Comeback Season was rated numero uno. I thought it looked like an album and sounded like an album, im also not sure why they used that picture instead of the actual cover, but its all good. Everyone on the team worked hard on this one and I cant wait for everyone to hear So Far Gone.

Read the reviews here. Also read this editions cover story on Lil Wayne , Drake and The Clipse.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Now Magazine's Top Toronto Mixtapes


peteypype said...

deng drizzy. when is so far gone gonna drop??

beast said...


nate said...
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Downtown's Own said...

Hey Drake.
Huge fan from out in Brooklyn, please keep the fire coming.
Ppl like u r gonna keep the genre alive.

I have my own blogspot
I recently wrote an article about you. After finally hearing Heartbreak Drake in its entirety i couldn't help but say something about your lack of recognition in the states.

Keep up the good work
Can't wait for So Far Gone, or Thank Me later.



Aron F. said...
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Aron F. said...

I was just read the article and i found sumthing.

"That tape led to his being featured on Trey Songz’s hit Replacement Girl, which found a huge admirer in Lil Wayne."

I think there is sumting wrong with that sentence.

Nana said...

I love it, Ur fade look like someone painted it on LOL fire.
I made a cd mix for my sister at Michael K and nonone wanted to listen to replacemnet girl you know they feeling it now....

T.V.{ FULLY LOADED} B.A.L. said...

Yo you the best over all artist I ever listened to....the best in my book

fafprez312 said...

One of the greatest tapes ever peroid I'ved been listenig so much respect i got da room for improvement join n so on i been trynna put cats on im glad its paying off pro!! All i used to hear n da whip was "who is dat??" n now its man is dat Drake

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Mixtapes said...

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