I'm in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in LA editing and mixing the tape right now. Im gonna post it as soon as i finnish putting it together. Ima be up all night working, but its all good cause my homey Ben Baller brought me that real deal LA "Good Good" aka "The Ghostface Killah". These are some pictures I took yesterday, our last day of recording. LA truely is a beautiful place.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Almost Done...


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michael said...

cant wait!

BoiWonda said...

I'm ready 40

"40 told me to do me, and don't listen to anybody that knew me, cause to have known me, would mean that there is a new me, and if you think I changed in the slightest could have fooled me"

Chanteezy said...

patiently waiting lol

Jai. said...

yeah yeah

Aftashok said...

aww damn, i thought it was already mixed and everything....its all good though, im goin to bed, and i know by the time i get back to a computer, itll be done and ready!!

bharwell32 said...



Carter said...

atleast i can go 2 sleep now since it wont be on till earley am and yo drake u cant give me a shout out in the final edit real quick carter out of palmdale ca...and is their a way 2 buy a hard copy?

Mathyu-Was-Here said...

Man At 4 I Gotta Crash..

XS951 said...

That's whats up, we already know it'll be dope! this is definitely the most patient I've been for a mixtape.. ever.. but I will bump for the rest of the month!

vikramkr said...

Oh shit! I'm going to sleep! It's Drizzy baby...


No Gimmic said...


jai's so frikkin pretty lol

buddha702 said...

he aint gonna shout
out none of us but if you do

shout out buddha


from vegas
bumpin drake
to the fullest

more wayne?

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BoiWonda said...

finna put on some coffee
i'm not going any damn where
might throw on COD5
but I'm not sleeping
until I get this mixtape

~waves @ jai

Mr. Fly Boi Inc. said...

Thanks for the new post Drake ! Can Wait !!! ATF and my Team FBI all DAy Bitch !!!!!!!!

The Truest Gentleman said...

Ben Baller keepin it movin ;)

buddha702 said...

Whats up witht the spam?
i agree with wonda.
patiently waiting.
like a bad 50 cent song
but hey at least we're
losing sleep for a good cause
i mean come on its DRAKE


peteypype said...

hahah i KNEW it.
they weren't done.

i guess i'll have to settle with a date with comeback season tonight.

DGOODZ said...

Yerooo, Lets do some tracks together my dude. Im tryna get in the studio wit u i think we could both come up wit some HEAT!!!

BoiWonda said...

least pleasure us with an exclusive
something we can put on repeat
and learn all the lyrics to

she be jumping up and down tryin fit that ass in/
took a half an our just to get that belt to fasten/
all they wanna talk about it partying and fashion/
every single night I have a dream that I am smashing/
em all, young money man this shit so timeless/
and I'm in the mood to get faded so please bring yo finest/
what are all yo names again we drunk remind us/
are any of yall into girl like I am les-bi-honest/
she wants me she wants me/
cause I got it all shawty tell me what you don't see/
I would fuck with all yall, all of yall is beautiful/
I just can't pick one, so you can't never say I'm choosey ho/
and wayne say pussy pussy pussy/
weed an alcohol, seem to satisfy us all/
damn, and every time I think of staying with her/
she bring that friend around to make me reconsider/

buddha702 said...

You know what should of been
on here

Friends with money

a classic that suprisingly,
not a lot of people are familiar with.

who agrees?

BoiWonda said...

@ buddha

I assumed that would be on Thank Me Later, but I wasn't completely sure.

XS951 said...

@ buddha

I agree. That and Come Real would've been nice, but it's still cool.

Soph said...

I thought Money to Blow was going on here, that record is a straight banger... and it was preview that leaked!

But Successful (I mean from the preview video) sounds ILLY!!

buddha702 said...


killer though.


Shawn said...


Harlem is still holdin you down... even though I got gassed into thinkin it was coming tonight.. oh well, as long as you're being productive with the mixtape, I guess I can wait a lil longer.. do ya thing my dude... Ezzz

- Harlem'z Ace

buddha702 said...

