Kanye is one of the few artists that produces quality and relevant music every time they drop. This new album has been the topic of much controversy within my crew. I have the utmost respect for Kanye because he's not scared to take risks, he represents true artistry and his image and marketing are always cutting edge. I think the ideas for 808's and Heartbreak are brilliant. I admire his commitment to this movement and it will be interesting to watch him follow through on the entire process.

Kanye West Fader Magazine Interview

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Fader Magazine Kanye West Interview


Jervis said...

tru dat,tru dat

Syl DuBenion said...

"Kanye is the only artist that produces quality and relevant music every time he drops."

^^^Yeah, maybe in the world of hip-hop...

I'm not even going to go and say that the ideas for 808s were all that great. The concept of production was promising and bold, but everything else on all fronts failed.

I respect the risks he took and the vision he has for this project, I really do. It just didn't seem to work at the end of the day. Not with the collective of songs on the release.

Every genius is allowed an off day.

Swizzy Shown said...


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