.


Twan Gabbs said...

Yo 40! I heard you and D ran into my boy Duke Jukem last Get at me.

Donnell773 said...


L'Artiste said...

come back to new orleans!!!!

D Brown said...

i don't understand why people come and promote themselves...smh...that's what your own blog is for folks..

lol anyway...this college tour....where might i find some details??...cuz, a must on my to-do list :)

infamouszlegend said...

yo drake, if u read this (or if one of ya ppls happens to see this comment), can u check out this letter i wrote to u?



PrinceOfThaWest said...

Is That Drizzy Drake Rogers!!! Welcome To The Chain Gang My Dude!!

DaKernal45 said...

Drake come to HOUSTON>>>...every rapper loves the H...they come down here pick up some swag and den make a hot track about it
November 18th- Drake
Me & My Drank- Lil Wayne

H-TOWN StaND UP!!! [713] [281]


RealityUnscripted said...

Uh oh! Look @ Drizzy with the NY chain on lol. -sighs- Wish I was there. From what I saw on youtube, the tour looked like a banger!

Jai. said...

Guess who was front row at Drake's FIRST EVER U.S solo tour and got to meet the young fella?!

ME! lol It was the only decent considering I've been a music supporter since 2004.

Just know Drake fucking killed it! And I have plenty of video and pics to back it up.

SIUC Kappas are legendary for this.

Robert said...

I WAS IN VIP LAST NIGHT IN MEMPHIS.... Drake... You a bad maine... Your not born in the "M", but we gonna show you love since your pops from the "M"

$uccessfu! said...

Well I have to say I definitely enjoyed myself in B-more on Friday!! I only went to see you (Drake) and Wayne. I really wanted you to do one of your songs (any of them would have made my night)but I still enjoyed seeing you rock the stage! Oh and that sweater you wore was the bizzness! Loved it!! <3 Can;t wait for your own tour to pop off!!!

mj23189 said...

How come you didnt play in providence, mad dissapointed but u the shit

Christine Picault said...

when are you coming to NYCCCC!!?!?!

Marie Raymond said...

wen r they coming to cleveland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

Bria Britan said...


igotxx3 said...

yeaaa drake cumin 2 atl may 2nd

SiMpLee MeeZy said...

how come they dont knoe nothin about the San Bernadino, California concert. where do you buy tickets?

Olie said...

how do i get tickets???

elopes874 said...

you need to come out to would get crazy love..u have no idea..

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