"Get Over It" should of
as well!

we R nova said...

the time is 4:26 a.m. in VA, got class at 8 a.m...so its safe 2 say sleep aint n option anymore....DRIZZY

No Gimmic said...

with all the time wasted i shouldnt have heard any of the songs feel me

Leonardo said...

yo has there been any word on how we gonna pay for this??

BoiWonda said...

i think it's free my dude.

but my eyes getting tight as fuck.

BEN BALLER said...

it'll be up in the next 15 hours for sure! i'm gonna blog a little bit now and give you a snippet of my favorite track on there, uptown.... lol @ boiwonda. 40 got that kali kush and vanilla latte' so he's gonna be up all night... but it's pretty much done :)

buddha702 said...

yeah lets get the snippet

a lil somethin to hold us over

im fallin asleep on my keyboard here.

BoiWonda said...

would you reccomend an all nighter for it, or catch a few hours? I wanna be one of the first people with it.

madd respect to 40 for grinding it out though.

developing a mild headache lol

Feel It In Your Sole said...

Damn...But I gotta be up all night finishing this college homework (Who thought college would actually be WORK!!!) , hopefully it will be done,before I leave for class so I can put the cd on my Blackberry!

TracyE said...

patients is a vertue

buddha702 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BoiWonda said...

your right patience is a "virtue" but nonetheless, I am tired as hell, and I am like one of his biggest fans, no homo. my momma even want this mixtape. lol. she was trying to buy his music off itunes on her iphone. imagine when the album drop...

Jose said...

hurry up!

Kelon DeJuan said...

Damn waiting on this tape feels like i'm watching that new years eve shit with dick clark lol...p.s. hurry up my nigga lol

Feel It In Your Sole said...

I just peeped that track mixing picture...Bun B, Lil Wayne, and CRS...FIRE!!!!!!

BEN BALLER said...

both youtube videos finally uploaded and processed on my blog http://blog.ifandco.com

i'm gonna chief some kush and listen to the final rest of this and think of boiwonda. lol. 40 got you homey, but the internet connection is slower than 56k there @ the hotel, true story!

yungsmoove2kool said...


BoiWonda said...

Ben Baller making moves on these dudes. That's a real hustler. Go visit his blog and hear drake kill that shit in 7-8 lines. ri-fucking-diculous.

H. WOOD said...

ay my nigga. . .post that shit up already!!
hahaha...u got niggas feigning and itching
and shit! ha ha ha. yo hit me up b4 you
leave LA. . .i still got the same number.

Us... said...

I'm salty I can't listen to it on my way to school...fuck it I'll get it when I get back lol

Us...check out the blog

Fresh Ears said...

much anticipated ...

mrcasanova said...

come on drake I gotta drive to school and listening to The Weezy Effect Which is not a problem but I gotta wait til i get of classes to get this man.

but keep working i can't wait

Leonardo said...


its all gooddyyy... time willl tell..do it up 40!!

BoiWonda said...

been here since 11:45
no plans on going anywhere
until I got this downloaded and burned

Leonardo said...

@ BoiWonda


FraNcis James said...

Damn I was all ready to wake up to a 'download here' link

its all good 40 take your time with that product.. it'll be worth the wait

Feel It In Your Sole said...

Damn...I been up all night (doin homework ;)) I guess I'll just have to wait until I get home and bump it on my way to work after school

we R nova said...

been up dis whole time 7:22am in VA...bout 2 go 2 class nd when i get a break bring out my laptop nd c if 40 posted it yet

Flippa said...

Started smoking again huh

Lateef Ipaye said...

alright come on 40 lets do it

Sean said...

damn homie u kno how much sleep i lost waitin for this my girl was even callin me a loser lol (im in new york so that means i was 3 hours early in waitin lol) for real tho c'mon but hey now u get 2 c ur true fans! shout goes out to sean lolz

1time4yourmind said...

wanna get this on my ipod before i go to school
my education is in your hands man

crs!?!?!??! oh man hurry! lol

Reese said...

nigga hurry up! LOL man i love the music man.

