Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Am Music


What Women Want said...

Aubrey..... u got me gettin all teary eyed up on this ish...

I'm sooooooo happy for u...

ReturnOFreason said...

Damn cuz thats sick, keep doin yo thang man

SantoAngelo said...


I linked you at my spot. Congrats.

M* said...


Gorgeous Lynette said...

now if only you came to chicago!!!!

Syl DuBenion said...

Man, this is just the beginning.

JaceyStarr said...

Hope to see you on the show in St. Louis!

undefinable said...

hope to see you in NY

Gills N' Tails said...


CeleBritney said...


I see u fam!!

Anonymous said...

We ready for you in the Chi mayneeeeee

Designated_D said...

Its really fucking happening.

About time.

Nicki said...

So very proud of you kiddo ;)
Lub ya!

Breezi F said...

I am so happy for ya Driz!

Um was that nicki Minaj wit you & Wayne?

J.D. said...

Good shit man. I'll continue to support and promote that sickening Drake music at my site:


Met you and your boy at the Wale show a few weeks back...although i was pretty twisted!

Much love dude

Jason R Johnson said...


Papa Doc said...

come to the CHI ASAP

hustleGRL said...

Cant wait to see you Jan 15!

Nana said...

I'm so happy for you.... All this time and dedication... Years of making a better you. Keep doing your thing , loves it.

L McFly said...

congrads my nigga u doin ur thing dude im counting down on that so far gone mixtape and hopefully interscope drops your album b4charles hamliton's(in my opinon he sucks) but yea its drizzy time

Amesse Couture said...

looks like the thompson beverly..

before the hype said...

I'm not surprised.
all this was expected.
glad it all worked out =]

giggle.fitz said...

yayyyyyyyyyyyy! garsh soon the day will come when i can google 'Drake' and you're before Drake Bell :)

M-A Two L's One Y said...

Man, I think Wayne is supposed to be coming to Minneapolis but I don't know when. I am not a big fan of the line up that is on the bill but if you spittin' - Me and mine might have to come through.

Anotha Time,


Francis Cnote said...

Proud of this movement you and your crew got going

be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...


Alexis said...

all the wayne concerts i've been to and you never was at any of em :(

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, PLEASE tell me u finna be at the chicago show cuz im thinkin bout gettin tixs && i aint goin unless i kno u finna have a cameo

Jade said...

aghhh! you killed it! i was there the first show in LA. soon as wayne brought u on stage, i got hype and lost my voice. loveee you maan!

beast said...

THAT IS WHAT THE FUCK I AM TALKING ABOUT MY DUDE!! CANADA STAND THE FUCK UP!! lol, sorry man, kinda high. but yo, for real, u needa do a show in Ottawa, and preform that new hit song with Belly. One time

Anonymous said...

A lot people that I know that love music, be like who the "F" is DRAKE. I'M like watch in 2009 hahahaaha . 1 day 1 of my beatz is gonna be a DRIZZY hit record!!!!!!!




the UnKnown said...

oh boy, everybody knew drake was gon get here, there is no real surprise really, I'm expecting headliner jumpoff's soon though
from NY i say
keep it going dude

kagd3b said...


MdB said...

Drake about time people are starting to reconize. You are one of the best artists around. I won't say the best rapper around because you're more than just that dude. Much respect man. I'm one of your rare fans who been down since day 1

MdB said...

Drake about time people are starting to reconize. You are one of the best artists around. I won't say the best rapper around because you're more than just that dude. Much respect man. I'm one of your rare fans who been down since day one.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for you!!! You are music for sure, well deserved :)

Motor man said...

big up, sup wit that show in toronto? going down?!

ZiplockTac said...


Jazzika. [Jazz-ick-uhh] said...

been followin you since jimmy in 9th grade on degrassi.

concert in la was bomb. i was so excited to see you there.

love the music. love ur swag. love it all. keep it up

Anonymous said...

i was lucky enough to be at the atlanta show last night.

the whole concert was just INSANE.
drake, you were a beasstttt.
i lost my voice screamin' for you! haha.

you livin' the dream now, drizzyyyy :)

Jermaine said...

The illest pair in the game!

bmos1821 said...

Yo keep doing ya thing boy. L.A. got you homie. You should wave in the next pics. (hi haters)Can't wait for the album. Happy for you like you in my own family. Ya boy bmos reppin Cali

KING FRESH said...

Damn bruh, yall look like yall was rockin dat shi... Damn i hate i missed it!

LIE to ME said...

Word, I can't wait for the day to come when I google DRAKE and u will be before drake bell. I was like who the fuck is drake bell!!!! Lol

Oh and u n weezy together is too dope for words. I bet yall stay faded on tour haHA.

Jakehardman said...


#1 fannnn.

cant wait till january till you come manchester!

hcg said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh My Bosh!! Nikki before the Ass shots! ha.

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