Hustler Watch: Drake from Eighty81 on Vimeo.
I suppose we should post this.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Eighty81 Interview w/ Drake


Syl DuBenion said...

Yeah, I caught it on AllThings-Fresh. Can't wait to hear the joint with Mr. West.

Mic Echo said...

^^ Like the person above me said! the Kanye Song should be interesting!

Laur said...

I loved this interview..

drake = more then just adorable

straight up talented and certain swagerrrr

DJMotive925 said...


DJ Motive - Drake: Property Of October Mixtape
3.Swagger Like Us Freestyle
4.Video Girl
6.I Can Take Your Girl ft. Lil Wayne
7.Overdose On Life ft. Mickey Factz & Travis
8.Successful ft. Trey Songz & Lil Wayne
9. Im Still Fly Freestyle
10.Man Of The Year ft. Lil Wayne
11.Best I Ever Had
12.Ransom ft. Lil Wayne
13.City Is Mine
14.Asthma Team
15.Easy To Please
17.Brand New
18.Pop Rose ft. Trey Songz
19.Ignant Shit ft. Lil Wayne
20. Do What U Do (Remix)
21.Give Ya
22.Missing You (Remix) ft. Trey Songz

see it scream it said...

alittttle late ..even i had that post on my facebook for the kids .... keeep it coming O

FlyVince said...

kanye joint! yes yes yes yes, just what I need. haha

Anonymous said...

solid interview man...a college tour would be sick

AfterWorkInc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jess<3 said...

^^^i hope you do a college tour! I will be there!

Koalien said...

College tour.. HIT UP RYERSON! haha

Candace said...

love u boo!!! make sure you come to San Francisco State University.

Ca$ino.. Trill Yella said...

Shout Out Drizzy!! I Wanna Connect & Collab Fam.. GET AT ME.. Shout Out 40.. Oliver.. Niko.. The Whole Octobers Very Own/A.T.F FAM.. Holla Front!



DreCrumbs said...

I'd do that college thing for sure. I'm all the way down here in mississippi and I can hear EVERYBODY bumpin your mixtape. Keep it up.. that kanye song should be hot too.

Joel Dumé said...

So far so gone is getting heavy rotation on my ipod, keep it up man your doing your thing! And that song you'd like to make with Andre and Kanye would probably be a hit! *crosses fingers that it happens* No song like a song with more than one of your favorite artists spitting fire!

LiveInThaskyE said...

Drake if you do decide to go on a college tour, you've got to come down to LSU or Southern University in Baton Rouge,LA. You've got plenty of fans here.

Vanessa Rioux said...

you need to do a college tour!
ohio state is feenin for ya..
no one is sleepin on you out here!!

Anonymous said...

Really, mad people are fans of you but strongly dislike Wayne. So, its difficult to shell out that much money with the sole intent of seeing you then bouncing.

I'd like to strongly encourage you to do a University tour.

Keeping in mind Howard U is ready!!! Fyi our graduation is May 8th & 9th.........

Ps please dont ever get too big to spit like this -> Chill we can talk about the trials in Sudan/Cause you gottta understand/If I said it then I meant it/I understand that you Afro/Im tryna get to yo Central

Anonymous said...

u kno me i say drake has inspired me alot alot and he has great very great songs and i think drake is doing very good and like i said drake has inspired me alot and i like what he talks about but keep yo head up drake

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