Lou Pay said...

c'mon drizzy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mang i aint got time for dis shit! ahahaha, well i do but u know wut i mean!!!!!!!!!!

TekNique Productions said...

LETS GO BOIWONDA! 40! DRAKE!!! lets get a move on son im runnin outta anxiety pills! ive been patiently waiting since Comeback Season... then IMpatiently waitin since AUGUST OF 08. im dyin out here yall!

hustleGRL said...

lol you guys are crazy.

I got mad emails & IMs overnight asking for the tape like I'm the one supposed to leak this shit, lol. & the fansite is getting mad hits, haha. Go 40! :]

"...they just lose to love its a tennis game baby..."

Syl DuBenion said...

Word, I expected that, Karla. Lol.

School was closed today... They SAY it was because of strong winds, but I think we all know the real deal.

Naneazy said...

Drizzy the Beast. You gone release that unstoppable instrumental? I got soemthing for it. myspace.com/naneazymusic. soundsofthedelorean.blogspot.com

Ant said...

Yooo drop that shit already...niggas is fiendin for that new drizzy no homo

Hood Fab! said...

yo i think i got every song u done made...u cant keep me waitin like this lol...niggas is dying out here...

"my name is drizzy, and i aint perfect, but i work hard, so i deserve it"...

Jet Setter Diaries said...

coming from the D.M.V. (D.C., Maryland, & VA) we are hungry for the mixtape in the streets. DROP THAT SHITTTTTTT i know its ready i need the mixtape before my weekend on the slopes......Snowboard-[Check].....Ipod-[Check].....New Drizzy Drake Mixtape-[NEGATIVE}]. I need that in my life no homo.

Jai. said...

Dang it's 8:26 a.m and it still isn't up. Oh well, off to school now. Hopefully it will be up when I come back.


Oh and thanks "No Gimmic" and hola "BoiWonda". hehe

Mookie said...

Aite im tight.
Its been the 12th for 9hrs and 34 mins

Jet Setter Diaries said...

Its time to take over the world Drizzy, 40, & oliver. DROP THAT SHIT. Ive been on edge for two days like a baltimore fiend tryna clean up.

ContactCo said...

Wuddup Drake, we got u out here in the DMV all day.. waitin on that download!

ClockwiseClothing.com.. everyone look for that best of drake cd droppin soon on that clothing collab!

[W.f$] FResh said...

THis is gonna be an Instant cLassic.. ...

some Blueprint, Carter 2, College DRop out type ish.. ..

The shit U bang ova & over but it sounds like the virgin time every time, Matta fact sometimes it will sound a lil betta cuz u catch somethin new.... ....

in otha wOrds m y dUde, I cant wait . . .


Us... said...

Just checkin in from a library computer...yea I'm on my school shit lol. I see it still ain't ready tho. Ima check back when I get to the house. Ya'll gone hear me bangin it in traffic!

lol @ Jet Setter Diaries

Us...check out the blog

AkidNamedLaVish said...

shit's gon be ILL!!!!

Millz said...

Man....We Waitin Man....Whenever It's Finished!!!!

BoiWonda said...

If you go check out Ben Baller's Blog
He has an exclusive.
about 7-8 bars from Uptown
pretty solid song

GETLiKEMY said...

Im going to go out on a limb and say this is probably going to be the BEST MIXTAPE EVER!!!! And when it drops i dare someone to prove me different...Can't wait to hear it though, you are a rare talent my man...real talk!!!!

JuSLiSteN said...

dnt sweat it brutha. Waitin iz only bad when tha product aint worth it, But sum new Drizzy def iz.

Mookie said...

Idk about best ever
try listening to
Mustafas Renaissance -Melo X

Rich2021 said...

lets go lets how bout u change midnight to at least 10 o'clock

J-Rod said...

