Ryan Leslie - Used to Be

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ryan Leslie - Used To Be


J said...

I think Ryan and Drake share the same vocal chords. lol not really but they do sound alike.

J said...

I think Ryan and Drake share the same vocal chords. lol not really but they do sound alike.


its goood!

JCK88 said...

so iz this like a mixtape or sumfink..? coz most of these tracks wer off his (unreleased, God knwz why tho!) album "Just Right", which btw, iz AWESOME!!

PS; Drake! lookin 4wrd 2 hearin' "So Far Gone"! "Comeback Season" wuz brilliant!

Gorgeous Lynette said...

love that man.

ChrisKinG said...

Chris King said...
Yoo Draake, CLIKC MY NAME ASAP Check Out Mah Man (MARS)cel's blogspot..he did a verse to your Sooner Than Later track, & he really killed it, by the way were both signed to INterscope to in a group called 2Much hit our blogs up forreal working witchu could be some craaaazy sh!t

Sooner Than Later - Drake w/ (MARS)cel of 2 Much

Christopher Columbus - Chris King



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Ryan Leslie is a perfect singer actually my sister says that he's not only a good singer but also he's so handsome, personally I don't know what she saw in him.m10m

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