Come On Drizzy..How Much Longer Do We Gotta Wait

Mathyu-Was-Here said...

I know ain't NOOO..
group of fans are this dedicated for a mixtape...a cd yeah..
but a mixtape is free you can get it anyway..

just shows you how much fire Drizzy is

Chris A said...

The Boi Drizzy!!! Cant wait! .....
but thats the problem... sooo can i plz have it now! like now now.


J.Folse said...

Dat boy Drizzy. Good shit cuz. Cant wait to start bumping this.

BoiWonda said...

Hell yeah @ matheyu

He is a breathe of fresh air considering all the bullshit music that has been released in the past.

I look forward to someone NOT talking about trapping or his chevy sitting high or doing the "stanky leg"

Mathyu-Was-Here said...

I need a link to download
Comeback Season..
For Some Reason The One I Have is messin' up

XS951 said...

@ Mathyu

I could have sworn Drake or Oliver posted it here a while back?

Sean said...

they fell asleep dint they.....

BoiWonda said...

Nah, they got that Cali kush and some vanilla lattes, they in there like swim wear

But uhh on Ben Baller's exclusive for "Uptown"
Drake spit

"Who's line is it anyways/
I'm in a daze, you been amazed/
Yall seem to be stuck on that beginner stage/
I'm on fire, yup, I been a blaze/
i got dough to blow and I wanna blow it right/
you look nice, and yo friend makes me wanna bowl a strike/
well alright, guess I might, know what fuck it, yes I will/
I am more than what you bargained for, nothing less than real/
what it be like!/"

before the hype said...

damn. still?

Willson said...

can't wait to bump this shit. drizzy drake the realest

Mathyu-Was-Here said...

i don't see it or it don't work

XS951 said...


Ben Baller's site is not loading for me..

Jai. said...

This is getting downright pathetic.

I really feel like we are equivalent to crackheads right now.

billzinmepocket said...

hurry up!!! i'll be checking every five minutes

BoiWonda said...

@ XS, it wasn't loading for me either but I got the youtube link if you'd like it.


and long as we crackhead together Jai. <3

@ Mathyu, just grab it off Datpiff.com
I can link you if necessary

Leonardo said...

i've been hitting refresh way to many times haha...this shit has got to drop !!!

XS951 said...

Good look on that link BoiWonda

foxxy said...

been waiting for this forever and a day, few more hours won't kill...

Jet Setter Diaries said...

WTF......Its all a promotional move they want to see the buzz it creates b4 they drop the tape. Well guys......

"We are buzzing like bees tryna get buzzed in the loby door"


liveinthaskye said...

Thats whats up 40, tonight is going to be a great night.

Leonardo said...

haah yo me and BoiWonda have been here since 11:45 STRAIGHT...this shits hurting my eyes real talk.

BoiWonda said...

lmao @ Leonardo

my eyes tight as FUCK
finna have partial vision impairment
waiting on this damn mixtape.

mdshooter08 said...

@ Jet Setter.

thats exactly what i was thinkn. Im not much of a Drake fan but im definitley interested in seeing what the hype is about..

in the meantime (while we all wait patiently) check out my man NERO.

BUCK Em' Down.
4 hottest trakks.

BoiWonda said...

He should have gotten sponsors for this mixtape release.
made him a little bread off our thirstiness
imagine how many refreshes from all these people
from ~12.
Could have made a pretty penny.

Mookie said...

I think everyone wants to be the first to download.

Leonardo said...

first, second, third, forth, hundredth. as long as i cop it!!

we R nova said...

jus got outta class lol had my sister check 4me at home nd text me evry 10mins 2c if it got posted yet

BoiWonda said...

I will probably be one of the first 10 to download.

and uhh nova
that's some beyond thirsty ass shit bro
now you wylin

I can't even rock with you on that.

Sincere said...

yo while we all wait, would anyone like 2 here my artist Openmic, he did a version to Kanyes say u will as well but then heard drake go crazy on it n was like damn, lol, but hewent hard 2, well anyways, here it is if you all wanna check it out


we R nova said...

wasnt literally 10 mins man dont play me lol

Mookie said...

so while we are all here like hungry fans, do you guys visit each others blogs?
I know I do.

BoiWonda said...

lmfao @ nova
I'm just messing jo

and yeah I was peeping a few people's blogs
they got some interesting shit.
I was feeling some of it.

Sincere said...

A Mookie, im new to the blog thing, I need to start one for my label tho, that way it can be showcased, and build what we are trying to accomplish

we R nova said...

hahaha i kno BoiWonda...I fucks wit u no homo u a real fan of Drizzy from day 1 aint many of those round my way so when i c when i send my props their way....nd im also new 2this blog shit

Jai. said...

All the true Drake fans(like since 2005 fans) can prob. relate to the link below.


we R nova said...

Jai get at me real talk...i love chicks who got a good ear 4music as I do

mdshooter08 said...

nooo!! i got class @ 12:30. yo if this mixxtape drops b4 2:00PM we should all wait till i get outta class to Download it. sound like a deal?? DEAL. lmao im gone.

Mookie said...

lol lets not get people started.
Now everyone is going to claim to be a true fan.

I was put onto drake by my best friend back in 07 first song i heard was Deceiving
R.I.P J Dilla

Sincere Tha Reason said...

Jai, Havent been a Drake fan for too long, But i got Comeback Season Back in May, and was like damn, and it was different, been a fan every since, Drake A triple threat, Hopefully one day i can make it in this musik and send him some of my beats, lol

BoiWonda said...

lmao @ mds!!!

but uhhh, I am a real drake fan. I probably know all the lyrics to every single one of his songs. And I play it so much to the point where my mom is a fan and is going to buy his album for herself and I gotta get my own. Real shit.

GETLiKEMY said...

since we have time...
true fans, if u had 2pick one...and ONLY one...what is the best Drake song...
(kinda lame, but im bored &tryna be patient..)

BoiWonda said...

My favorite Drake song, if a VERY difficult question.

but if i HAD to pick.

Closer off Comeback Season.

and my second choice

Sooner Than Later

we R nova said...

his barry bonds joint was ridiculous
ya ex man is a hater
problly cause he kno im exactly what u wish he be.....woooooooooord lls

J.Folse said...

Idk bout my favorite one but Im with boiwonda. Drake dont even spit that crack flipping, gatt grippin rhymes and he still good. Thats whats got me listening to him. Its nice to have a change of pace. Everybody aint flippin keys, smackin bitches and toting hammers.

Mookie said...

you cant go wrong over a Dilla beat.
not to mention Drake blessed it

Andrew said...

i believe money 2 blow is on the album. I think its suppossed to be the track Houstalantavegas.

Mathyu-Was-Here said...

Going In For Life...
or Video Girl

Sincere Tha Reason said...

My fave would have to be Closer as well BoiWonda I feel the same way he did on the track, gotta chase your dreams

J.Folse said...

@ we_r_nova hell yeah. Ol boy said: "got ya girl tongue out like a Micheal Jordan rookie card. When I first heard that, I was like DAAAAMMMNNN!!!. Hit the rewind button

Mathyu-Was-Here said...

I really don't think we should be mad that song songs we are familiar with are on the mixtape cause..it was suppose to be out last year aug and It was bound to leak out..

and hey maybe new shit was added to them

GETLiKEMY said...

yea i would go with Closer also...he lyrical genius he put into that song is amazing...
another fav is Come Winter off Room For Improvement...another classic

BoiWonda said...

Going in for life was ill too.
But closer he was just on some real shit
like relatable shit to everyone chasing a dream
and then to see where he came from to where he is now
it just makes it that much better..

Tone said...

yo Drake; where's the celebration/release party at??? Us LA peeps wanna get it in! haha

Chance said...

Drake, you're killing me man! I need this in my life!

BoiWonda said...

That nigga got bars for days.

what blew me was the

"if you ain't heard of me then you should get a blue's clue, oops I mean a red clue, wayne's here suwoop, bet he FELT that like the end of a pool cue" WTF!!!

and then
"cause baby girl like if you don't like me/
its prolly due to the fact that you r les like next selection/"

Jonathan said...

This mixtape is off the chain... I'm looking forward to hearing some non auto tuned singing tracks.


I guess you can say that Drake is one of my main influences... "Just You" is my version of "Sooner than later" haha

GETLiKEMY said...

"..as the time past and the eras fade...i sum it all up i tend to paraphraze...cuz girls this day &age are crazy but still i manage to keep em in line like barricades.." - DRiZZY DRAKE!!!

Korey said...

from what I know about eskay I wouldn't be surprised if the tape dropped on nah right before this blog

Jet Setter Diaries said...


I am leaving town today to go snowbaording for the weekend and there is no internet service where i am going (str8 back country) Do you think they will put the tape up before 4 oclock or is this a tease and it wont be up till tommorow or later

J.Folse said...

Take pictures with hating niggas and crop them/
I photoshop them out/
Cuz they dont understand what Im bout/

XS951 said...

For me, it's gotta be

Closer & Going In For Life

where is Deceiving from?

Impressive Graphix said...

good stuff bro, mos definitely checking back for this

Mathyu-Was-Here said...

Oh I Forgot

Do What You Do Is His NASTIEST FLOW!!!

Nobody Can Fake

BoiWonda said...

honestly, I doubt it will be up before four, but who knows. I would just check back before you leave so you got something to listen to. I've been here since 11:45... with nothing really cept Ben Baller talking to me a bit on the side.

BoiWonda said...

"cause I can get money with my eyes closed/
lost some of my hottest verses down in cabo/
so if you find a blackberry with the side scroll/
sell that muh fucka to any rapper that I know/
cause they need it much more than I ever will/
I got new shit, I'm getting better still/
little niggas put my name in they verses/
cause they girlfriends but my ass on a pedestal/

Sincere Tha Reason said...

Got a hip hop ? for everyone, Who Do u think is the top 5 Hip Hop Artists Right now? And What are the most anticipated albums comming out this year?

HisSmooveNess said...

Drake drop this fire nigga!!!!!!

HisSmooveNess said...

Yo can anybody help me out, whe he drops this mixtape where can i get it at on the main page? im new to this blogspot sheit, but aint new to this nigga Drake, no homo he goes hard!

Sincere Tha Reason said...

it will be on the main page, and they should have it up for download

BoiWonda said...

My top 5.

1. Drake
2. Lupe Fiasco
3. Jay-z
4. Common
5. Fabolous

HisSmooveNess said...

Good look son, imma keep an eye out.

& BoiWonda your crazy for not having wayne in that top 5..CRAZY!!

Us... said...

Just checkin back in, fresh off a college campus and I was lookin for some REAL education...but I see it ain't up yet lol. And I'd have to go wit Goin In For Life for the simple fact that my nigga KILLED an Alicia Keys track, most "rappers" wouldn't even go near some shit like that...and "I'm tryin to win games coach, I'm through assistin"

what up Jai

Us...check out the blog

Aftashok said...

1. Lupe Fiasco
2. Jay-Z
3. Joe Budden
4. T.I.
5. Killer Mike
6. Drake

i don't think Drizzy's yet overtaken any of those others, but he also hasn't dropped an official album yet, tho his mixtapes ARE album-like, but give it some time....

Sean said...

Top 5 im listening to right now is
1. Charles Hamilton
2. Drake
3. Kid Cudi
4. Chip tha ripper is iight i jus started fuckin wit him
5. and ummmm. B.o.B

Sean said...

i fucks wit blu and corey gunz also

GETLiKEMY said...

"..if this dont sell, ima make it sell..and criticisms invited i take it well, my savings acount got a vacant smell, and priority shifts when you take an L, &everytime i feel like leavin, somebody a play Comeback Season, and that a give me enough of a reason to stand outside tryna jingle my keys in...i guess im attached 2her, cant fathom going back to a bachelor..when you been in a Range since u started in high school, its hard going back to the Acura...yea yea, so ima stick around as the rain trickle and the cars get sold...these rappers is all fickle, but a way sicker sound will allow them to go and put a face to the town like I.."

BoiWonda said...

I can't rock with joe like that
and charles hamilton is madd annoying
never really gave Killer Mike a chance
but I know Andre 3000 got bars

Mathyu-Was-Here said...

top 5

1. Lupe Fiasco
2. Andre 3000
3. Drake
4. Asher Roth
5. Blu

Korey said...

Andre 3K is mandatory top 10 at least

BoiWonda said...

"I would really advise you to make a move sooner than later/
cause these are only the tracks I am giving away/"

lmao, imagine the album!

Aftashok said...

Killer Mike is dope, one of the best down South doing it....shit one of the best doing it period....and if u like "Say What's Real", then you should def. give Joe a listen, cuz he makes that kinda music well....and i definitely agree on Hamilton, i cant get into dude...

Sincere Tha Reason said...

My top 5 is

1. Jay-z (when he quit bullshitting) lol

2. Drake!, real talk, I haven't ever heard anything weak from him, and he can sing no Auto Tune

3. Lil Wayne when he aint Auto tune'n lol



Aftashok said...

Andre 3000 is DEFINITE top-5, but we were going on top 5 to listen to right now, so i didnt mention him, seeing as how he hasnt had anything out in a while....and i excluded Eminem cuz he hasnt dropped anything i really really liked in a while...

GETLiKEMY said...

4.B-PHRAZE[south bend,in]

BoiWonda said...

Lil Wayne is inconsistent.
He says "hot" shit but it's not clever enough.
sometimes I chuckle, but I don't rewind.
Drakes, you gotta give a few spins.

Sincere Tha Reason said...

I honestly think drake may have the album of the year if he keeps going like he is, is anyone else besides Jay-z & jadakiss dropping this year?

Sincere Tha Reason said...

True drake might go over your head, but have you heard Wayne verse on ignorant shit? he went crazy!

Ant said...

1. Hov
2. Fab
3. Drake
4. Wayne
5. Joe Budden

Thats starting 5 right now for me..no homo

BoiWonda said...

I want Drake's album, Fif's album, Jay, Jadakiss, and Fab.

Prolly throw this mixtape in the 6 cd changer
then I am GOOD

Sincere Tha Reason said...

Aight I got a even better Question!

What are your top 5 Albums, All time of hip hop, and they must be Classic!

BoiWonda said...

best thing he said was
"if I stand on my money I'd headbutt Yao Ming"

Sean said...

yo boiWonda wat makes Charles Hamilton annoying lol

GETLiKEMY said...

yea Wayne can be hit or miss sometimes...but he has been doing it for sooo long that his credibility is off the charts...just the way he puts it down i have to put him up there...but in time Drake will seperate himself from the rest...

HisSmooveNess said...

Shit when Wayne doesn't bullshit with the autotune & rock shit he's one of the baddest. Drake is clean smoothest flow ive heard in a minute, so my top 5 would look like this

1. Drake
2. Wayne
3. Fabolous
4. Jay-Z
5. Cassidy

Andre 3000 is a monster, he deserves to be in there i just dont know where

GETLiKEMY said...

yea i cant get down with Charles Hamilton either bruh...he jus doesnt cut it...

Sean said...

Nas - God's Son
Jay-z - reasonable doubt
Joe Budden - Joe Budden
Lil Wayne - Tha Carter 2
LOX - We are the streets

Ant said...

Damn 40 musta got dumb high off that piffy and fell the fuck asleep...Wake Up nigga!!!!

BoiWonda said...

Charles Hamilton is arrogant.
Like he deserves to be where he is more so than the next person. I mean don't get me wrong it's good to feel confident in yourself, but it gets to a point where it's like chill the fuck out. You don't have a hit record or went platinum. I can understand Kanye's cockiness, if that's your response, because he's actually marked his territory forever in hip hop.

I think some of what Wayne writes is Drake influenced. like I can hear some of his flows changing up, and his vocabulary upgrading. Probably to keep speed with Drake, but meh, by the summer Drake will be the best artist in hip hop.

Aftashok said...

Jay-Z - The Blueprint
The Roots - Phrenology
Royce Da 5'9 - Death Is Certain
Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
Outkast - Aquemini

XS951 said...

4]Kanye West
5]Kid Cudi

And Charles Hamilton is aiight, and the tracks he's produced are all fire.

Derrius said...

lol y is wayne never on any1's tops lol im not a wayne head....but still...give him respect for carter 1/2/drought's/dedications and what not

Little Brother

not in that order

BoiWonda said...

And possibly not the BEST.

And not to sound cliche' or bandwagon'ing(?)
1. Drake - Comeback Season
2. 50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Trying
3. Lupe Fiasco - Food and Liquor
4. Common - Be
5. Lloyd Banks - Hunger for more

but if I can incorporate r&b
throw in
Trey Songz - Trey Day
Ryan Leslie- Ryan leslie

LMo said...

i truly cannot wait. do you understand i keep checking this blog on my phone every 10 minutes just to be sure i havnt missed anything!!! OMG YAL ARE PLAYIN!! lol

TracyE said...

2.) Weezy
6.) Kanye

this list goes in as far as how consistent each one of them are

Mathyu-Was-Here said...

Hey I Fuck With Hamilton..
And Someone Really Had To Put Soulja Boy In His Place..lmao

BoiWonda said...

Well Damn @ LMo

How you dooooooooooin?

aren't you the one in Jai's blog?

Sean said...

can someone call dis nigga n c if hes still alive lol

Sincere Tha Reason said...

My top 5 Albums

1. Jay-z Reasonable Doubt

2. Jay-z Blue Print

3. Biggie Ready to Die

4. Kanye- Graduation

5. Drake-???????????? lol

BoiWonda said...

man, I think them niggas fell asleep for real

micahdickerson said...

please call dude. im checking the site like every three minutes waiting on this.im in keyboarding class missing my lesson waiting on drizzy! did 40 die like snoop dogg in soul plane? ha

Sincere Tha Reason said...

shid they prolly did, if they been up all night n shit, damn, i was tryna have this on my ipod b4 i left 4 th3 studio look like it aint gone happen, imma bring my Macbook with me anyways just in case

before the hype said...

1. B.I.G. - Life After Death
2. Nas - Illmatic
3. Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter III
4. Kanye West - College Dropout
5. Lupe Fiasco - The Cool

only cause I can listen to these w|o skipping any tracks.

anyways, still no mixtape. [sigh]

BoiWonda said...

I was gonna ask for his number but I ain't wanna come out of no where with it. We chopped it up for a little bit, more or less by 5-6 this evening. Hopefully.
Unless he sticks to that midnight bs, then hey, midnight it is

Naneazy said...

1) Jay-Z
2) Kanye West
3) Lupe Fiasco
4) KiD CuDi
5)Me! Naneazy. myspace.com/naneazymusic

Pluto Nash!

bf3ars said...

@ before the hype....
damn no jay?

and the mixtape will be on point...well worth the wait!

Sincere Tha Reason said...

I wonder if He reads and watches these comments, if so he might just wait till 11:59 tonight, .... I know id be mad

Naneazy said...

Buddha is an aight artist. I was just listening.


obacaes said...

"I know your waiting on the last quote/ check the SoundScan you can see that I'm the the last hope"

That line right there says it all.

Makes me wonder if when I listen to rappers if I am even listening to them for real. :(


Sorry Wayne fans :P

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